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Abercrombie And Hollisterenvironment

I am reaching out to everyone and every source I can find to get get help in clearing up the air at our malls. They are being contaminated by two stores who feel it is helpful to spray their clothing every hour with oodles of perfume. Is this supposed to enhance our shopping experience? Make us want to purchase more of their clothing? Why do they have this policy to have these "hired models" fold clothes and spray cologne all day? I admit I "TRY" to take my daughter into these stores to buy a few things but we have plan of attack made before we even walk in... we hurry. She knows what she is looking for and we are out. I am the kind of person who loves to shop! They would actually do more business if I could only breath and my daughter and I could have a conversation with each other while we were in their stores. But now what has happened it the perfume beast has spilled out so far into the mall it is reaking through the halls and other stores. We have now stopped going to The Kenwood Towne Center and Tri-County Malls because of this. I refuse to purchase anything from them. I will go to Target and Walmart and shop online from other stores before I go back! I see a lawsuit happening eventually because some child is going to have a severe asthma attack or an elderly person will. Migraines are being triggered in employees of nearby stores to Abercrombie and Hollister. I have talked to mall management and they agree. But they said their hands were tied, they have tried talking to the managers and encouraged me to call the county health department. I did, same thing they agree, are going to stop by and request they tone it down but can't enforce anything, yet. They encouraged me to call the EPA. [protected] is the Ohio number if anyone else wants to call. I also emailed Ellen! What the heck- she might help!


  • Ab
    AbercrombieEmployee Jun 29, 2013

    I agree!! I have been working at Abercrombie for 5 days and am already wheezing from their stupid cologne. They actually have machines on the ceilings that spray the cologne for 5 minutes straight. I've worked in the front room where you greet the customers and I've had people walk in the store and immediately turn around to leave because the cologne is just too much. (And these are teenagers/young adults aka their "target audience"). Seriously though, the constant spraying of that crappy presume is completely over the top and annoying. I'm ready to quit, I mean it's just ridiculous. And it makes me so mad that Abercrombie can get away with something like this. It's OBVIOUSLY a health issue, not only for employees but just for regular customers. I feel like I'm tripping out on drugs when I work a shift there because there is more aerosol than oxygen in my lungs.. That, along with the dim lighting and loud music.. I feel like I'm on drugs.
    Can't wait until I'm part of a class action law suit in some years when they finally realize inhaling that much cologne is cancerous.

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  • Ik
    i know my rights! Dec 30, 2011

    i completely agree with this complaint and i know for a FACT that i'm not the only one so if yous d not listen to customers u will soon go out of business and need to think of the environmental society and other people before you damage our ecosystem and global warming is because of people like yous.if yous really care then STOP now before its to late.people will die beacuse of YOUS.i would cleary think this through then saying we cant do anything about it.thsi about others then your own selfish reasons.and i know for fact most don like the smell.i have nothing against yous and dont think yous can get away with this beacuase yous are breacking the law and harming dont just sit there and do nothing.weknow our rights and we will fight for them and i am very aware of my rights .thank you foir your time and plese comment.i would like to knw what yous have to say about them.this is not over!!!

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  • Do
    Do Not Harm Apr 26, 2011
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    You can smell the most intrusive and offensive fragrance several stores away from Abercrombie & Fitch at Shopping Malls. Dillard’s, Macy's, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body, The Body Shop do not use their ventilating system to have their scents pushed in the air and then out into Mall hallways. I do not like walking in a Mall and tasting a fragrance...that is just so GROSS! I don't even shop in Abercrombie or Hollister but when I am shopping at a store three stores down I should not have to be exposed to smelling and tasting Abercrombie’s fragrance. People who work in other stores that have to breathe in and taste this fragrance on a daily basis can have breathing problems which could cause them to file a worker's comp claim which should be paid by Abercrombie or Hollister because they have caused the injury to these employees. The smell can travel a long way in a Mall especially if there happens to be a draft coming from one end to another like the Capitola Mall in Capitola, CA. You can still have your fragrance testers inside the stores but not in the ventilating system. Consumers already know what types of merchandise Abercrombie and Hollister carry and whether or not they want to walk in and shop around…you don’t need any offensive order permeating from the stores. Consumers should have the ability to shop without worrying if they will have an asthmatic attack, have the feeling of heavy lungs, or sneezing and coughing several hours after visiting a Shopping Mall with Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister stores ventilating their fragrances. Causing harm to others is not a MARKETING STRATEGY.

