24 Hour Fitness USAmembership registration and hidden fees

B Sep 11, 2018

I came into the 24 Hours Fitness Center at Willowbrook, Houston to register with my 16 year old son on June 10th, 2018. I was attended to by a young man who I believe does not have an idea of what he was doing but to get customers at all cost by giving misleading information of the Fitness center charges. I was tied into a 12 months contract been advised as it is the best payless option. I was instantly charged an annual membership fee of $140.69 and $86.58 for my son totaling $227.27. I was told this annual membership fee is only paid once a year followed by $40.00 each for my self and my son on the 10th of each month. I expected to see $80.00 come out of my credit card on July 10th but I was charges $86.58. I called to query the charges and I was told it was $43.29 each including taxes. To my surprise this month after been charge $86.58, I was also charged the annual membership fee a second time on September 8th, 2018 of $108.22 ($54.11 each). I called the customer service and for a refund of this money because I was never informed of such charges who promised to escalate my request and weave early termination fees. From June 10th, 2018 to September 10th, 2018 my credit card had been charged a total of $595.23 by 24 hours fitness in 3 months. I am asking that you refund my money $108.22 as soon as possible and close off the membership by the end of September as I have been charged $86.58 for September. I was not informed of such hidden charges and I do not wish to take the membership any further. I have enclosed a copy of the annual membership receipt of June 2018 with this request. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Mrs Bukola Bayo [protected])

membership registration and hidden fees

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