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Your Better Tomorrow / C&R Marketing Complaints & Reviews

Your Better Tomorrow / C&R Marketing / unauthorized card charges

Nov 04, 2017

On 10/02/17 I authorized a $1.95 shipping charge for a cd that was advertised as free with shipping. I received the free cd. I only discovered that I was also billed $84.97 on 10/02/17 when I looked up my netspend card balance on 11/04/17. I did not authorize this additional payment to "your...

Your Better Tomorrow / educational cds

Jul 05, 2017

Deceptive advertising & theft by deception - these folks enroll you into a scam by enticing you to by a $1.98 cd and then billing your credit card on the monthly basis for $84.97. By the time you realize you've been had, they have gotcha. No refunds available. There are 222 complaint...

YourBetterTomorrow / unethical behaviour

May 09, 2017

The only better tomorrow anyone is getting from these people is themselves. I ordered a cd and in the meantime received 3 more at $85.00. I called the service number and explained that my mother was dying and i was unable to use them and respectfully asked for a refund. They refused even...

Your Better Tomorrow / stop smoking cd

Apr 30, 2017

I ordered a free stop smoking cd and just paid the shipping and handling for $4.95 in April 2017. I never received the cd and was charged $84.97 from my bank to Your Better Tomorrow. When I called on 4/21 they said I was eligible for a refund and I needed to send back the cds they sent to...

Your Better Tomorrow / "free" quit smoking cd

Apr 18, 2017

Major SCAM!! ordered a "FREE" Quit Smoking CD and was charged $84.97 Called several times, on hold for over an hour each time, even called about an hour before they open and stayed on hold for an hour after they opened, no one ever took the call, it just keeps repeating "Your call is next in...

Your Better Tomorrow / charges to my account a scam of a lifetime

Apr 11, 2017

I must be still living in the past. Where you get what you order and not get racked over the coals. They did not wait long to send things I did not order. I think they do this for the young and older groups. One because we do not read or can not see the so called fine print. The dates are...

Your Better Tomorrow / Hypnotherapy cd

Mar 16, 2017

on 3/4/17, I ordered a free Stop Smoking CD, and paid the shipping and handling charge of $1.99 with my credit card. Today/3/16/17, I see on my daily bank statement that a charge to my bank account is pending for "Your Better Tomorrow" for $84.97. I did not agree to this charge and will be...

Your Better Tomorrow / Your better tomorrow

Mar 07, 2017

I ordered my no smoking hypnotis tape for $1.99 and then they sent me another tape and charged to my account over$ 89.00. These people are nothing but thieves. I tried calling to no avail. Better business needs to shut them down for fraud. They will have taken out of my account is over two...

Your Better Tomorrow / Refund Policy, Legal Scam Company

Jul 12, 2016

I ordered the 1.99 CD, got it. Credit card was charged 84.97, not once but 3 times and they sent other CD's that I did not order. When I caught this I found that they had been charging my account monthly for 84.97 after calling and fighting with them since June 2016 they are finally...

Your Better Tomorrow / Self hypnosis/quitting smoking.

Apr 12, 2016

Back in Feb. 20 2016 I purchased online how to use self hypnosis to quit smoking. cost of 1.99 plus s/h. On mar. 2 i was nailed again for 84.95 from this company charged to my debit card. And again 84.95 April 2 from this company for another charge to my debit card. I tried calling them... / Unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 16, 2015

I ordered a cd that was 1.99 in October 2015, the charge of 1.99 was on my November credit card statement, my November 2015 statement shows a charge of 84.97. I called the credit card company to dispute the charge and was informed that the charge was again posted to my account for December...

YourBetterTomorrow / Quit soking cd

Oct 06, 2015

Late yesterday afternoon I filled this out and submitted it to you. I told you I have emails but don't know how to send them to you and asked you to provide me with an address or email address. What I didn't do was provide you with my information and so here it is. Beverlee Tramontin 602...

