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4overbad service

never ever try ot doing business with, you can end up losing your customers, they are really bad in service i placed an order for my customer asked for rush on Monday i paid for rush next day and they didn't even start till Wednesday my customer kept calling me where is my job. i said i will try my best. so i called 4 over they told me we will send it out today.
but nothing happened, so i called a day after they daid we will send it out today nothing happened again, so Friday i called them i yelled i said i'm very angry, my customer was really angry at me he really needded this job, so they said they will credit me what i payed for Next day and they will send it with Saurday delivery.
Saturday was nothing at my door,
i got an e-mail that they are reprinting this job.
this credit i still don't see maybe they will credit me but this costumer i guess will never come back to me
so NEVER EVER TRY DOING BUSNESS with, becausee you can end up like me losing customers.


  • Pr
    Print Supreme May 07, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Received a wrong print order. Now they want me to pay shipping ($40) back to them. Once they receive and review will reprint my order in 4 days. Crooks. Now I am losing the commission on this order because of their mistake.

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  • Ar
    Armen Hartounian Oct 25, 2014

    I wish 4over would use the time to improve customer services instead of trolling to find negative reviews. Bottom line, they suck beyond words. Cheap prices means no service. Use them for low-margin jobs and I NEVER send them anything that would make or break my business. Get what you pay for, folks.

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  • Gr
    GruntOver Oct 23, 2014

    Try working there... Crappy pay for the work. Most likely why your end result sucks. I mean honestly if you could barely afford to live off of a job that demands so much of you would you honestly care? I have worked in various positions and unless your a non white you won't make good money. That's what happens when a non American owns the company and rises his friends and family to the top. It could also be the management and their lack of management skills. Our HR is a joke...and I mean a big joke. They sweep everything under the rug. I have been threatened slandered falsely accused of illegal harassment etc at this company. And when I take my problems to management or to HR do they do anything? No. Nothing. It's a hostile work environment 24/7 365 days a year in that place. Your expected to deal with it. Not to mention all the 'homework' you do that you aren't paid for. Honestly I'm so fed up with the bs that goes on there...I just refuse to even look at my phone when I'm home because I know it's blowing up. I'm not a low level grunt at the company but I started as one. I'm in charge of a whole department within the company and the pay doesn't match up to the problems I face daily.

    I will say that I feel CS bends over backwards trying to make people happy, however...4 over is all about the money and yes Varaz probably does work there and on an upper level. Know how I know? The name. It isn't American sounding. That's what this company is driven by Armenians, who go around from dying town to dying town, creating new plants. They love the poor working class people they hardly pay while they fill their pockets with money! YOUR MONEY! We are provided with the worst printers out there most of the time they are used too, and expected to produce not only on time but infact early...If I do not reach early %s I get in trouble. Never mind on time I had 0 late jobs and 100 on time and was given a talking to. Nevermind that it was an insane amount of work and a miracle that it wasn't late...No on time isn't good enough it needs to be early.

    I don't hate my job. I actually enjoy it...however they make that hard. I am not given the basic tools needed to do my job. I have to jump through hoops to get to where I need to be to even start on your product. I have been working in print shops for 8 years plus, I don't know anything else. But don't believe the lie that they only hire top end professions. They hire right off the street. Most of the company is filled with people who don't know the first thing about printing and honestly they'd be better suited asking if you'd like fries with that. Sure the mid level grunts like myself or working supervisors they know a little about what they are doing. But when your working with egoists and ###s it doesn't matter what you know. Your team is so mentally unable to perform the task without your input that your better off just staying at work...Honestly there are nights I should even of went home.

    The messed up thing? I'm always worried about losing my job there. Why? Because it's a rumor mill and a favorites factory. Sure they like me now, , , but what about in a month in another year? ETC. Who knows when your going to be dragged into the office for something you never did or never said. Oh and we are recorded by cameras 24/7 everywhere...what kind of company doesn't trust the people they hire? And no they aren't for our protection because when our personal items are stolen we are told that we are 'on your own with safe guardings your belongings." A reasonable person could expect not to have their lunch or cell phone or car keys stolen right from their desk or work station...not here. Check the cameras you might tell them find the person who stole from your loyal employee let's get rid of this bad apple keep the work place secure. Nope the cameras you need to see magically don't work.

