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Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

NeverNo Nov 9, 2018

Completely agree as we went through 14 Months of Hell - you can SAVE YOURSELF A LOT of Money, Time and Grief! Avoid Xulon and go straight to Ingram Spark - or Kindle Direct Publishing -

Please do not let yourself get fool...

Xulon Press / all of it (Complaint)

edith Rael Sep 26, 2018

I paid this company to do a lot according to my package plus two editing processing at extra cost and they did not do much editing of the manuscript. The editors did not read my manuscript it looks like they used a type of software to do the work for them. I remember years back publishers ...

Xulon Press Maitland Florida / royalties (Complaint)

Deborah Harvey Wynder Jul 14, 2018

I published my book with Xulon press two years ago but I have yet to receive any money. They claim you keep the majority of your money which is a lie . They have a big book distributor which gets 55 percent and they receive a big chunk also. This leaves you with a dime or quarter from every book...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Clinton Riffe Jan 26, 2018

I cannot blame Xulon Press for this, however. I admit that I did so at first. In retrospect, I have been forced to face the fact that my book did not sell for other reasons that are unrelated to Xulon. I am unknown. My name is not Max Lucado. Xulon did everything they said they would do. They made a trailer and a press release...

Xulon Press / vanitypress (Complaint)

Aviatrix42 Dec 28, 2017

I strongly suggest that authors stay far, far away from this company. Basically, I have flushed $4k down the toilet, not to mention my time. As many others have stated, if this is a Christian company, no wonder the world is in chaos. As a person who holds a degree in journalism and has bee...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Carmelita M. Kinjo Aug 23, 2017

companies, I chose Xulon press because it's a Christian Publishing company. Your comments above seem to be a replica of what I am experiencing with Xulon Press since Jan. 2017! I am still patiently working with this company. and hoping all of us can exercise the God's message even through this kind of business leading to a successful delivery of Christian love...

Xulon Press Maitland Florida / service (Complaint)

Jude Gibbs Jul 10, 2017

Xulon Press serviceI also went out on a limb and signed up with them to have a book published. Once the book: 'Gifts from the Ashes' was completed and published, NO support was available for promoting. They say once the bill is paid in full, they will be doing more. That's NOT what I was promised by their sa...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

2508Cornell Jan 24, 2016

I mistakenly published my book through Xulon Press. I paid all the fees including overseas marketing. My illustrator is from Korea and advised numerous family members and friends purchased the book on-line. I also have numerous friends and family who purchased the book in the U. S. After several months, I never received any royalty payments...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Relationshipguru Jan 21, 2016

I have had the same experience with xulon press. I suggest that everyone file a complaint with the BBB and the FBI...

Xulon Press Maitland Florida / Self publishing book (Complaint)

Alan Kim Jan 21, 2016

They do so little for so much money. They tell you if you want to have your book to sell you have to spend more money to get the word out. But your book doesn't sell. I question their business and accounting practices. I in fact filed a complaint with the BBB and the FBI. Which I recommend...

Xulon Press Maitland Florida / Very bad company**buyer beware (Complaint)

Wise Buyer Jun 13, 2015

Xulon Press does care only about money. the company lied to me telling me they'd add in pages before publishing and then released the book without my approval to the public with blank pages!! I am completely outraged***a friend referred me to them to entrust my ministry to them of poetry and I am so deeply disappointed that I am hiring a lawyer especially since the company never admitted any blame for their actions which is flat out non-Christian...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

frustrated author Jul 21, 2014

Xulon did publish my book, but I doubt I'll use the company twice. It's expensive and frustrating. I should warn those about to use Xulon that the company does use a lot of sales pressure and scamish tactics (mainly through emails) to get the maximum amount of money out of its authors. The...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

CJShope Nov 24, 2013

author is working with Xulon Press there stands to reason a good chance that author is a Christian seeking to publish with a Christian company. As such, it also stands to reason that if a story has been laid on the heart of that author by The Lord then that is where the trust should be left to see it through to fruition...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Steven V. Taylor Sep 17, 2013

Xulon Press does exactly what they portend to do and I, for one, have found them to be every bit as legitimate as any other type of publisher. I'm pleased with the quality of my latest book and their expedience at working with me, and I haven't had a problem with communicating with them. Whenever money's changing hands you can expect lots of hype and embellishments from any vendor...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Lovewritinginfo Jan 5, 2013

speaking bad about Xulon Press and go work on promoting your book. What a shame to see this. To everybody considering Xulon Press - they are a GREAT company. They are owned by Salem Communications so their marketing is fantastic! Instead of reading these "negative" and "very false" comments about Xulon Press, go research the positive things about this company...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Divine Humility Dec 11, 2012

My experience with Xulon Press has been phenomenal. The team was very professional and handled all of my concerns respectfully and in a timely manner. They captured my vision and printed my book as requested. I am doing well with my books. There is not one company that is perfect. Each company believe it or not has their flaws...

Xlibris / AuthorHouse Tennessee / royalties (Complaint Comment)

GodsDreamCatcher Jan 30, 2012

I published my first two books with Xulon Press and then signed a second contract with them. Then that company grossly lied to me. That company still has the book description totally incorrect for one of my books. It was correct before publishing, and then was published incorrect. They promised the mistake would be corrected and it never has been...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Sunny Smiles Jan 10, 2012

I too have been had by Xulon Press. I have kept a positive attitude and TRUST they would be up front, honest and match their hype. Today, nearly 5 months later; I am sooo disappointed, disgusted, frustrated and regretful that I went with Xulon Press. I jumped through all the hoops to get my book published to meet the Christmas sales deadline...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Woefully disappointed Mar 11, 2011

winner receiving "FREE Xulon Press Elite Publishing Package (valued at $7, 754) and a professionally-crafted press release to announce their win to the media, to bookstores, and on Xulon Press’ website, " and spending several hours editing my submission, I discovered at the end of the entry process that they wanted $39 to complete the submission! What a deal! If every hopeful sends $39 they can surely rack up a nice purse on this one! Woefully disappointed in this "Christian" publisher!!! Kim Davis...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint Comment)

Xulon Press does represent Christian values as they advertise. Once you send them your fee, there is absolutely no help from them in helping you getting your book published. I made the mistake of publishing with them and will never do so again. I warn others considering Xulon not to publish with them...

Xulon Press Longwood Florida / Jason Fletcher (Complaint)

I searched this company and found there are several complaints concerning this company’s bate and switch policy and the cancel order policy. I placed an order and called the next day requesting cancellation. The company refused. I and my husband expressed our complaint concerning the...