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I had my mobile financed through chase mortgage in 2000; was told by 21st mortgage out of knoxville, tn back in 2005 that chase sold out my mortgage to their company and thus has started my nightmare with this company. Never have I felt so threatened and helpless dealing with a company. All the complaints I have read are so true! I thought me and my family were the only ones being targeted by this company. We have experienced calls at all hours, calls during national holidays, threatening phone calls, and degrading phone calls. I am like many of the complaining parties; I have tried so hard to work with this company; I have fallen behind; been able to catch up. As of this month, I am one month behind. I too, have at one point asked to have an extension of the one month but was told that it would be illegle to do a refinance due to the location of my home (Tribal lands). I have consulted with legal advisors and was told that is not so. This company will not listen to reason; you can talk yourself blue in the face, explaining your situation only to have them laugh in your face, call you a lier, and snicker on the phone. Everything, everything, that customers of 21st mortgage have complained about is true, true. I have been so many account managers I have lost count. Everytime I get use to working with one person, I am switched and when asked why my account managers keep changing, I am told that I am refusing to work with them! Like I read in one complaint, why can't one account manager be responsible for just taking your payment, but no, after you make your payment, the person puts you through to a manager, only to be chewed out, ridiculed, and left to feel even worst than ever. I have only scratched the surface, I have not even gotten into complaining about the countless repairs/faults with my fleetwood mobile home. I too do not feel up to answering calls from the company because I am constantly being harrassed and threatened that they will repo our home. Is there someone out there that can rescue us from this nightmare by putting this company out of business. Isn't this enough testimony from us innocent homeowners! Please help!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Feb 08, 2017 9:15 am EST

This company is extremely unprofessional and when explaining your problem to them they have the nerve to tell you how much income you're making and that you make enough to pay your mortgage. This company should not be operating until they learn how to talk to people on a professional level.. I've never experienced such behavior as this. McDonald's treat you better than this.

May 24, 2016 6:57 pm EDT

We also had our home loan with another company, and when Fleetwood filed for bankruptcy our loan was sold to 21st Century. The interest rate is terrible and the company ignores questions about refinancing. 21st Century Loan Company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet). Things really haven't changed much in the aristocratic world since the beginning of the hierarchy ruling class structure. We the little people (low education income) are financially controlled by the upper class through their imposition of fees and restrictions. Blah Blah Blah.

Jan 20, 2013 3:13 pm EST

I had a 2nd mortgage with GMAC and have just been informed that they transfered or sold the mortgage to 21st mortgage. My home was forclosed and sold January 2nd 2013, I owed GMAC approx.
+$20, 000. I have yet to hear from the 1st mortgage co. of which I owe several times what I owed GMAC. I live in Georgia if that matters.
After reading all the comments I guess I'm in for some fiesty conversations with them, if I couldnt pay the original 1st and 2nd mortgages how do they figure I'm going to suddenly be able to pay them?
I'm over 80 and in declining health and my medical bills are awful despite having insurance. If I dont pay the medical bills they wont see me so they come first, but I gather they wont care. I see that they deal in mobile homes mostly, but my ex home was a house not a mobile home. I think GMAC probably sold their mortgage to 21st as they didnt want to bother with me. Fortuneately my wife always answers the phone and she acts like a Regimental Sergeant Major with hostile phone callers. All i live on is Social Security and a small pension and now live in a small one bedroom apartment. I've spoken to an attorney and they said that in Georgia they cant attached Social Security or a pension if they deceided to sue. Also I have nothing anyway, a few pieces of furniture and an 11 year old car.
So I'm expecting within a short time to be getting mail and phone calls from them as I cant pay them anything. If I died tomorrow my wife wouldnt have money to bury me, only a cremation. As for 21st to start calling my neighbors about me, they dont know I even live here. The maturity date on my original 1st and 2nd mortgage is 2032, I'd have to live to be 100 to pay it off, thats another 19 years and I seriously doubt it.
I wonder what 21st paid GMAC for the mortgage if thats what they did? not $20, 000 I bet.


just got off the phone with one of their "managers". i gave the first guy the date i would be paying, he referred me to the manager for confirmation & the manager asked me about my budget, what day me & my husband got paid. it was a good cop/bad cop scenario. i am 20 days late but they treated me like a common criminal. they even called my husband at work. a bunch of jerks!


