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I received my Visa statement today and there is a charge for $44.85. I did NOT order this and I will not pay it. I was to be charged only for the shipping cost of $4.95 for a FREE sample of Acaipure. Today is 12/4/08 at 3:55 pm.
I have tried to call and am on HOLD for over an hour. This charge will not be accepted. What kind of scam are you into? I want a credit to my Visa and a confirmation of that credit by mail and I will not wait--I want that credit to my account now and the confirmation now. I simply will not put up with this. Dez Roberts


  • Pi
    Pikrane Jun 03, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I ordered a free sample of Acai Pure. I did not sign up for monthly shipments. I have refused 2 shipments for which I have yet to receive credit on credit card. I called for the 3rd time today to cancel what I did not order. There has to be a way to shut this company down.

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  • Kh
    khack1 Jun 30, 2010

    Charged for whole year, said I could order for only S&H. Price
    for S&H WAY too high. Trying to work through my bank to get money refunded.

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  • Be
    Betty Joyce Jun 10, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I, too, ordered the "free trial" for $5.94 S&H which was charged to my account. Only TWO days later they charged my account an additional $149.95 and TWELVE days later another $59.97. I received only the trial about 8 or 9 days after ordering. I called customer service, was told I should have cancelled, but my account was billed the additional amounts before I could try the product. I did report to my credit card company today when I received my bill. They will begin complaint procedures against the company. I was advised to only pay the $5.94 I had agreed to pay.

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  • No
    nowayjose9 Feb 22, 2010

    I have filed a complain with the Federal Trade comission.
    After waiting 2 months for my refund that's suppose to be processing. I ask everyone who had delt with this company to also file a complaint. It doesn't take long at all.

    I ordered the Acaipure/colon clense products. I got a refund from colon clense people but the Acai pure people keep saying my refund is processing and it's unknown how long it will take. Any normal person knows it doesn't take 2 months for a refund to process.

    So I filed a complaint. Please do the same and get these people in trouble. Who knows there could be some class-action law suite and we just might actually get our refunds back.

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  • Cr
    CRay Feb 16, 2010

    I am also a victim of this Mafia styled organization. I tried to contact the company after receiving the $0.99 trial bottle to get a RMA # so I could send the remaining (bogus) pills back but they waited until the trial period had expired before the gave me a authorization number to return the stuff, but before they could charge my credit card for future orders I cancelled the CreditCard account so that they could do no more business on it. These people are worms and should be stopped. My transaction with them occurred over three months ago and since they couldn't access my credit card account, I received a notice that I am being referred to a 3rd party collection agency for a past due amount of, get this: $77.95. This is for a $55.95 bottle of pills plus $10.00 late fee plus a $8 processing fee. I received an email and phone call on February 16, 2010 and was given 15 days to respond before the matter is turned over to a collection agency. The collection notice comes from: CENTRAL COAST NUTRACEUTICALS, 2375 E Camelback Rd 5th floor, Phoenix, AZ 85016. The original order was made to: Please be careful of these people because one wrong click and you're locked in to a order before you can react to what just happened. I am contacting the Texas Attorney General's Office as well as the BBB.

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  • Gs
    GSG Jan 29, 2010

    Ordered $.99 trial of AcaiPure. Allowed 10 days for trial period, did not receive in time to return and thought were being scammed.
    Notified bank of possible "scam" and they blocked the account for funds.
    3 months later a notification was sent to us from "CCN" that a collection agency needed $77.95 to cover all past due late fees, collection fees, etc.
    Tried to contact company but only could speak to collection company rep and were told we had to pay for product, late fees, etc. No negotiating or recourse for 10 day trial/turnaround issue.
    Rip off...

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  • Di
    Diason Jan 29, 2010

    I have been thru the VERY same thing with ordering the so called 'free trial' of Acai Berry. I tried and tried to contact someone to cancel my order but never had no luck. Finally one day I spoke with a guy on the phone who said it was 'too late' to cancel. So I, of course went ahead and cancelled my credit card to keep them for further charging it. THEN... out of the blue the other day I get this message from the Central Coast Nutricyticals collections department saying that I owed $155.90! I spoke with the so called manager Erin Mitchelle and she said that if I did not pay by 4pm that it would be turned over to the next collection department and my balance would then double!

