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1800skyride is a rip off. I had made a reservation on Jan 20, 2007 for May 6, 2007 for a hot air balloon ride in San Antonio for six people. I never received a call from the piolt 24 hours prior to flight time. So I call 1800SKYRIDE only to find out that there was never going to be a balloon ride-there was no piolt!! I talked to a guy named Chris. He said that there was not a pilot and if I wanted a refund to contact Emily at [protected] I did that on May 5, 2007. I still haven't gotten a response from Emily. So yesterday May 28, 2007 and today and I have called and talked to a Ryan. He assured me that there will be a hot air balloon ride in San Antonio. When I asked him questions about the pilot, he was very evasive. I started out asking for Emily. All I got was her voicemail. Of course she hasn't returned my phone call. Alot of money has been spent for what we thought was a mother and daughter event. Now it has been ruined. All we want is to get a full refund. Anyone looking for a fun time needs to stay away from 1800SKYRIDE.


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    Maria Dec 27, 2007

    This company ruined my husband and daughters Christmas present. I made plans on December 21st for a Balloon Ride for December 29th. I was told by the represenative that someone would be contacting me within 48 hours and I never heard a single thing. I did however get the information of which balloon service that they would be using in the area the night I made the purchase and decided to call the local company personally to get all dates, locations to meet, and information for the date of the flight and was told ,"Nobody has contacted me, and I"m completely booked". This company debited my card in the amount of $456.00 and time after time, call after call, I was given the run around and was either put on hold or got a answering machine. This company is a BIG SCAM. NOBODY EVERY USE for anything unless you want to be the next victim. Also, they do have a lawsuit pending in Atlanta coming up soon and I would suggest everyone that deserves justice contact them to get in on the suit. Information regarding the details of the pending suit can be found in the following website provided below.

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    Tami SLoan Feb 02, 2008

    I also have had trouble with 1-800-skyride! My husband was diagnosed with a terminal disease in June of '05. HE bought us a Balloon ride for two as a Christmas Present for me in '05. We tried three times in two different states to set this up each time no call and no ride! When my husband was getting sicker we tried to change it to a Bed and Breakfast, they said no problem it was one of their other ?Adventures?! They never sent us that information either! Now my husband has passed away and we can no longer make this memory together. I spoke to Richard, Allen, Emily, Franklin, Micheal and finally my last attempt to Nick--no luck they tell you one thing yet NEVER follow through!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM THEY ARE A RIP OFF.............Not only did I lose my husband but I also lost the one memory he wanted so bad to make for us.

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