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A price and time were agreed upon. They arrived an hour late stayed 16 hours instead of 13 leaving at 3:00am, did not complete the move, therefore i had to rent a u haul to finish the job. Was insulted by the estimator who stated i had a big mouth when i questioned his under estimation of the job. This brings me to my most important complaint that i received an estimate of 1687.00 but was charged 4015.00 plus a mandatory 2 hour over time totaling 250.00. Moving is stressful enough without having the stress of being taken advantage of.


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    stacy Dec 11, 2007

    I got a qoute from one of the representatives form A Best Choice Movers Inc. they told me it would cost me $500 to move my 2 beadroom apartment. When they got to my house at the day of the move they made me sighn some paper work at the end i got a bill of $1800. I was shoket i called the police because they wouldnt unload my things untill i paid. When the police came they said they couldnt do anything. So i had to pay. This company is the worst. NEVER USE A BEST CHOICE MOVERS Inc. they should change it to A WORST CHOICE MOVERS...

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    AGHNATIOUS Dec 20, 2007


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    David Rubenstein Jan 05, 2008

    I had a very similar problem with this company. See my lastest email below.....

    A Best Choice Movers
    200 South Newman Street
    Hackensack, NJ 07601
    Mr. George Rezmia, President

    US Dot License - 1680752
    Local License - 000886
    ICC MC License - 617658

    Dear Mr. Brandon Hutchinson:

    I am hopeful that we can work something out as I am very disatisfied with your companys billing, estimating and customer service practices. I have received my credit card statement and see that you charged my card for $1888. In addition to the other concerns I spoke with you about on 1/3/2008 (about the cost of the packing materials and lack of outlining costs on the estimate). I would like to summarize for you the 4 issues with your company, which condradict NJ State law.
    Your initial estimate showed a discount on the hourly rate after the 3rd hour. However, that discount disappeared when you sent your revised estimate when I asked you to add a 5 man to the estimate. This practice is contrary to NJ law.
    Your estimate did not include the costs of your packing materials. According to NJ law, your estimate must include your chart of costs (i.e. cost of blanket rentals, packing tape, boxes, etc.). It is contrary to NJ law to conceal those rates on your estimates. Your company did not reveal the costs of various packing materials until they arrived on site on the day of the move.
    Your foreman indicated that he would advise me beforehand of any and all additional charges BEFORE I incurred them. I was very clear with him when he arrived; I asked him not to do ANYTHING that would add additional cost to the move without asking me FIRST; I was onsite and would have been happy to approve or deny those costs based on MY needs. I would have never incurred the $250 in blankets and $300 in boxes that were charged to me. I would have simply asked them to put the bags of clothes in my car and not to wrap 80% of the furniture with blankets. The point is, your foreman did not advise me of those charges even thought he indicated he would. My wife and I were on site all day and could have easily advised me as he indicated he would.
    You have billed me for your time until 6:30 pm instead of 6:00 pm. BEFORE I signed, I indicated to the foreman that it was 6PM, and he crossed out 6:30 pm and wrote down 6:00 pm, but I see your company still charged me until 6:30pm. This is contrary to NJ law.
    Please understand that items 1-4 fall under NJ Consumer Fraud law and can cause significant hardship to your company. In all likliehood it will cost your company all of my legal fees plus triple damanges; according to NJ law. I have every intention of filing a lawsuit, and pursuing this further in court, however, I would like to give you one last opportunity to do what is "right". I have already disputed the credit card transaction and filed a complaint with the NJ Better Business Bureau. However, I if you do what is "right" and charge me the hourly rate we agreed to and forgo all of the other charges, I am willing to drop the pending lawsuit and will rescind the complaint to the NJ Better Business Bureau.

    I await your response and will proceed based on your response. A lack of response will indicate to me that you wish me to pursue this issue in a legal capacity.

    Please see additional issues/complaints; which many indicate a trend with your company:



    David Rubenstein

    cc: Law Offices of Rubenstein & Horlacher
    50 Main Street
    Succasunna, NJ 07876

    Better Business Bureau of NJ

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  • Ja
    Jack J Jan 21, 2008

    I guess we are all in teh same boat.

    Thsi company - lures you with low quotes - and still sounding reasonable ( i dont know if all movers are a hoax - just like car salesmen ( sorry - but that experience as was 10 years ago and as was 2 months ago - remains teh same... blood suckers ) )
    so, i suggest to them to make the move worth their while and mine too - after all they are here to make money - and just like many others on this board - i specified - ASK me before incurring extra costs - they did NOT use my tape but theirs - at$3.5 per peice!!! and things like wrapping old worn chairs in blankets - then stuffing my utensils in a box that cost $20!!! ..... for one box - ok, i deal with cartons and hourly laboreres too- daily in my job, but this was ridiculous and then when they realised that i was penny pinching, they refused to unload without me paying them first - talk about service.