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  • Ca
    capemike Jul 02, 2010

    I don't have anything against one of these stores selling perfumes and having samples on hand that get occasionally sprayed, but the entire local mall smells of perfume from these stores' constant spraying practices. Abecrombie and Hollister both spray their clothes at my local mall (Cape Cod). It is impossible to escape the smell because it wafts out of the stores. I shouldn't have to smell it when I go to Radio Shack or Best Buy.
    The people who work there are putting themselves at risk for lung problems in the future.

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  • Cc
    cc5456 Jul 01, 2010

    I used to love perfume and wore plenty of it. I had a friend who said it gave her headaches...I just brushed her off as some goof. After I went through some hormonal changes at the age of 35, I became intolerant to perfumes and artificial scents such as the fake air fresheners. Now I suffer from migraines due to artificial scents. I cannot wear perfume at all or use most unscented candles. A few are tolerable if they are only containing essential oils, but most are blended scents.

    Please think of the babies, children, people with asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivities, people undergoing chemo and hormone therapy and so forth. I am very surprised there has not been a class action suit yet.

    When I must walk by or go to adjoining stores, I can smell that horrible scent all through the other stores. It's really a matter of health and air quality. In addition, if I had teens, I wouldn't want them shopping there due to the adverse effects of breathing the chemicals in the colognes.

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  • Lz
    LZ30 Jun 15, 2010

    People that have such a high sensitivity to perfumes and colognes should know better than to go to a public mall anyway. No one is forcing you to go to the mall, and Hollister should not have to change part of it's marketing strategy because you do not find it pleasant. The scent attracts numerous customers. If you don't like it, tough luck. Just stay away from the mall.

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  • Ev
    Evanlee Jun 01, 2010

    The issue of the perfume reminds me of why these little Bambies like to douse themselves with it. They especially like to attract other little Bambies with their scent. I feel Hollister may be getting the complete flush soon and by the way, I hope so. Many of the store employees including the managers are rude and discourteous. The loudness of the music is annoying (not so much the music itself)) and because so many of the employees have to practically yell to give customers answers the employees faces become so unattractive. Too bad, I really like some of the clothes but not enough to put up with the noise, smell, rudeness and unprofessional individuals who work and run the store I use to shop at.

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  • Ni
    nicetoknovvyou Feb 15, 2010

    get. over. it.

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  • Do
    Dont like being duped Sep 20, 2009

    Nice language Abercrombiekids. For those who disagree with the original complaint, how would you like to walk in the shoes of someone who can't take an extreme amount of perfume or an "attractive"? "scent" as you all have called it. How would you like to have a headache so bad that it makes you throw up, have a hypersensitivity to light, sound and put you out of commission for oh..about a day? I have the prescription imitrex so maybe there would be some relief in half a day but still remain nauseated. Suppose, during this severe headache that you had, I told you to, "suck it up". How would you feel? Never are a teenager. The marketing strategy for this store, I agree, will target the younger crowd. However, there is more disposable income from the parents of this targeted younger crowd. I will call them minors. If you are talking about college kids - from my observations and experience, these minors won't be spending money on high priced clothes and by then, older teenagers (minors) are moving on to more varied tastes in clothing. I know that when my child saves money from her babysitting and allowance, she desperately hopes that I will supplement her purchase with a little bit of monetary help from me. How is she going to do this when I am hopelessly benched outside the store because I want to breathe oxygen. The last thing I want to do is disappoint her, but somehow both Abercrombie and Hollister kill themselves to prevent people with sensitivity to smells to not enter the store. If I don't go in, neither does my wallet. I don't order online because if it is available in the store, I don't want to pay for shipping. Abercrombie is more obnoxious about spraying the clothes than Hollister. I had to cover my face with a jacket to get through the store one day and then when I saw some employee walking down the aisle spraying everything in sight, I had to leave- and with that I set down my purchases intended for my daughter. To taylor who mentioned that Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Dillards, JcPenny's sells perfume- this is true. However, I don't feel that these companies have a policy that requires the employees to drench the entire store with scents that could be offensive and possibly dangerous to others. Oh! taylor what will happen if someday down the road you come down with some funky cancer related to breathing in toxic fumes? Two years is a long time to be exposed to breathing in stuff you really shouldn't at such concentrated levels. It's like a canary in a coal mine. I bet the canary would die in the Abrecrombie/Hollister store. One of the things that I think about when I purchase the clothes for my daughter - is there any perfume stains on the clothes because of "perfume patty" running around hosing down the store with Abercrombie/Hollister perfume. It's so dark in there, I can't look for stains. It can be loud, but I have noticed it has been better on some days, I can't talk to my daughter. This overload of sensory stimulii can't be good for anyone. It is what it is but looking at the stock market trends and the recession- these companies need to know that compromise and change could be a good thing.

