1800Skyridedidnt get what i paid for


I saved for a round a year to give my grand children a gift that there gradnpa really wanted them to have. i made him a promish that i woudl make sure they got there ride. he didnt live long enough to see it happen. and iam so glad that he didnt see the mess i got into with this outfit. they took my money but i couldnt get the rides from any one with there certificate. once you tell the place you have threr certificate they wont take them. so what happend was i had to take out a quick loan to pay again because we were all together . at place thatwas booked for us until i showed the cards. what was i to do . we were there i barrowed money . i call and asked for a refund and they said never do they give a refund. god help them when they hit 68 live on a limited income but want to fill a promish. how do they sleep at night. i cant worring how i am to live till i pay this back. i have to pretend that every thing is all right because i dont want my family to think i am at that point i9n life to be watchedover. thank for reading this . be carefull who you do business with.

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