    O - not to forget that they blatantly asked for "gratuity" even before they started the job - God knows who this Brandon is but the whole gang is a bunch of blood suckers ! - they forced me ( and they do give you the look of hoodlums when you argue with them)to pay what ever they wrote on the "invoice"... get a life guys - i really hope all the folks involved in this operation ide miserable deaths! ( sorry but i had to go this far!)

    My move was around Jan 01, 2008

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  • Da
    David Rubenstein Feb 08, 2008

    On 1/5/2008 I submitted a complaint to complaintsborad.com involving A Best Choice Movers. I am hereby notifying this web site that A Best Choice movers has addressed the issue with me and issued a credit to my credit card. I am happy with there follow up effort as they did whatever they could to make this situation "right".

    David Rubenstein.

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  • Da
    David Rubenstein Feb 08, 2008

    On 1/5/2008 I submitted a complaint to complaintsborad.com involving A Best Choice Movers. I am hereby notifying this web site that A Best Choice movers has addressed the issue with me and issued a credit to my credit card. I am happy with there follow up effort as they did whatever they could to make this situation "right". -David Rubenstein.

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  • Bi
    Bill H. May 12, 2008



    Also, I second that... NEVER NEVER NEVER use this company. They are a complete scam artist, and they don't like it when you call them on their scam...

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  • Ba
    Barbara Roussel Jun 17, 2008

    Dear Brandon or John:

    I have tried to contact you about the 10% discount on my move you promised because I was a senior. I called you told me you would get back to me. I sent a letter on June 4th and still have not heard anything.

    I paid immediately and also paid a tip to the men on the truck that I did not know I had to pay... that was $700.00 plus the almost 5000.00 to move from RI to NJ. I live on a fixed income of very little and when I finally figured out my bills after being here a few weeks and settled, I noticed that there was no discount. I then notified you but I still have not heard anything. I do not understand as I will be moving again and soon and this has left me with a very bad taste for movers.

    I would appreciate someone getting in touch with me on this matter. My phone # is 401-527-4658 or you can e-mail.
    Thank you Barbara Roussel.

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  • Lh
    lharley Oct 24, 2008

    “A Best Choice Movers” at 200 S. Newman Street in Hackensack, NJ are the ### of the earth. On Sept. 5, 2008, I used A Best Choice Movers to store 6 items at their storage warehouse. The movers they sent were unprofessional. Not one of my six appliance were wrapped in blankets and taped while I was there and I was there until they put the items in their truck. I had to instruct them on how to get the refrigerator through the door. Now, previously, I had given a staff at Best Choice my credit card number - so they had that information already. After all of my uncovered items were loaded into the truck and the office was called, they were told the credit card machine was broken and they needed cash. They said it had broken the day prior to my move at about 4:00 PM. I asked why was I not called to inform me of this so I could have made alternate arrangements. The so called owner, got on the phone and argued with me and made this statement "I am not one of your boys." I asked him what was that supposed to mean. I interpreted that to be stereotypical as well as racial. Yes, I have an accent, I am a caribbean woman and I am a Black woman and in the heat of an argument, everything comes out. I told him he was very disrespectful and does not know who to deal with the public. In essence, as my items were already on their truck, I had to have that truck follow me home (the items were not at my home) and go to a bank in my area in order to pay cash. Even though I got the first month free, I was coerced into paying the 2nd months rent which was $100.00. At this point, I felt I had no choice. I paid the money. I got Sept. 5 - Oct. 5 free (1 month) and I paid for Oct. 5 - Nov. 5.

