1800SkyrideScam and cheating


This company consists of nothing but CROOKS! Almost two years ago, I bought my dad a $350 hot air balloon ride as a Christmas gift. I was more excited to give it to him than anything in the world...Since that day, we have schedule appointment after appointment after appointment with SkyRide. Not a single time has a reservation actually been made on their end. 99% of the time you cannot even reach anyone at their main number. If you call the customer service number, they have no record of your reservation - just conveniently of your payment. They have not once returned any call and there is currently no supervisor, CEO, higher authority whatsoever that exists, according to the customer service reps. This place is an absolute trap. Upon scheduling the dates/times (after several attempts to reach a human being), we were told the reservation was made. After calling the flight location, they have no record at all of our reservation. Call SkyRide back... no record of anything! Shocker. Best part is - you demand a refund and their response is "that is not part of our terms and conditions". My response: "how many of your customers ACTUALLY FLY or redeem their gifts/purchases?" This place makes me so mad I can't even see straight. A gift dear to me to my father ended up being unused, non-refundable under any circumstances, and an absolute scam. I am convinced this company provides absolutely no service other than collecting your money. I will be sure to file a complaint with BBB. If nothing else, it will add more ammunition for us all to do something about 1800ScamRide and prevent anyone else from going through the same misfortune.

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