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In June this year, I bought a voucher from Groupon I want to let you know about the problems I have been having with a company I bought a voucher from through Groupon for 1MiniMe bobbleheads. I purchased the voucher and put it towards getting a custom made bobblehead for my fathers 60th birthday in October 2011.

I finally received the order in September 2011, only to find they had sent me the completely wrong order. The only method of communication 1Minime has is via email, there is no telephone number. I emailled them and they said they would re-make my order immediately, I still havent received it. My fathers birthday passed, they still had mearly £100 of my money and have had it since June this year. I had to buy him another present.

I thought I could give him it for Christmas instead, I have emailled them time and time again and kept getting the same response, that it was going to be despatched that week - it never arrived.

I asked for some money back as compensation as I am now having to buy my Father another Christmas present and they refunded the whole amount. I emailled them asking when I could expect delivery of my order only to find out that they have cancelled my order. Nobody from 1Minime mentioned that the order would be cancelled. They claimed the bobblehead was ready for dispatch, I said I wanted the order and would pay for it again but they wont re-instate the order - I havent got a leg to stand on, Each time I email, I get a reply from a different member of their company.

It is unacceptable for them to have my money for 6 months, its unacceptable that there is no telephone number for them and unacceptable that I have received such shoddy service. After six months of emails and chasing my order, I have nothing to show for it.

I thought you should be aware what kind of company 1Minime are.


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Aug 31, 2016 5:30 am

Last November I paid $330 for a custom bubbleheads. They never delivered them and will not answer my emails...They are based in China and don't care about not give them your money

They are thieves


9 months after we ordered the bobblehead and we have not received the bobblehead! They will not give us our money back! This is a Chinese company that doesn't care if they piss you off. If you enjoy being ripped off then by all means...give them your money

Haaaaaaa! good answer Cary!

Feb 23, 2013 3:43 am
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I have the same issue dating back May2012, I have not received my item to date! I'm in the USA, They are based in China, reason for the high shipping cost. Some helpful info, I reported 1minime to a sister company of Better Business Bureau (USA based) that does investigations to companies based in other countries (like 1minime). You'd have to complete some info but I think it's all worth the effort to getting our money back.

PLEASE REPORT 1minime to:

Feb 11, 2013 5:41 am
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I strongly disagree with all the comments posted here. My personal experience is that I purchase bobblehead through groupon. And I get delivery on time with 100% perfect bobblehead which I required, and I was send them pic with pose. I strongly recommended that don't believe any one and just try once and feel about the service. I am guaranteed that you are also satisfied with bobblehead product as like me.

Mine took 12 1/2 months and supposedly was lost twice and ended up looking nothing like the pictures sent. I could not even get the company to understand i wanted my son in the American Football Unform, which was one of their standard forms.

Jul 20, 2012 3:27 pm

DON'T ORDER FROM 1MINIME! Complete junk! Placed an order in December 2011, still haven't receved it. The molding in the photos they posted doesn't look like the pictures I sent them. They don't seem to be able to grasp the concept of a black person, the skin color in their samples remained white no matter how many times I told them it was wrong.


I am also experiencing the same problem! They have had my $$ since November and it's now May! I still have not received my product. I e-mail and e-mail and was offered to just refund my shipping $$ and send no product at all! So they get to keep my money and I get $5.00 back?!?! What can be done at this point? Isn't this theft?

May 15, 2012 6:31 am

I ordered some of these on Groupon, thought they would be a cool gift. What garbage and a huge disappointment. None of them looked anything like the pics, the golfer and tennis player couldn't even hold onto their respective weapons (racquet and golf club). One of them are at such an odd angle, it just stairs at the ground, the only way to see the face of it would be dropping to your knees. Worst of all when I contacted the company, I got no response. Oh, and did I mention they took almost a year to get completed. Anyone looking to purchase these beware. THEY SUCK.

May 09, 2012 9:40 pm
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God, I wish I read these before! This has been a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I ordered a Couple Bobble head for my husband for our wedding anniversary . After 4 months and the heads not even looking like us, turns our the heads don't bobble even though I ordered it. this wound up costing me $200 and it looks like it will actually cost them $2.00 since they probably use child labor there!

Apr 10, 2012 9:51 am

I've waited since JANUARY 15th for mine and I just got the WRONG ORDER! If anybody received my MOOSE HUNTER bobble head PLEASE POST!

Mar 30, 2012 6:57 am

By the way, I filed a dispute through PayPal for not receiving my item, and oddly enough they said that my dispute didn't qualify but that I should continue to work through things with the seller in the hopes that it would get resolved. Okayyyy. Thanks for nothing, PayPal!