    On Wednesday, October 22, 2008, I received a call from a staff member indicating they were going out of business and had until Oct. 31 to remove all items from their warehouse. Can you imagine my surprise and disgust. (I believe they knew they were going out of business and wanted to get everything in cash and to scam people for the last time before closing their doors. I know that businesses do not go out of business in a day. They are notified and are given at least 90 days to rectify their situation.) I was then asked if I could come immediately to retrieve my belongings. At this time, I was at work and could not - I also needed to contact another moving company to retrieve my belongings - things had to be scheduled. I did find another moving company, All American Movers & Storage (head and shoulders above the rest) and they came today, October 24, 2008 to move my items to their storage company. They were prompt, I met them there waiting for me. My appointment was at 10:00 AM. Upon entering the premises, my items were laid bare with just some tape around all of them – not one item had a blanket or a box associated with it – the tape around all the items indicated they belonged to me. In the meantime on my bill, they charged me $97.00 for 10 rolls of tape, 10 blankets, 10 bubble wraps and 2 boxes – and not one of those items were used on my appliances. They are outright thieves and scam artists. People out there, blankets, tape and bubble wraps and boxes should remain on your items until they are retrieved from the storage place. They are not put on and taken off when they arrive at the storage facility. There were scratches all over the items and I commenced taking photos of all the scratches. My new movers commenced wrapping and taping like the professionals they are. When they were done, you did not know what was under the blankets and tape. They were almost done when the so called owner came in. At that time I was speaking with my guys and saying that is how things are supposed to be done. The owner jumped in and said, “if you paid for that, you would get it.” I then said, “I was not talking to you.” He then said I could get the F--- out of his place and started cursing me and of course, the Caribbean woman that I am, I cursed the hell out of him also. He then wanted my movers to take my items outside to finish wrapping them. Can you imagine. My guys, though, said he was now messing with their livelihood, their paycheck. They came here to do a job and would like to complete it the correct way. In the meantime, we are still arguing (seems as if anyone who speaks on the terrible service or takes photos of items that were damaged because of their inexperience, unprofessionalism and incompetence are not welcomed on site. I am not going to sit or stand by and allow someone to take advantage of me. The words that came out of this man’s mouth cannot be repeated here. He was disrespectful, nasty, out of order and just a complete blight on the human race. I knew if a man was standing in front of him, he would not have had the balls to say what he said to me. It is no wonder he is going out of business and I told him that. He needs to learn to speak to people. He simply did not take to me from the beginning because I challenged him. I told him I would call the police. He said he wanted me and my things out of there or he would throw them out. I told him he could not put me out, I had a legitimate appointment today and my items were housed in his warehouse. I was paid up until November 5 and I had every right to be there. Yes, I told him he was a nasty piece of sh--.

    I did call the police because I did not want it to escalate into something that would go completely out of control and of course, he met them at the door and tried to give them his version of what happened. I also gave them my version of what happened. He started to change his tune somewhat, but I did not want to hear anything he had to say and dismissed him. The officers suggested I go into the hall and I went outside. My guys were already 99% finished and I had taken the photos I needed.

    This company was the absolute worst – a nightmare from beginning to end. And I knew in my heart that things would not turn out well for them. I felt it on the first day when he was so rude, but my hands were tied. He is now out of business and beware people, he may turn up again under a different name, address, but something will still be there to identify him. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY OTHER NAME. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS, SAY ONE THING AND DO ANOTHER AND DO NOT HAVE ANY INTERPERSONAL SKILLS. IF YOU HAVE TO PAY MORE FOR MOVING DO SO, IT WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE LONG RUN. A LOWER COST DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN LOWER SERVICE, BUT IN THIS CASE IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST.

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  • Tr
    Trish Nov 03, 2008

    I had a simialar situation as Lharley. They told me they were going out of business and told me I had to pay them $1, 900 plus moving costs. I do not even make that much in a month. I offered them $1, 400 in cash and they took it.
    When all of my items were delivered, I noticed most of my furniture was missing. The boxes were all smashed up and alof of my glass items are broken.
    I noticed 2 wood chairs have been chewed on and when I opened one of the clothes boxes, there was rat feces and some kind of rat food in the box. I was so disgusted!
    I have filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and the NJ State Attorney General's office.
    I could go on for hours about how horrible this company is!!!

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  • At
    A. Torres Nov 03, 2008

    I agree with all the below mentioned complaints. Scam artists, hidden costs, and deception are all synonomous with A Best Choice Movers (what a ironic name).
    I have followed up with Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. They lure unsuspecting VICTIMS into their traps with cheap quotes which are not representative and underhanded business practices. Hidden costs for any type of furniture, TV's, anything that has glass- they want to tape eveything, use blankets, and bubble wrap for things that are not necessary, and they charge you inflated prices for all. Then they force you to pay their ridiculous prices by threatening to keep your furniture hostage at their warehouse for additional cost.
    Business as its worst... I may not get the money that was robbed from me by A Best Choice Movers but see that as incentive to do everything in my power to see that this deceptive company's malicious practices are brought to light and exposed.

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  • Tr
    Trish Feb 21, 2009

    I filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau and they were not able to contact A Best Choice movers. I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs, and they agreed on a settlement in December 2008. As of today, February 21, 2009 I have not received anything from A Best Choice Movers and Consumer Affairs will not return my phone calls.

    I think A Best Choice Movers and the State of NJ are both criminals!!

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