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This company runs websites claiming to be in every metropolitan city in America and the are now adding websites that even claim to be located at the more rural areas and towns. If another skydive center or "Adventure" type sports venues builds a website, within a very few days, 1800 skyride will pop up with a new website claiming to be in either the same location as the company who's website they have cloned or they will be advertising to be within a very shot distance of the legitimate company. They sell fraudulent gift certificates for Skydive Centers that don't exist. For example, The real "Bowling Green Skydiving Center" who's website is spelled the same is located at the Russellville/Logan Co. Airport, located about 20 minutes south of Bowling Green, Kentucky. The 1800skyride website is "Skydiving Bowling Green" in which they will not tell a perspective customer where they are located until after they have charged your credit card a $50 cancellation fee and a $50 bad weather insurance fee. They then tell the customer that they are located in Cedartown, Ga. That's a five hour ride from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

They are doing these same advertising tactics all over the country in every state in America including Alaska. They also have websites that claim to be a skydive center that serves a whole state, ie; "Tennessee Skydiving Center", "Kentucky Skydiving Center", "Skydive Ohio" and even "Skydive Utah"
The best advise I can give is to be sure where a Skydive Center is located before you spend any money. If they will not tell you without first asking where you are located, you are probably talking to 1800Slyride.

Any reputable Skydive Center will either have the location with directions on their home page, or they will at least have a "Button" or link that will take you to a page that has the location and directions to their Skydive Center.

Buyer be very aware!!!


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      Jun 07, 2008

    i have gotten screwed by 1800skyride my wife bought me a gift certificate for skydiving from 1800 skyride and when se was buying it the told her there were places in CT and MA i live in RI so she said not to far to travel well when i called to maek and appointment to skydive the only place was in the middle of PA i had words wit hthem then they told me to F---K OFF and those were the work the punky kid said is there any help i can get to get my money back is there a way they can be held accountable

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