Mar 30, 2012 6:17 am

Thanks for posting this. I've been waiting for my bobblehead since Oct. 25. It's now March 30 and my dealings with them have been horrible. They're incredibly unprofessional. It's such a scam.

Mar 22, 2012 9:20 pm
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This was my step-by-step procedure:
1. Contact Groupon to get a refund on your Groupon vouchers you used. They did refund me the full amount back to my credit card. Call them directly [protected] Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm CST

2. File a complaint through E-CONSUMER. Under
Details to enter under “Your Complaint”:
Name of company: Unitune Concept Ltd
Email address: [email protected]
Street Address:
Loft 806 in Capitol Center
5-19 Jardine’s Bazaar
City: Causeway Bay
Country: Hong Kong

Company Contact Person: David Garneau
Company phone: Country Code: HONG KONG- 852 Phone Number: [protected]

Type of Transaction: Other—Explain in comments field
Problem Encountered: Defective/Poor quality

Additional Comments (edit as you please, but this is what I wrote):
1minime claims itself as a company that produces self portrait customized bobbleheads of its customers. But it is forcing and manipulating customers to accept poor quality products -- the dolls DO NOT look like its customer’s submitted photos, and passing it off as 100% handmade.

It also claims that the user is able to comment and reject the sculptures until the user is 100% satisfied with the production. However, after the 5th modification, user is needed to pay another fee of $15 for further modification-- clearly manipulative of its terms.

From it's Facebook site: "1minime is selling handmade 3D statues of yourself, shipped directly to your door in 72H."

Ironically it has a clause
"Every modification requested by the customer will add 1 week to the delivery time. "

This has resulted in months of production time and most customers have not been receiving their orders. For the customers who have received their orders, their sculptures look significantly different and absolutely poorly produced. Contact with the merchant’s representative David Garneau ([email protected]) have resulted in rude customer service and he has refused a refund. Their conduct of business has been misleading and unethical, leaving customers with substandard service and products.

For Paypal Resolution centre:

Enter the same details as above, edit if necessary!

Mar 21, 2012 9:49 am

First, it took 4 months for me to get my mini me and it DOES NOT look like me. They send you a picture of the sculpture before going into the painting process for approval, and I decline the first job they did because I did not look nothing like me and it took them a month to "re-do" and I would swear it was the same scuplture. They did a shotty job and it was very expensive. $60.00 Plus shipping and taxes, down the drain. DO NOT ORDER, from this company. Its a rip-off and it comes from and made from CHINA! I will NEVER order from these people again. Waste of my money!

Mar 19, 2012 4:25 pm

We also ordered one through a voucher purchased through Groupon. Yes they do not have any respect towards the orders as soon they receive your many. The only means of communication is via email. Seems they are operating outsite US and thus you always see 24hrs delay for any reply. They finally sent the sculpture with many refusals after three months and do not resemble to the picture I sent. There customer service seems mostly thought to say, we are sorry, we do not have any other option now. It was already done. I wasted my money, please you do not waste your money again. -- Rao

Mar 16, 2012 12:03 pm

I too ordered from this company via Groupon, and had bad experiences. I'll be brief:
1) Poor quality -- Mine looks like the photo, but the paint job is shabby. You can see lines, and you can see through the yellow paint in places. This would be great if I were trying to trick people into thinking that I made it, since I am not a good sculptor... As a product bought from a company, and shipped... POOR QUALITY.
2) I ordered the product Early December, received mid March. 4 month turn around time, was advertised as 2 month.
3) Came damaged. I would normally fault the shipper, not the manufacturer, but it came in a UPS pouch with no label to indicate that it is fragile, but the inner packaging said "fragile" on it. Maybe if you put the word "fragile" on the outer carton, the shipper would treat it as such? I fixed this thing with glue. Its not like some visible glue marks are going to make the shabby product any worse.
4) Outsourced labor -- These are made in China, as seen by the return shipping address in Guangzhou province. I guess I don't care much about this, but for "handcrafted goods", which are then outsourced ... a $60 price tag is pretty steep. The handmade trinkets you can buy at any tourist trap in Mexico cost about $5, so I'm confused about the markup. OK, I'm not confused, I just wish the quality was better. This thing looks like an art-school drop out sculpted it...
4) $30 shipping charge. This negates the Groupon deal, which was advertised as $60, 1/2 off -- its actually just free shipping.

