Australian Vanlines Alice Springs Complaints & Reviews

Australian Vanlines / Non delivery & personal cost to rectify

Mar 30, 2014

In August 2012 "Your small amount of goods will be delivered in six to eight weeks" was the answer to my question of wait time for delivery from Australia to Ukraine for a "door to door" contract. Almost FOUR MONTHS taken to get it on a ship! And SIXTEEN MONTHS for delivery!!! WHEW! And...

Australian Vanlines / Refused to help us out in any way

Nov 20, 2012

We moved from Dubai to Brisbane, Australia. And the company which we used in Dubai had partnered with Australian Vanlines Pvt. Ltd to clear freight, complete the quarantine formalities, deliver and reassemble our main furniture items. Our shipment was taking on 11th August 2012 in Dubai...

Australian Vanlines / Damaged My Belongings Then Lied

May 29, 2012

Do NOT use this company. Australian Vanlines destroyed some of my furniture during the moving process. They said they were looking into it, dragging it out for months. Eventually that said they wern't going to compensate me. They essentially lied during the whole "we're looking...

Australian Vanlines / Undelivered goods - unresolved issue

Dec 29, 2011

We hired Vanlines to transport our goods from Sydney to London in August 2011. After a lengthy holiday we were told to expect our goods late November/early December. So we moved into an empty house knowing their eminent arrival. After being told the delivery would be on December 7th I...