Abella Mayfairsmooth skin. me skin cream

G Nov 27, 2017

I answered an advertisement in late Oct for the above products, all I wanted was try the samples. However my name has been added to your mailing list without my permission my credit card has been debited $99.95us and $89.95us for products I have not ordered and have not give permission to charge my credit card. I have not received this order and I don't want it, please remove my name from your mailing list and please reverse the charge you have made to my card. My bank tells me it is easier and faster for you to do a reverse, otherwise the my bank passes it over to Visa to do a disputed claim, where they debit you then credit me.
I did not authorise the purchase of these products nor did I authorise you billing my account.
Please reverse this charge.
Graham Meek
8 Bourke Rd
Ettalong Beach
NSW 2257

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