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Br Oct 02, 2019

I applied for a job with in Austin, TX. Liz York, HR recruiter with 360 contacted me to schedule an interview. I selected the days/times I was available, which happened to be the following day. In the email she stated she would let me know when the interview was scheduled. She did not. I emailed her at the end of the day and she immediately replied (bonus). The following morning I emailed to inquire whether the interview was in-person or on the phone (was not specific in the email she provided). She stated it was an overview of the position and getting to know each other and that she would call me. The interview was scheduled for that afternoon (9/26/19). She never called, I waited for over 30 minutes. I was hoping to receive an email with some type of explanation. I didn't receive one. I contacted them via their "chat" option on their website asking how to get a hold of the HR or Operations Director (neither have contact info listed on the website or LinkedIn). In fact, Samantha Montalbano, COO & Managing Partner, doesn't even have a LinkedIn account, that I can find. Andrew Stross can only be messaged on LinkedIn if you have a premium account. I still have not received any type of communication. I believe I dodged a bullet by Liz's inability to do her job.

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