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  • Ab
    AbercrombieKids Sep 13, 2009

    Haha nice that is very true. I agree with HcObabe, If you don't like the smells of public places, aka a mall, stay the ### away from it. No one is making you go there. Maybe your daughter shouldn't shop there if it's so excruiatingly painful for you. =)

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  • Hc
    HcObabe Sep 12, 2009

    the smell is SUPPOSED to come out of the store!! people who we target walk by, smell it, and are attracted to go into the store rather than just walk right past it. that is why hco has a different outside patio look, lighting, and music. its made to attract certain people and it does attract those people...

    and i agree, lots of other stores have scents leaking out. its part of the mall and life. you arent going to complain about a restaurant for having the scent of food around it? if you dont like it then stay out of the PUBLIC.

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  • Al
    Alice_ Sep 12, 2009

    I think it smells unbelievably good. Maybe your mall sprayed too much.

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  • Ho
    Hope Jun 09, 2009

    this is a stupid complaint...

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  • Je
    Jessica29 May 29, 2009

    i meant to say scent by the way not sent lol

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  • Je
    Jessica29 May 29, 2009

    Huh??? I love the smell of the store!! My BF wears that sent.. you gotta calm it down lady.. its not like it smells bad or anything

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  • Hb
    HBS May 28, 2009

    I agree with this complaint 100%. I stopped going to the Kenwood Mall for this very reason. It makes my stomach upset to walk anywhere near A&F. Does anyone know how to get this changed? Please let me know who to talk to so that I can enjoy shopping again!

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  • Ka
    katie:) Apr 25, 2009

    yea wow arent you tough like i said it just attracks customers to our store unlike it does to you.

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  • Aa
    Aaron Apr 15, 2009

    I fully agree with the compaint. Many people have sensitivities to perfume, and especially to the over-saturated air outside of Abercrombie stores. To people who have asthma, chemical sensitivities, and other disabilities, the overpowering smell is very toxic, making them sick, nauseous, and causes problems breathing . I myself cannot go anywhere near an Abercrombie store, due to the foul odor. It would be different if the smell didn't leak out of the store, but I can smell it over 100 feet from the store entrance in the mall. Our country tries to help people with disabilities and other medical problems, saying "get over it" and "it doesn;t (sic) bother me" (like the Abercrombie representatives above) does not help the problem. And a note to the employees who work at the store, you display such a small minded view when you say "All of the workers are tired of people coming in and cmoplaining (sic). We cant change policies and it has been that way since we opened." Let me inform you that complaints WILL motivate change, and "policies" CAN change. When you invade the mall with a odor that if foul to many, without regard to those who suffer, just to make a buck, you can expect complaints.

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  • Ha
    haley Apr 09, 2009

    me and my mom just went there today and i definatley agree with the people above us . MY brother works at ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH and it is exactly suposed to be that way. It makes the store seem nicer and better than other stores. which it is. It does atrackt me to the stores, which is kind of how they make buisness. they stand out from other stores and atract people to them !! and besides it smells good [email protected]!

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  • Ta
    taylor Mar 04, 2009

    The store is the way it is because it is exactly how it is supposed to be. If you have that big of a problem with it then you should talk to corporate about it. However, I highly doubt it will do much of anything. The store is targeted to those who like our perfume and our music. Oh, yeah, I've worked there for 2 years and it doesn't bother me. And anyone can have an asthma attack for any reason. If you are going to get on Hollister and Abercrombie about it then I suggest you also get on Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Dillards, JcPenny's, and every other store that carries perfume.

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  • Wi
    will Mar 04, 2009

    I work for this company as a model for more than a year now and it does enhance customer experience. We have customers coming in all the time asking what we spray on the clothes and they like it and buy some. And the music and environment is made that way for a reason. It attracts the customers that we made the store for which is teenagers and young adults. If you dont like it, you dont have to come into our store. All of the workers are tired of people coming in and cmoplaining. We cant change policies and it has been that way since we opened. Get over it!

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