    What!? Are you kidding me? I have never heard of a LIGIT COMPANY calling and giving someday a 3 hour notice to come up with that kind of money! Last thing I'm going to do is give them an other credit card number! NO WAY!!! I hope nobody else falls for this scam. It's a scam! Not to mention the products didn't arrive until after the 10 days and I was so frustrated by that time (after trying to cancel), I didn't even open the bottle!!! I will flush those pills before I will take them. They are probably filled with toxins.

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  • Io
    Iowa mom Dec 23, 2009

    I ordered a free trial offer for the cost of the shipping. They sent me out a full bottle and charged me for the full supply, in order to get the refund, I have to send back the product with shipping conformation. Why should I have to pay to send them back the product? That should be their loss, not mine.

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  • Do
    Doynay Dec 16, 2009

    I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this company and I suggest that everyone else do the same. When I told them I would do that, they were suddenly willing to credit me back a little less than half of what I was charged for it. I'm hanging onto the bottle and hoping that I can still return it for a full refund. Here is the BBB info if anyone else wants to report this company:

    BBB of Central, Northern & Western Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
    4428 N. 12th Street
    Phoenix, AZ [protected]
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    The company is AcaiPure Detox and they are located at 4141 East Raymond St, Ste F, Phoenix, AZ 85382. Their website is and their phone number is [protected]. Good luck to all of you.

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  • Do
    Doynay Dec 16, 2009

    Same issue here. Their gimmick is that you get to try it free for 14 days and only pay s & h. After initiating the process and putting in my credit card number, the system hung for a long time and I finally just gave up and decided to just close out the window. Unbeknownst to me they had processed my order and shipped the bottle to me. There was no confirmation page on the internet, nothing in the package with the bottle explaining that if I didn't cancel the account and return the bottle after 14 days that I'd be charged $85 for the bottle. Now they are telling me that it's too late and I cannot get my money back. What a bunch of crooks! It just goes to show that you can't trust ANYONE in this world anymore, especially someone trying to sell you something. RIDICULOUS!


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  • Kansas gal Dec 12, 2009

    Real acai berry is expensive and not available at drug or health food stores.
    Even the stuff offered on the internet is in dried form and in capsules.
    Don't input any information, they phish your bank/cc cards and refuse
    to refund you! Complain to your state's atty general and dispute the charges
    with your bank or card company. Don't back down or give in!

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  • Pa
    PattiM53 Dec 11, 2009

    Saw an ad for free trial of Acai pills to help jumpstart on weightloss plan. Paid for the shipping of the "free product " which was $4.97. Before receiving trial product, my credit card was charged $89.95 for more of the product to be sent to my house on a monthly regular basis. This is not a "FREE TRIAL" none of the free trial ads for products on here are free just for shipping. You get all the unauthorized charges to your credit card for more of the product that you didnt order. Do not charge any of these free trial products to your cc or debit card. Buy a trial sample from your local drug store, its cheaper. You will end up disputing all the charges with your bank. These companies are hooked together with Brite white, smile bright, Acai product and others so beware!

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  • Ms
    Ms. B 40 Dec 09, 2009

    I ordered the product for .99cents. My doctor advised me against taking it. I received the RMA # reletviely quickly and I returned it via FEDERAL EXPRESS. When I was charged almost 60.00 for the product, I was flabbergasted. They reported they had no record of my return. I provided a FED EX tracking number and then they replied they would refund me everything except shipping charges. I thought the shipping charge was .99 cents which is what i paid. Well, they deducted over 11.00 for shipping/restocking. I still have yet to receive my refund as they stated it would take 7-10 business days. Well, it's been well past that and no one will respond to my emails anymore. I am seriously irritated with this company and will not EVER order anything from them again. They will be reported to the Better Business Bureau. This is insane!