Your Better Tomorrow / Hypnotherapy CDs

Aug 31, 2015

I ordered the stop smoking CD sometime in mid-July and was surprised at how quickly it came. A short time later, I received a box of more CDs which I refused and returned the next day. I expected them to credit my Visa card but the new bill came today (8-30-15) with charges of $84.97. I...

Your Better Tomorrow Stop Smoking Cd / Better Tomorrow Stop Smoking CD

Aug 29, 2015

I ordered a CD for 1.99 and got the CD on 8/17/15 and they charged my account on August 27, 2015 84.79. You call and they do not answer try to get you for more. All I want is my money back in my account and this need to be stop, they need to be in jail.

Your Better Tomorrow / Scam Artists

Aug 19, 2015

These thieves got hold of my bank card number around the beginning of August, 2015 when I ordered a CD regarding smoking cessation. A week or so later I received more CDs regarding weight loss (?) that I don't need/want - charged me $84.97 on my bank card. After immediately cancelling my... / Scam

Aug 11, 2015

These people took 85. 00 out of my acct without my permission, when you call you get a recording. No talking to a real person. I want my money back and to cancel this scam now. Sincerely Kahreon porchia

Your Better Tomorrow / unauthorized charges

Jun 19, 2015

I, too, was charged 84.97 from this company who sent me a cd, which I agreed to and three days later, they charged my acct. 84.97 for some cds I did not order. I called to cancel, but now I have to pay their shipping charges and the cost to return it. My acct. was overdrawn because of thi...

Your Better Tomorrow / Refund not processed after 4 months

Dec 02, 2014

This company offers a almost free CD that is suppose to help you stop smoking and when you order it and pay the shipping you must agree to the "terms". Deep, deep down in the "terms" it states you agree to an auto ship sign-up when you click "agree to the terms". This company is a very...

Your Better Tomorrow / unauthorised charges

Nov 03, 2014

did not order any cds from them. they sent them anyway and billed my credit card. When you call their [protected] number...the message is distorted and you can't understand it and can't get ahold of a real person. in the process of contesting the charges and returning the merchandise. These people should be in jail

Your Better Tomorrow / Cannot get my promised &partial& refund

Sep 17, 2014

Returned items as per the instructions and in the time frame required. I contacted the company to make sure the package had been received at their facility and when to expect a refund. "Rona" the person I spoke with on [protected] first said to allow 15 business days. [protected] no refund...

Your Better Tomorrow / scam/ripoff

Sep 10, 2014

i bought a $2 CD to stop smoking on the internet. Since i got that CD i get a bunch others i didn't ask for and you've been hitting my credit card repeatedly for these CDs i want to return them. I have since been to my banj=k and had to cancel my credit card so you can't get...

Your Better Tomorrow / refuse to offer refund

Jul 03, 2014

Same complaint as other customers - received "free" cd for Hypnotherapy to stop smoking. The "fine Print" in Terms and Conditions states that you will automatically be enrolled to receive 4 cd's every four weeks and credit card billed $84.97. Cannot just write "return to...

Your Better Tomorrow / SCAM: Fraudulent Charge

Jun 07, 2013

YOUR BETTER TOMORROW IS A SCAM!!! Do not have anything to do with them! They charged me $74.97 even though I had followed their Terms & Conditions exactly as they were stated. When I spoke to the person there, he told me that that didn't matter because I had already been charged. I...

Your Better Tomorrow / Fraudulent advertising

Jun 06, 2013

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM www,! These people are SCAM ARTISTS with a capital S-C-A-M---A-R-T-I-S-T-S! This is what happened to me: I ordered a free CD that was supposed to cost $1.99 for shipping and handling --- next thing I knew, I was charged $74.97 for some CD...

Your Better Tomorrow / There is no way to get out of this scam!

Jun 05, 2013

Your Better Tomorrow offers a stop smoking cd for $1.99. Then 2 days later they bill you for $74.97 saying that you agreed to a monthly enrolment and if you cancel they still bill you. There is no way to get out of this scam!