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I can not believe how bad this co. service is I have called them numerous times and get the same results or they hang up on you and don't call back. When you call them from CA. you should be able to speak to someone from the U.S and can speak proper Eng.! You give them your number so in case you get disconnected they can call you back and they don't so you call them back n ask to speak to the same rep. and" oh we have no way of connecting you with them so how may I help you ?" Here we go again ! You have to repeat yourself over n over and over!!! My son is on fixed income and I take care of all his legal matters.He had access wireless yrs.ago then went to a contract phone but couldn't afford anymore so he has been trying to get access wireless back for the last 2 yrs.and they always deny him because they say he still has an account with them or somebody else has an account with them at the same address which is not accurate.So tell me this when you call them and give his full name and address only cause that's all they ask for they will tell you the same thing again how can they determine all that without asking for his ss# or d.o.b ? When I provided his name new address and previous address they said" his name and 3 different addresses" WTH??!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and "No we don't a supervisor here or available at this time", no matter when you call this is all their answer.This is got to be by far the worst company ever for Government phones. So what do you have to do to get help from someone higher up in this co.?

Aug 10, 2019

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