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  • Jo
    Jowifey Dec 06, 2009

    I returned the 2nd bottle (unopened) of Colopure after trying the first one. I was billed 66.85. I e-mailed the company and was sent a return merchandise authorization. I returned the unopened bottle and have not seen a credit back to my card account. I requested a delivery confirmation receipt as recommended by the postal clerk to ensure tracking and received notice that the package was received on 10/28/09 in Seminole, FL. What can I do?

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  • Tr
    trustedconsumer2 Dec 02, 2009

    I'm confused by their T&Cs. They offer a FREE 14-DAY Trial but you must return the product within 10 Day Trial Period to have no further obligation. I guess 4 of those days when you don't have the product in hand are supposed to be considered part of your trial period. What is that AcaiPure??? BS and misleading advertising!!!

    I can only attest to the fact that I followed their return policy above to the letter. They charged my credit card when they shouldn't because they had the product returned BEFORE they state they will charge you card. AND, they DID NOT want to return my money until I told them I have PROOF of the date they received the product back. Even still it took several days for the money to post back on my credit card.

    I didn't find that the product worked and/or provided any benefit and to be quite honest I think expecting my body would have been able to tell with in less then 10 days is pretty impossible timeline for any "trial" of anything. They know that and that's what they hope you will do, wait longer so they can extract (steal?!) the additional dollars from you by their underhanded misleading advertising.

    I still say to every buyer out their on this company BEWARE and follow my advice to protect yourselves from being extracted from any your hardworking money this company is more then happy to pilferage from you by their misleading tactics!

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  • Sh
    Sheffield,UK Nov 15, 2009

    Like many before me, I ordered one product, "Acaipure" from the US.Iwas sent this product and charged.But a month later, whilst checking through my statements I realised that I was "diddled" for two extra, imaginary products and promptly charged £100!!!<br />
    These people are swindlers, stay away and cancell your credit cards immediately!!<br />
    The problem is that they come under different names, so you really have to keep an eye on the ball.<br />
    I am really upset and would like to see these idiots behind bars.<br />
    Does anyone know if they can be reported to the authorities in the US?<br />

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  • Ch
    chorvath Nov 05, 2009

    Ordered the "free trial" from this company. Declined permission for any future billing or shipments of product.

    On 11/05/09, my bank account was charged an additional $83.95.

    I did not authorize this charge and have received no further product from this company.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Bowman Oct 30, 2009

    I ordere this product to try and it said to pay the shipping charges only and that is what I did. I did not read about the 14 day trial of the product and do not want it again. When I called the [protected] number that my credit card company gave me and told them I did not want the product they said to bad they would not refund the $83.95 that they had charged to my card but would not charge any future charges, From a company such as this how would you know until they had charged what they wanted unless you cancel your credit card. Companies that you give your credit card numbers to have more power over the cards than you do so everyone beware before you buy from these companies, even if it is stated somewhere in the fine print. BEWARE

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  • Ka
    Karen D Oct 28, 2009

    This happened on Friday, October 23rd, 2009. First of all, the website for the AcaiPure Detox is completely misleading. They ask you for your email address, but then never confirm the order. They never let you review your order. When the screen came up offering 4 months for $127 I escaped, not knowing I had ordered the "free" month's supply. When the credit card company called to tell me of the suspicious charge, I called Acaipure back and asked them to cancel my order. The girl said that she would and would confirm this cancellation by email. She never did. I got the shipment on Monday. I called the company and said I had cancelled the order and wanted the money credited to my account and said I would return it unopened. The man, Derrell #41, said it was too late the shipment had already been sent and I would be charged the $4.95. I told him I had cancelled everything with the girl the day before. He again replied it has already been shipped, I would be billed the $4.95. Then, on Tuesday I received another shipment. This time they called me on my cell phone to see if I was satisfied with their company. I told the man who called that I was not pleased. I had cancelled my order two days before and wanted nothing else to do with this company. He said very well he would consider me to be on the "black list" (whatever that means). I want out, I've been scammed and I think Dr. Oz and Oprah should know about the unscrupulous dealings with this company. I want all my money back. I feel like dumping the pills in the toilet. This has been a completely frustrating situation. How do we get in touch with Oprah's website?

