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Zeta Global purchased the Disqus chat platform in 2017.
At that time Zeta and Disqus promised to start removing "toxic hate speech"
Off and on they have made a minimum effort to keep this promise. Two weeks ago they increased those efforts however those efforts have not included users who are friends with Disqus employees.
These users who are friends with employees are allowed to freely abuse other users without repercussions. As of now there have been hundreds of accounts suspended for simply disagreeing with those who are friends of Disqus employees. The users who are friends with Disqus employees have hundreds of complaints against their abusive behavior all over the internet.
Anyone who is looking for a chat platform should be aware that along with using the Disqus platform will come biased decisions by employees if a user they are friends with makes a complaint. If such a complaint is made you will find your account and access removed without notice.

Apr 22, 2019
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  • Ga
      Apr 23, 2019

    Ms Allen,
    This is very accurate reporting of a deeply troublesome and very long running problem on the disqus platform.
    One of the biggest problem spots is the personal bias and favoritism between Disqus Corporate low level management employees and certain posters in a special group called The All Stars, it was a special program invented by Saeed Oday that was ended a couple years ago but the membership of the program still carry the characteristic Gold Stars next to their IDs and still think of themselves as the golden children or the chosen ones and behave accordingly - like spoiled children

    Some of the more prominant characters in question can be found here, note the special Gold Stars next to their name denoting them as Disqus favorites -

    Gold Star
    Poster: G Martini
    Profile link:
    Sample comment:
    Eat :hankey::hankey::hankey: 5h1tbag... half of the :hankey::hankey::hankey: ... you need attention and I just gave you some, 5h1tbag.
    Sample comment 2:
    Excerpt: ... I did like a few of the gifs. Wishbone, Terd, and Penix gifs were quite funny.

    Gold Star
    Poster: Your Coccyx - Channel owner
    Profile link:
    Sample comment:
    Excerpt: ...said the [censored]bag who has 500+ fake personalities!... LMAO at that [censored].

    No gold star but still a favored friend.
    Poster: Captaincommonsense
    Profile link:
    Sample comment:
    Excerpt: Greenie and it's cohort are hoppin' mad.
    Stan's laughing and posting t1t5.
    megadolt Reeree Circus is foaming, frothing and furiously fe114ting... those who are [censored]1ng and whining... you miserable little b45t5rd.

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  • Go
      May 17, 2019

    Since y'all hate Disqus so much and spend hours whining about it, why do you post comments there? Masochist much or you just like to whine?

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  • Ga
      May 20, 2019

    @gorgaM Hi Gorge,
    Who said anything about hating anything?
    People like to talk and they don't like having their speech suppressed, that's one of the biggest reasons that the United States Constitution is so valuable, to protect United States citizen's rights, Disqus allows people's right to free speech to be violated while still claiming it's tax exemptions for being a social media platform. Disqus is supposed to provide equal access for all but has a bias against conservative voices
    You, for one seem to enjoy your freedom of speech and take pretty good advantage of your right to it in your whining about the supposed whining of others.
    The problem of the suppression of speech is so prevalent in social media that President Trump has created a "tech bias story reporting tool".
    If you're going to whine about other people's supposed whining then maybe you should report their whining to the president, he may lend you as much credence as some of the people that have read your comment.
    You wouldn't happen to be one of those type of people that believes that they're entitled to something that they would deny others, are you?

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