ZInstall HDDRefusal of Refund


I purchased ZInstall HDD for $49, but it did not work, it did not transfer any of my applications. I contacted ZInstall who told me I had purchased the wrong product, because apparently one of my drives is a solid state drive (SDD). They said I should have purchased the Zinstall Computer Rescue Kit, which is $169. But I am not rescuing a broken hard drive that it states as the product's purpose is on their website, so I feel the product is misnamed and having to pay more that 3 times the price is a bait-and-switch tactic in my opinion. So I asked ZInstall for a refund based on their advertised 100% guarantee, but they gave me the runaround and have not answered my refund request which I have made 4 times.


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    Lupin100 Aug 31, 2014

    I fell into exactly the same trap!
    For a start, I had lots of trouble getting the old and new computers to connect with each other via Ethernet cable, and also in disabling all the antivirus/firewall programs, only then to find that Zinstall WinWin doesn't work if your new computer has Windows pre-installed on a Solid State Drive. A pretty poor show since it's very common these days for manufacturers to put Windows on a separate small SSD in order to give fast boot-up times. Eventually I've been given the option to upgrade (at additional price) to Zinstall Rescue Kit which will supposedly handle SSDs and HDDs in one system.
    I shall probably just bite the bullet and purchase the upgrade, since the original WinWin purchase would be completely wasted otherwise. I must say that I feel rather cheated by the whole experience, as these programs are very expensive and are only "single-use".
    Zinstall should put a clear indication on their website that their WinWin application is not suitable for systems with SSDs.

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