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  • Li
    Lisa Gendron Oct 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stop furter shipments. product doesn't work! Thank you, but no thanks!

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  • Ce
    CentralCoastNutraHatter Oct 23, 2009

    WoW! Running from Oprah Graham D. Gibson sinks Central Coast Nutra and re opens under a new name ###ing unbelievable. This guy needs to be strung up and beaten the hell out of.

    I know this man personally. He lost his morals once he moved buildings from Tempe town lake to the Biltmore. He decided it was time to ### over the world and run fast with their $. He is a POS. He acts so much like he cares about his employees IE buying lunches every Friday, occasional happy hours (where he would get all the employees super drunk and let them drive home), and ZERO benifits after being promised and ZERO bonus after screwing so many people.

    This man is a womanizer. He is paying as I currently type for a very sweet girl's music career and I don't blame her for using his NASTY ### to get what she wants. He has sexually harassed a number of female employees to the point of them walking out on the job, as well as screwing over the best workers.

    I just wished someone would just drive down to the corner of 24th street and Camelback Rd. in Phoenix, AZ and look in the parking garage and just ### up his pretty Maserati. Hell honestly I don't know too many people that would give a ### if he was the victim of a hit and run while walking his fat ### across the street to the cheesecake factory.

    I just hope he gets what is coming for him.

    Check this mother ###er out on

    Below is an attached pic of this POS so if you see him crossing the street please I beg you SPEED UP!

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  • He
    Helda Oct 22, 2009

    I want to cancell my membership because it didn't work. I don't want you guys charge me for this.

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  • Tl
    TLynT Oct 16, 2009

    ordered a sample bottle of acaipure, paid shipping and handling, ad stated a 30 day trial, was charged 59.95 after ten days, disputed and had name removed from their list. The company refused to return my money. This is so much a scam and I will never again trust websites selling anything!

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  • Ma
    Mad in Va. Oct 15, 2009

    I, too fell for the "Free No Risk" trail- only pay the shipping- then I receive the bottle and on the enclosed paperwork in small print at the bottom of page-- it proceeds to tell me that I will be charged $59.95 (must have gone up from your $39.95 deal) if I did nothing and kept the bottle beyond a ten (10) day trial period. I immediately called my credit card rep and told them and are to flag my account if these people try to charge me anything else. I did call the Acai Pure Customer service and told them to cancel any and all orders and was told to email them online which I am doing nowto get my "Return Auth" . Something should be done about this SCAM!
    I just widhed I read this webpage before ordering!! What a hassle now to have to ship this back to them! I told the Acai Pure Rep that I had contacted my Credit Card people and that I was not paying for anthing and they better not try and charge a "re-stock fee" as I wasn't paying for it!! S.A.M> in Va.

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  • Zi
    Ziah Oct 08, 2009

    It's funny how 'charlie brown" goes off on everyone online, and even Oprah. I've found iLife Health and Wellness LLC to be a very reputable company. They actually charge the right price for this product instead of $79.99 like other companies do. Look at everything they do for you. They give you 4 days after you order to make sure you get your product before the trial begins. If you don't get it you just need to contact their customer care and they will extend your trial period. You get 10 days to take the product and see how it works for you before you are charged anything. In 10 days you will notice the effects of this product if you follow the directions and take it correctly. If you don't like it then return the unused portion. They tell you exactly what is going to be charged and when. I've even known some companies such as this to happily extend your trial period. They would rather keep you as a customer than lose you. So I disagree with the rant "charlie brown" posted. Granted there are bad companies, but this is definitely not one.

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  • Ch
    cherie0615 Oct 02, 2009

    I ordered a trial product of AcaiPure for shipping and handling of $1.95. Then continued to receive charges even though the account was cancelled and no additional merchandise was ever received.