Mar 08, 2012 8:18 pm

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I ordered from them on Oct. 25, 2011. It's now March 8, 2012 and I still haven't received my doll even though I paid for EXPRESS service! And every time they send me a photo to "approve" their work, they haven't listened to my instructions at all and I have to send them email after email repeating the specifications of my initial order. They have no phone number to contact and half the time they don't return my emails. The doll looks terrible so far. I have little hope, after all this grief, that I'll even get something worthwhile. And they won't refund my money for taking so long, because their fine print says that they can take as long as they want and there are no guarantees as to when you'll get your doll. What kind of service is that?! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! I sent all this info to Groupon, who I got a 1minime coupon from, and Groupon say they won't be dealing with the company any longer because of their poor service.

This company sucks! I bought a Groupon to get a bobble head made. First of all they don't tell you that you will need to pay an additional $40 for shipping! Second, I placed my order on January 6 and I still have not heard anything back. I emailed them. A week later they replied saying they usually get back to you with step one of the process after 4-5 weeks. It has now been 6 weeks so I emailed again to ask for an ETA of step one. The response:

We are sorry to not be able to tell you the exact date of the finitino of first step. You will receive an email indicating the confirmation of it. :)
Support Department

What the hell! This was supposed to be a birthday present! Guessing that won't happen now. Go elsewhere. This company is a complete rip off and I am wondering if I will ever get the product I paid for.

Feb 16, 2012 11:45 pm

Attempted to place an order several times; their website crashed; wouldn't process etc. I sent email (s) and received no response. Tried to place order again last week however, Groupon expired on 02/09/12. I asked them to honor the original coupon value since I could not place my order due to problems on their website. Response I received back was this: Dear,

We are very sorry. Your voucher is now expired and as stated in the conditions, your voucher value is now the amount you paid for purchasing the voucher. For example if you paid 30US$ for a 60$ voucher, your voucher is now worth 30US$

Support Department

Feb 01, 2012 9:22 am

I am having similar problems. I also got a group on voucher back in october 2011. I am still waiting for my order... They showed me what it looked like after they had painted it, and it looked nothing of the sort. My farther is white Caucasian, this looked Asain. They agreed and said would start again. They showed me pictures of the new face model, and I gave some small adjustment notes like hair line, nose size etc, and since then my model has never passed the face modelling stage. I emailed them a few weeks ago telling them that this was a joke! They said they would put me on a hot list and that I would receive my model within a month. That has passed and my model is still at the face modelling stage. It has now been over 18 weeks since I handed money over to them and still they have given nothing to show for it! Its a joke! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Jan 16, 2012 4:28 am
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this company is awful- I ordered 4 statues 12/10/11- I get an email today 1/15/12 saying everyone is on holiday until 1/30/12- I received 2 updates of what the "artists" have done and they looked NOTHING like the pictures I sent. I most likely will not receive these "christmas" gifts until May- DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THESE CROOKS

Jan 04, 2012 5:56 am

I've also been having MAJOR problems with this company. I paid $10 extra to have unlimited communication with the artists, but could not get a response after several attempts to communicate with them. They then just pushed ahead the project to the painting phase without my consent. I've tried sending several emails but they refuse to take any responsibility for anything. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

Dec 23, 2011 1:40 pm

I agree that these models aren't perfect, but I wasn't expecting that. What I did expect was for my model to come with glasses as my in my photo. They told me that I should have specifically pointed this out to them! At each stage of validation you are specifically asked to comment on the shape and colour. I asked them if they could send on the glasses or where I could purchase them, to which I received a defensive response. Clearly they need glasses!

I recently received my order from VERY disappointed. There was a visible paint flaw on the face of one of the figures--where it looks like a paint touchup using a different shade of paint. The other figure was poorly painted on the torso (leaving blank spots) and there were scuffed paint marks. Also, the base did not allow for attachment of the two figures. Apparently, according to their response email, this would "ruin the beauty of the piece". They are SUPOSSED to be attached! They don't stand up on their own!

I emailed them re: these issues--and their response: "this is a handmade product, and you can't be assured of the quality of a factory made item. Here's a $5 paypal credit". I paid over $180 USD for the statue and shipping--and they offered $5 as compensation through paypal? I don't even HAVE a paypal account! UNACCEPTABLE!

Do not waste your time or your money with this company. They have shoddy customer service--and the items are passable at best.

Dec 11, 2011 7:06 am

We recieved our Bobble heads. But did not look like any of the pictures i sent in. Save your money go else where. Cant complain to them neither.


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