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NEVER EVER buy this products! figurines are non personolized! I received worse ever bad quality dolls who looked not even alike the person on the picture, though I have submitted 3 professional studio pictures. Aftersales service is awful, this company is ignoring its customers, the company itself is based in China, hence high delivery charges! Now third party delivery company is asking for some extra money for delivery, which was paid already. It is horrible terrible shopping experience ever!

Update by Nikitababy
Dec 03, 2011 12:56 am

I know, imagine that I I replied to every approval they have sent me within 48 hours, I left my comments on each step, but they still ignored that and sent me that crap

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Jun 15, 2012 10:20 am

CONSUMERS BEWARE. I had a very horrible experience with this company. I ordered a bobblehead as a gift for one of my Groomsmen. I put the order in on January 14, 2012 expecting it to be plenty of time for my wedding June 2012. They say it takes 8 weeks at min to recieve the product. Well, April 25 comes around and I get an email indicating that a "New Order" was made. I immediately asked why? They... said that the model was deformed and they needed to make a new order. May 12 comes and mold is done, which i approve. Few weeks pass and I am anxiously waiting for the paint proof. So I email Murielle (service rep I have been corresponding with for months) on May 23 to get a status. But she did not seem to care at all.She replied that the delivery was same as the original order (8 weeks). Then the next day I get the painted proof. BUT the picture and the model were two different people! How can the person taking that picture not notice that the picture I sent was an Asian guy and the finished model they put next to it was a blue eyed white guy! So again I emailed Murielle and she apologized and said the team would need to look for it one by one and they had a lot of them. Weeks pass and after several more emails back and forth asking where it was; I did not get it in time for my wedding. That's not it, I get an email today, June 14 saying that the model was not found and they needed to make another "New Order." Murielle said asked if I would like to wait; start all over or get a refund MINUS 17% for handing fees! How is that even possible. This is a SCAM. I told them they should be compensating me for at least the S&H to the USA (Doubtful about that). This company is in China and I should have known better.

May 09, 2012 11:52 pm

In November 2011 I purchased a groupon for a bobblehead from On December 18, 2012, I ordered my bobblehead and uploaded my 8 pictures and paid $97.40 for shipping and the two person bobblehead. The charge on my credit card indicated PayPal Unitune and the order process said I could expect my bobblehead in 8-12 weeks.
After waiting 12weeks and having heard absolutely nothing I emailed the 1MiniMe who never responded to my email. I was unable to find a phone number and when I called the number on my credit card statement beside the PayPal information it went to PayPal. PayPal said they had no transaction for my account.
I contacted Groupon who agreed to contact 1MiniMe and if they were unable to resolve the matter would refund my money.
1MiniMe responded back to Groupon saying they were waiting on pictures from me, which I had already uploaded. Groupon provided me the email so i responded to David Garneau at 1MiniMe asking what they needed from me. Again no response. In February Groupon refunded me the money for the Groupons and recommended I dispute the charge with my credit card company. On 2/22/2012, PayPal validated the charge as valid and my credit card company closed the dispute, still no refund of the $97.40 that was charged to my account. I again contacted 1MiniMe and for months emails have gone back and forth but still they refuse to refund my money or send me the bobbleheads.
As of 5/10/2012 I still have not received the bobbleheads or a refund. PayPal is contacting 1MiniMe again asking them to send the merchandise or refund my money but also said their hands are tied and they cannot provide me further information about 1MiniMe.
My next step is to contact an attorney who most likely will not want to touch the case because it is all over $97.40 which won't even cover their fee.
DO NOT USE 1MINIME.COM unless you want to lose your money and struggle for months to get anyone to help!

Apr 27, 2012 7:16 pm

This company is awful! I'm still waiting for a bobblehead that I ordered on November 22, 2011. It is April 28, 2012. F-ing ridiculous. The customer service is a complete joke. They don't have a clue as to what is going on in their own company. I definitely would NEVER do business with them again. I actually had 2 orders and on one of them I contacted them 35 days after I submitted the order to cancel it because they hadn't even started on it yet. I tried to cancel both but since the other one was in the production phase they said no. DON't WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY!

Jan 19, 2012 3:33 pm

I wasn't sent an approval email and the crap they sent me was laughable. I receved the bobblehead 3 months after ordering (after 2 or 3 inquiring emails) The bobblehead was horrible they made him bald and appear 10-15 years older than he really is. I have sent 3 nice emails asking for it to be fixed and 2 nasty emails to warn them of my paypal and visa official complaints. terrible company!

Dec 02, 2011 12:07 pm

I completely agree. I tried to complain about the quality and got nowhere. The automatic approval stinks as it comes in through your junk email and if not read within 48 hours it is approval automatically! Therefore no comeback. I have spent weeks complaining about the quality of the scuplting as it does not look anything like the photos supplied. Course the icing on the cake today when the product was delivered it has a chip on the front of the figure !


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