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  • Wa
    watkinsj Oct 01, 2009

    Always threaten to contact the attorney general when you speak with customer service. Every product bought online is refundable. If they are giving you the run around send a letter to the attorney general in Arizona with proof of purchase and direct them to this website they will send a letter to them and the company has one month to reply back with there excuse or else they will be forced to refund you the money.

    Before you go down this road contact your bank and let them know what is going on.

    These companies should be illegal and shutdown.

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  • Di
    Disappointed in AcaiPure Sep 30, 2009

    AcaiPure is by far the worst company/product I have dealt with in terms of customer service. Many of the customer service personnel (Valerie in particular) and her manager (Manny) need to be trained in the proper way to deal with and talk to customers and in manners also. They were not only very rude (Valerie) but very condescending (go look that up Manny - you will see your picture).
    If they worked for me and I listened to the conversation we had, I would have fired them both on the spot! Wake up Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc., is this who you want representing your company?
    Stay away from their "Free Trial Claim" or you too will be sucked into the AcaiPure nightmare of being charged for something that you may not want. They will ignore your request to send back the product and not be charged anymore no matter how you ask unless you specifically ask for an RMA, even then you may be ignored.
    Good luck to you if you do not heed this warning. I'm sure there are better companies that make similar products; look online for complaints and stay away from the companies that have them (and make sure you read all the fine print).

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  • Hd
    HDRockerCgirl Sep 27, 2009

    I tried the Acai Pure for the $4.95 shipping. Then was charged $39.90 every month, I was ok with that for a couple of months. Wasn't happy that they can automatically charge your card for it...but, ok, I went with it. Now I noticed on my bank statement that I can't cancel it. On May 27, 2009 I was charged from Arizona, assuming for June then on 7/2 & 8/3 the charge on my card is from 888223 Gibraltar. Then on September 1st the charge was from 888572UK!!! What is this? How can I cancel it now??????

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  • Tw
    tweet 169 Sep 25, 2009

    i received my free sample of the product now youve chasrged me 69.00 please stop this at once ive had to stop takin your product on my own personal medical grounds through no fault of your product i would be grateful if this can be resolved asap thank you

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  • COMP: Customer posted complaint on complaint board BLACKLISTED.

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  • Lu
    LucyPa Sep 21, 2009

    In March 2009 I did the same stupid thing as everyone else. When I learned how much they were going to charge me each month, I called to cancel. After numerous attempts, I did reach a very rude gentleman that said I should try the product and I certainly didn't have enough time to evaluate it. I didn't want it! Fortunately for me, I had to cancel that credit card and get another so they couldn't charge me any more. I returned the products but I don't have proof just as they don't have proof of receiving them!! Now, I just received an email saying after numerous attempts to contact me and to try billing my credit card, I was sent to collection for $39.95. I informed her I was contacting my attorney and she said not an issue, contact my attorney and forward all email conversations and the original email she sent. Because I entered my surety code, I elecronically signed an agreement. They are now selling my information to a third party collection agency for refusal to pay and will be charged an ADDITIONAL $100 for processing and late fee making my new balance $157.95 and it will go on my credit report. Have a wonderful day she wrote! Now what do I do??

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  • Jj
    JJM1346 Sep 19, 2009

    I was unable to cancel my order. They sent me the product and I sent the order back for a refund. Still to this day they haven't credit me. Thats been three months ago.

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  • Ba
    Bazoona75 Sep 16, 2009

    These guys are running a scam. The stuff does NOT work AT ALL!!! not only that, they tell you that because you used the product, they cannot refund you for the used merchandise. wtf?! what happened to the free trial? I'm kicking myself right now for ever believing that this crap could work at all.

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  • Pm
    P. Manno Aug 31, 2009

    I've never heard of this product... and never ordered it. Yet... it came in my mail and my debit card was charged. That same day 4 other charges were made using my debit card for items I never ordered. I have no idea what's going on, but called my bank and started a FRAUD case because I did not make any of these charges.