    I've been there for YEARS and honestly I'm starting to look for another job. Not because I want to, but because I have to. I can't handle the toxic environment that they create and allow to go on there. Imagine being held accountable for things you cannot control without having the power to enforce the rules and regs you set forth to ensure they best highest quality level of work...Yeah it sucks. And do you have a voice? An ear to cry to? No. Oh they'll tell you that you do, they'll put on their little meetings HR will stop browsing facebook and other social media long enough to hold a joke of a meeting yearly, but when push comes to shove nothing is done about anything there. Honestly next time I am harassed. Bullied. Subjected to any form of hostile environment I am hiring a lawyer. That's how screwed up it is.

    I should be enjoying my time away from that place. Instead I am here dumping my anger and disappointment into an online forum, all the while my phone going off while people ask me how to do their job that they should of had down after the first week. These same people of course do not like me, display threatening mannerisms and harass me daily. But oh when they need you... Yeah well I didn't answer my phone or text back tonight. Screw you 4over find another rat to run your maze.

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  • Cu
    customerservice2 Aug 13, 2014

    I agree with the posters here. 4over SUCKS in regards to customer service. Communication is non-existent, customer service are a bunch of phone monkeys who could care less about your orders and have no ability to make anything happen, only give "status updates" which we can see on our end just the same as them, production and customer service are in different states and don't communicate internally with each other. I will say this - Their ordering process is great and when things are going good and you don't have to talk to them they are wonderful. Pricing is great too - but - you get what you pay for. If anything goes wrong or you actually need anything from them, don't even bother. It takes them days and days to respond to emails (if ever at all) and they never call when you need them to. If you have problems, just cancel your order and go somewhere else. There's no reason to deal with their customer service reps. Just take it for what it is - Cheap printing - and if you submit your files correctly and don't expect things done in a hurry, these are the guys to go to, but no matter how much money you spend with them they could care less about you and your business so don't count on them in a bind and don't rely on them for anything.

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  • Ma
    mandys2go Jul 06, 2012

    worst service had to reprint 3 rimes a letterhead for a client of mine because of mistakes in print when i asked them if if i can have it expedited the tell me the earliest is in 3 days because there is a long line of Jobs before me! hello!! my job should have been finished 2 weeks ago if not Ur mistake i don't know how i can do business with a company like this hope not to lose this client because of this job!!

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  • Ye
    Yeurgan Oct 26, 2011 is the WORST! I stopped using them a while ago.

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  • Pr
    Provincetown Graphics Aug 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did business with from 2005 until this year (2011). The company is plagued with problems, particularly communication. Customer service is almost non-existent! I send out about $170, 000 in annual printing and didn't care, they acted as though my business didn't matter. Many of the customer service people can barely speak English and if you're willing to sit on hold for 30 minutes or longer to speak with them, they don't understand your concerns or issues. They're quick to charge your credit card though, sometimes even when you didn't authorize them to do so or expect them too. I discovered this year that was charging us for someone elses jobs. They refused to correct it. Some ### in finance "Marit" told me that it wasn't their problem. Fortunately Visa sorted it out. Awful company. I wish I had found another resource sooner. I have and I'm very pleased with them. sucks!

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  • Is
    ishootpix Aug 08, 2011

    Hello, I'm a well-known photographer with 21 years of business experience throughout entire United States & a few other countries. Regarding this company & their services, I have to say that 4Over is the company who designed & printed my stylish business card 14 years ago. Ever since I've been getting great complements about my business card. Later, I started using their EXCELLENT printing services for my regular office use. I got nothing from them, BUT the best in customer service AND highest quality prints. I personally HIGHLY recommend this company for any professionals, seeking the absolute top notch quality in PRINT industry.

