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AcaipureAcaci /AcaciPure Fraud

As all of the recent post I too purchased ONLY the FREE trial bottle of AcaciPure .. for $4.95 shipping and Handleling fees ONLY!!! LIke everyone else I was Scammed!!! for $44.95 ..UNAUTHORIZED !!! I called them and was given a confirmation number which is the DATE that I callled .. SO I calleld My BANK and they are going to handle the Fraud complaint... Shall we all call our Tv stations stae wide and let them be exposed for the illegal Bilking of Trusting People and took from them WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION!!...

  • Si
    silvers Apr 22, 2009

    Oh My Gosh, I got my Credit Card Bill and had a fit!!! Yes they "attach" themselves to other products like when I ordered the AcaciPure (which was yes only to have been a total of $4.95 and wasn't) They keep saying I should have read the small print. There were 5 "fitness experts" charges totalling around $50.00 on my credit card, not to mention that AcaciPure and Purecleanse went ahead and charged my next months order without me actually ordering anything! I rarely buy anything online and I guess this is why. Please stay away from these companies AcaciPure and Purecleanse. Forget loosing weight nothing is worth being ripped off! I am filing fraud charges with my credit card company, we will see how well MasterCard handles this.

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  • Br
    Brian Bennett May 18, 2009

    I also was wrongly charge for this product that I never recieved. I ordered a free smple and paid for shipping. I then found they charged my account for 88.50 . I called they said they would refund, it would take up to 14 days, just long anough to now tell me it have been 30 since they wrongly charged me and now they can't refund. I also couldn't talk to a superviser. I have been ripped off!!! My bank told me that they had to close alot of accounts because this same company kept taking money wrongly. If there is any other thing I can do to get this out please let me know. [email protected]

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  • If there are any questions regarding Trial offers, membership enrollment, or returns with Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc products, we recommend contacting the Customer Care Department either by phone (888-692-8352) or through our Customer Assistance Website ( If you call, there is rarely a hold time, and if you e-mail don’t forget to check your spam e-mail box for the response. The Customer Care Department is available to help you Monday – Friday: 5am – 6pm Mountain Std. Time.
    Here is an example of the terms and conditions, taken directly from the AcaiPure order page.

    “Your ten day trial begins approximately four days after you place your initial order. Most orders are received within four days. If you do not receive your order within the four day shipping period please contact customer care and we will be happy to extend your trial period. If you are not satisfied with AcaiPure for any reason just return the unused portion anytime before the end of the ten day trial period and you will have no further obligation. If you are happy with the product do nothing and your credit card will be charged an additional $39.95 approximately fourteen days after the initial trial shipment. In addition, approximately thirty days after you order your risk-free trial and about every thirty days thereafter, we will automatically send you an additional 1 month supply. The credit card you provide today will be billed the low price of $39.95 plus $4.95 shipping & handling for a total of $44.90 when each new product ships. That's 20% off the regular price for a 1-month supply. You may cancel your membership to AcaiPure during the trial period or any time thereafter by simply calling our Customer Care department at 1-888-572-6945 or by using our contact form at Remember, most customers see noticeable results by using AcaiPure consistently for three months. If you are not fully satisfied with future shipments you may return any unopened bottles within thirty days of receipt for a full refund less the shipping and a 15% restocking fee. Please read full Terms and Conditions for complete details of this offer.”

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Acaipurefalse advertising and charges

I ordered Acaipure. It was a waste of money!!! The ad, which I saw thru OPRAHS' website, said I would be charged $4.95
s&h for a 14 day supply and could cancel at any time. After that, I would receive and be charged $39.95 each month for a months supply of the product. The $4.95 was charged to my card before I even received the product. I attempted numerous times to cancel the product, but was put on hold and the wait time given was always in excess of 30 minutes.
Finally, on 12/18/2008, after receiving another charge on my credit card for $39.95, I was on hold for 45 minutes and then spoke with someone who had me go to the direct website and read the terms and conditions. They ARE NOT the same terms and conditions I read in Oprahs link. I was informed there would be NO refund/or credit to my account.
It is very disturbing to me that Oprah, or ANY person of influence would be involved with these type of business practices!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for your own sake, DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. This is exactly why people are hesitant to order anything online where they have to give out credit information. As far as I'm concerned, it teeters on the brink of idenity theft.

  • Jo
    Joan Christiansen Jan 20, 2009

    I ordered the free trial offer of diet supplement Acaiberry which supposely assisted in rapid weight loss. I had 30 days to try this and if not satisfied I could send back bottle and receive my shipping costs. I could not send back bottle as I had to have a RMA number on package. When I called the company I was put on hold for a half an hour. In the meantime I was charged for a new bottle costing $39.95 plus $4.95 sh totaling $44.90. I tried to call company again but was unable to reach them. I sent product back without a RMA number with a note to cease sending me any more product as I was not able to get it to work for me. I disputed this cost on my credit card. I have not heard back on this return but post office informed me company may just send the package back to me unopened because it did not have a RMA number on it.

    On January 20 I received another order and my credit card was again charged $44.90 for this product. I tried again to call company and was informed via a recorded message to to get RMA number. This did not work either. I am upset because I cannot get the company via phone or internet so I can discontinue the shipments. Joan Christiansen [email protected]

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Acaipurecharged me for products I did not buy and then did not send them for 2 weeks and the time to return them was 14 days from my order date.

I saw a pop up ad on AcaiPure when watching Fox News which offered a free trial offer paying only a small shipping fee. I read over the site and did not see anything that had any other information so I gave them my debit card, and it said it would send me an email confirmation. The debit went through the next day for $44.85 which I didn't see for about a week. I did receive an email saying my product would be here in 3-5 days.
When I saw the charges a week later and had not received my product, I knew I had been scammed. I called the customer service number and the hold time was 78 minutes. I put my phone on speaker, set it on my desk, and kept working until they answered, 80 minutes later.
I asked the girl what I was being charged for, and she said there were other products coming, and I should receive them soon. I told her I did not want any other products, and I wanted my order cancelled. The girl told me she could not do that, and I would need to go online to email them with any questions. UGH!
I went back online and read all the questions people ask with the stupid answers. I complained several times. Two weeks later my package arrived with the 2 extra products. What a joke! A small flat gum pack for $9.95, and a little dropper bottle with some fake water for $29.95.
I am so annoyed. I emailed them over and over trying to get a return authorization number to send back the products, but I never received one.
The web site says you must have an authorization # to send them back or they won't credit you. They also say it must be returned within 14 days.
This is soooo bad. I didn't even get the product for 14 days, and now a month later, I still don't have a RA #.
I called the BBB in Arizona and they have over 600 complaints, and 300 more pending. I called my bank (fraud dept) and they have had hundreds of complaints on this company, and were very aware of who they are. I cancelled my debit card today and got a new number.
The BBB told me I could write a complaint through them, or contact the Attorney General.
Don't give up...this happened a few years ago with another company and a major law suit was filed against them and we all got our money back eventually, and the company was shut down and had to pay millions back or go to prison.
BBB's site is:, on the right side in the blue box look for, File a Complaint. Go there and state your problem. <Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc> or <> 2375 E. Camelback Rd. 5th Fl, Phoenix, AZ 85016
[protected] I will be going to the Att. General to file a complaint.
Please keep me in the loop. Linda

Acaipure — Charge not authorized by me

I received my Visa statement today and there is a charge for $44.85. I did NOT order this and I will not pay...