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  • Bo
    bogue-sailor Aug 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If they are taking money out of your bank account without authoroization there is a simple process to challenge it-- just follow the directions for challenging transactions that is usually explained on the back of the statement.

    This usually involves a written statement you mail to an address that is usually a headquarters location for the bank. By doing it this way, you will be sending it to the specific people at the bank that know how to fix the problem and know the law that requires them to fix it. IF you just call your local bank branch you will reach someone that doesn't know the federal law and you will alnmost alwasy get bad information. Federal laew requires financial institutions to research any disputed charge and get back to you within a short period of time. They will contact the entity charging you and request proof of the charge, the company will not supply the proof and the charge will be deleted. this assumes you meet the deadline for reporting thes that is explianed on the back of the statement. The kinds of chages that are reveserse are those that are not authroized (usually made on an email site or over the telephone without your knowlewdge.

    Since the majority of businesses today are criminal ###, I only send money orders for mail order stuffe. You should do the same. Never send a check or use your credit card. If you send someone a check they have everything they need to steal money out of your bank account without your prior approval.

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  • Am
    Amy Zambrano Aug 27, 2009

    This is a JOKE! I actually did get credited back $33.95 for one of the bottles I ordered, and have been told for the past two months that I would receive a $33.10 refund for the other. I just spoke to a customer service rep who told me that her records indicated that I received the credit. I checked with my bank and even had them put together an email which I forwarded to the rep (Heather). Her response, basically, was "sorry, there's nothing more I can do."

    I am also upset at the way they advertise "free trial" and only pay $4.95 shipping and handling. Then, 14 days later (hardly enough time to find out if you like the product or not) they zap your account for the $44.95. What is our world coming to?????

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  • Hu
    Huguette Ferland-Babin Aug 24, 2009

    Yes, I was victim of this scam. They are charging pr0ducts on my crédit. In the last month, it is amonst 400$. I have contated the Canadian Anti-Fraud association that work with the RCMP to track down these people, they need to be stopped. If you want products for weigth see a naturopath they have products that are approved and no extra charge, you see what you buy and have the information and a follow up on your progress.

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  • Jm
    J M, Houston Aug 11, 2009

    Acaipure is a FRAUD. Both the company and the product. The company will keep billing you even if you cancel within the time alotted and return the product, which they do NOT tell you that you have to do when you call to cancel - it's buried in the fine print of their "terms".
    As to the product, their website only tells the benefits of the acai berries. Products are required to list ingredients in the order of amount. Acai extract is the LAST listed of ten ingredients, therefore the ingredient of least concentration. One of the main ingredients is "cascara sagrada, " which should not be taken for longer than one week unless you are under a doctor's care. In fact, the other ingredients are all colon purges and laxatives.
    So the Acaipure is NOT the health supplement it claims, but an unsafe colon purge.
    Avoid it AND this company!

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  • Tr
    trekker Aug 09, 2009

    Purchased the item Acaipure and was charged for delivery of item, originally 39.95. After the second month I was charged 44.90. I have been using the item from November '08-to the present (July 31, 2009). I began receiving charges, on July 1 & 31 ($1.12) and August 4($.50) on my bank statement for 'international fee' from this company. There is nothing on the package that says it is coming from an international source. This is what I received from my bank after inquiry to the charge:

    "Thank you for your message. I see it originated with the following purchase: OnV/acaipure [protected] GIBRALTAR GI With regards to your recent email, the charge that we pass to our customers was through Visa and MasterCard. These companies had been assessing the total of 1% to each check card transaction posted. As of 4/1/05, Visa began assessing this fee to the financial institution rather than the cardholder. Like most peer financial institutions, we redirect the 1% fee back to the customer and charge an additional cost of 1.5%. We do list this transaction separately on your monthly banking statement and would like to state that you would also have the option of performing ATM withdrawals and using cash to pay for the purchases (Please note that the cost of $3.50 may apply for the international withdrawal). The difference in the fee covers the costs associated with the increasing number of fraud-related international transactions."

    What else will they be charging you for?

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