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  • Vi
    vigilianty Jul 02, 2011 or 4over company Customer service sucks, I paid $70 for the next day 2 days ago 6/29 today is 7/01 at 7:45 pm and my job still "on press"since this morning 7:30 am, all started when I call to complain this morning at 7:30 am. they do not like to be call ( did not hear anything about money back) for complains, I asked to talk to a manager and I think she was worth. Call again in the afternoon and find out that she put in there notes what ever she please (still did not hear anything about money back) stay away or use as a last resources, trust me!

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  • Ty
    Tyler 99 May 23, 2011

    I just spent an hour and a half on the phone with 4 over's print technician and his manager because they said that they couldn't print my requested quantity. Keep in mind that I requested a custom estimate request and spelled out exactly what was needed. I recieved the estimate back after two days and they said to submit a second estimate request for my switch over of paper stock. I did this and got another estimate the next day. Now it had been a total of three days. I paid for the services and then recieved the call saying they couldn't print the job because my order quantity wasn't a 100 or 250 QTY. They supposedly cannot print a 125 QTY even though they supplied me with a custom estimate for the job. The option that was offered by the manager on duty "Nona" was that they could print 250 and give me a $5 discount and throw half of the prints away and send me 125 total. I let them know that the thought of this was simply rediculous and believe it or not the manager started to yell at me and she casncelled my whole order and hung up on me. I will NEVER do business with 4 over again because of the terrible customer service.

    Shocking that after a long business relationship with them, they could ruin it with one job and terrible customer service. We were at the "Premier Executive" loyalty level when finishing our business with them!

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  • Be
    BettyCancook Jan 27, 2011

    We've used 4over for several years and have never had any problems with them except one where my blue printed up more purple then I expected - which is a common newbie printing error. They instructed me on how to prevent it from happening again and I haven't had any further issues.

    I send them flattened .psd files or pdf's and always use their templates. Maybe that makes a difference in how quickly your files are processed?

    As a side note, the OP should take a moment to edit their post readability. I tend to discredit posts filled with that many issues.

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  • Au
    auto123 Sep 23, 2010

    I totally agree - Very Very poor customer service. I dont even know why they have that department. Today I lost my client, because the job was not shipped on time. Called customer service, it appeared there's nothing they could do to help me.
    Search for more local companies, there are out there, much better service with lower prices.

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  • Pr
    printingqueen May 20, 2010

    By the way Varaz you work there! So stop playing the "I've been printing and borkering for many years and I gotta tell you that without 4over, I would have been out of business a long time ago." game! If anyone is savy they can put 2 and 2 together...
    You give your email and phone number at 4over on the topic "Inconsistant Colors" under 4over complaints - just 59 days ago - and this post was Hmmmm 58 days ago?!? So your a print broker mostly and 4over employee sometimes?

    Be careful of companies that need to cover themselves in such a way guys!

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  • Ad
    adesigner May 06, 2010

    I had loved using 4over for over 9 years... BUT this morning I found out that they deactivated my account for not having placed an order in 90 days. To add insult to injury, they are refusing to reactivate the account.

    How's that for customer service?

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  • Va
    Varaz Mar 22, 2010

    again, I don't agree with the comments, here is another testimonial forwarded to me by processing. you can find these on our site Without your great quality my work wouldn't be out there! Thank you again and keep up the great work and quality, I love you guys. You guys rock

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  • Va
    Varaz Mar 22, 2010

    I have had a few jobs done by you and could not be happier. The phone support (especially Nathan) has been outstanding. I am not that familiar with uploading and they have helped immensely The status section helps me to keep my customers in touch with their jobs. Again, thanks and keep up the good work

    this is just another testimonial i received today...



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  • Va
    Varaz Mar 22, 2010

    I absolutely disagree with the complaint above. I have never seen or heard anything but excellent good product and print form 4over. I've been printing and borkering for many years and I gotta tell you that without 4over, I would have been out of business a long time ago.

    They do however require good, print ready files and will not start the job with any old material... you give them good pdfs they print great work. I order tons of next day too and never been late.

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  • Jt
    jtanner Feb 10, 2010

    Try's "PFLPro" reseller program. We do what we say we'll do, and our service is excellent. -JT

    Jared Tanner
    VP Marketing

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