Our mortgage is with 21st also and we are going through the same thing and we are not even behind on payments. We are in the current month of May 2011 and the payments are due on the 1st. Well if not there they start calling 3 or 4 times a day and now by email. They call me, my husband and my mother in law day in an day out threaten to take out legal papers and start foreclosure on the current month due? I have begged my mother in law to help us move the loan but she just dont see it the way i do and now after printing all of this off I hope they will understand. I have gotten to the point where I am just plain rude to them or don't even answer the phone. I could understand this if I was 2 or 3 months behind, but we are not even 1 month behind. You would think with all these complaints, someone would have done something about it by now. In the mean time I continue to deal with it and hope to get the loan paid off.
Angie, NC [protected]

Oct 25, 2010 9:37 pm EDT

janejoad, I am a Republican/TeaPartier, and I can say without one doubt, wahwahwah1002 is not. You did realize he is from Beverly Hills, CA, right?

I have been with 21st Mortgage for a little over 5 years. I also had my mobile home mortgage sold from Chase Manhattan to 21st. They have harassed me and my neighbors for years. I don't know how to deal with them at all. wahwahwah1002 has no idea of what it is like to work hard, by the sweat of your brow, sacrificing to make sure the mortgage payments get paid on time. Then after years of being faithful, ask a mortgage company to give you a couple of weeks to get caught up, and they laugh in your face. I had a problem with paying a bill early on during my mortgage with Chase. I called them up and told them my problem, and they worked with me. They were not rude on the phone, they were always helpful. Weird, huh? The big bank had a better bedside manner.

janejoad, one question. Have you ever gotten any info on how much you still ower, how much is going to the principle/interest? I have never received any of that from 21st.

Good luck to you with the devils from 21st. And to you, wahwahwah1002, hopefully you will get a HUGE dose of that medicine you're giving out!

Oct 04, 2010 12:19 pm EDT
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You go! All I can say is hang in there. 21st young ones has sent both us and our contractor to hell and we have not left. No doubt laughing at us while we wait for Ike damage repairs so we can sell and get out of hell and their evil greedy grip. With you, my research too indicates Warren Buffet is "owner" behind the scenes.

21st is playing games with our contractor by delaying payments in manipulating the way "disbursements" are written so as to delay the deposit into contractor's account. Meanwhile, our contractor has no funds and has used his $ to pay for materials and hired labor. Being a w-s-e general contractor makes it difficult to support oneself.

Ah, wahwahwah1002, we do pay our mortgage. In fact one month ahead. Only problem is, 21st plays the nasty games, not us!


Oct 04, 2010 11:04 am EDT

Stop speaking to them on the phone. Require them to send you a document with the information they wiah you to have. The thing is, nowdays everyone has ID OR SHOULD HAVE> and unless they state their business, I IGNORE THEM.

I don't know if you know, but 21st Mortgage, is a Berkshire-Hathaways Corp. Sound familiar? This company is owned by WARREN BUFFET !

I told the last guy who called, if WB can afford to give his billions away to charity, HE CAN START AT HOME! They sent me a list of churches and food banks to beg for food to pay WB, while he sits down with Bill Gates and other Biollionaires to ASK THEM to donate money to charity? I am very clear on my outgoing message, that I will not return a business call, without STATING what they require from me, so that I may provide them with information. They stil won't tell me what they want, they have my info and I've told them when my stsus changes, I'll let them know.

In the case of 21st, we actually got the home visit. The rep saw we had the house for sale, and I told him once he did the comps, he would find that homes in this 5 star Park, in a city named one of the TOP TEN cities in Family Circle August 2010, were selling for as low as $35K. We paid $130k for a dump and after a $25k renovation and our 20% down, plus all the payments we made in 4 years, we're well past $35k. Another thing is the usurious interest 11%. I asked them to lower the interst rate and they said "Mr. Buffet pays 10% interst to borrow money" I had to laugh, I said, You really expect me to believe that? These people are young kids, they are in the South and they have NO IDEA of what other s are going through.

And to wahwahwah1002...If MY BOSS had not closed the doors on the company, threw my ### on unemployment AND cheated us out of COBRA, I NEVER would have missed a payment, so don't get smart with me. I don't need your Tea Party/Republican opinion.

Sep 27, 2010 2:54 pm EDT

They are a mortgage company. Your supposed to pay them. If your boss told you he was late printing your check for three months, I think you would hound him too.

Jun 09, 2010 12:24 am EDT
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We feel with you. Read our reply a few moments ago before this. I am sorry to hear you are painfully going through this unnecessary bad stress.


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