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microsoft lic

They call barely able to speak english, and claim they are from micro soft and that my lic have expired on my...

customer using your services under an alias and committing sexual harassment & attempting to commit identity frauds!

Man emailed me saying I was approved for a loan & claimed to be a branch manager for CashnetUSA. I immediately noticed the number he put in the email was not a normal corporate 800 or 888 number. Suddenly the number calls me several times. I answered once and he was saying that he was employed by CashnetUSA and he needed to verify some information before he could direct deposit the loan. When I asked him to provide documentation of his employment status with CashnetUSA, he repeatedly asked me for the last 4 digits of my social security. I finally hung up & he proceeded to call me 34 times despite me dismissing the call each time (RED FLAG - NO PROFESSIONAL WOULD CALL AN INDIVIDUAL BACK LIKE THAT REPEATEDLY) When I got sick of his repeated calls I answered and he proceeded to speak the most disgusting sexual things to me, saying "i wanna [censored] you so hard, " "My di** is rock-hard, can you sit on it, " & much more until my husband got on the line and began threatening the mans life and the man's mothers life. We did file a police report for sexual harassment & attempt to commit fraud. After doing a reverse number look up, the phone number is associated with a man named Kelvin Subber, 44 years old, supposedly from Austin TX. However the number is traced back to Dekalb, Illinois with an "unknown owner" but service by Y-MAX communications!

  • Updated by Samantha Windham · Nov 14, 2018

    The phone number is 779-400-0615. It lists no owners name, but when you check it on the background check sites, it says it is associated with a Kelvin Subber, 44 years old, from Austin TX. YES he has a criminal background.

saying they will give me a loan

They said they would give me a loan for 7500 but because my credit score is so low they would have to get...

repeated calls

Repeated calls to my cell phone. Tonight it was 2 in less than an hour. hour. Last time I pocked up there wa...

spam calls

I am on a do not call list. I am getting calls from [protected]. This number shows you are the carrier. I...

saying I have four pending legal issues

Received a call from 854 area code thing I have for pending legal actions against me and that I need to call...

fraud sexual abuse call

I just received a voicemail from this number [protected]. The prerecorded message said if I didn't call...

phone calls

I keep getting a recording wanting me to call a number back. It says that I have done something illegal and...

irs impersonation

Left a digitized message on my answering service. Crime investigation unit of IRS. The reason you are...

Scam artist

I went to one of the dating sites and met a man I thought would be perfect for me. We talked for several...


This morning i received phone call from those scammers phone # +[protected].They told me they are from investigation company and i owe debt and i will go to jail.How is that sound.I asked for what?And when I said I'm going to call to the Federal Trade Commission she said have fun in jail and hang up on me.I tried to call back this number and I hear only messages so I guess I'm already on their black list now.I just don't understand how this is happening now, with all the technologies we have we still have those kind of harassment ?!

Mediate for me with the IRS

David Webb called saying that I should have received notice that the IRS was taking me to court in two day...


I was harassed for 3 days straight! First they would call and hang up. Then they pretended to be from a...

Harassment calls fraudulent request for money

Update we call my phone constantly and then leave voicemails on my voicemail and tell me to paris st might...

total harassment

This am my 93 yr old father answered the phone and some horrid guy with a accent told him hes in major...

Threatening Harassing phone call

This guy calls me claiming he is from the Legal Department of the Treasury Department. The phone number he called from was [protected]. When I did the reverse phone look up it said the number was from the YMAX corporation. I can barely understand him because of his strong accent. He tells me that I owe $4000 to the IRS from 2009. I asked him how come I was not notified directly by the IRS. He asked me who filed my taxes in 2009 and told me they were sending the letters to the company I used to file my taxes. But yet he didn't know who the company was. He then told me that a warrant for my arrest was being issued and the local authorities were going to come to my door. I hung up on him!!! I think he was hoping I would either give him my credit card information or my SS#. NOTTTTTT! I feel sorry for anyone who falls for these scams. If he calls me back I'm going to cuss them out!

mark Smith

A man with a foreign accent called my cell phone, stated he was an IRS agent, and we owed money and a warrant...

False Pretending to be the IRS

I received a call from Edward Siliman stating that I am going to jail because I owe the IRS back taxes for...


I had a call from [protected], from Publishers Clearinhouse. Telling me to go straight to my bank to get the cash for the taxes I will owe for the money I have won. I was puzzled at how rude the caller was and how he would stay on the line with me until I got to the bank. The accent was also odd- he couldn't properly pronounce the state where i reside. I did a reverse search and showed the Ymax Oration and all of the fraud hits on google. I now have blocked the number from my phone. I am on a do not call list- this is unnerving.

  • Li
    lise johnson Oct 09, 2014

    I came home to a phone msg from a "steve martin" (From india, i assume)
    It says: hi this message is intended to contact you. My name is steve martins. I'm calling regarding enforcement actions executed by us treasury intending. . . (?) ignoring this would be an intentional second attempt to award initial appearance before a registered judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offence. My number is 619 467 1949. I advise you to collaborate (?) with us and to help us tohelp you.

    This is wrong. Has to stop

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  • An
    Annoyed Also Oct 28, 2014

    I had same call coming from (202) 506-9338 Julie Smith impersonating the IRS. I reported them to IRS at when I did a reverse look up on the phone number it came up as Ymax Oration Landline in Beltsville, MD. Scammers

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harrassing phone calls to my cell

I have been receiving phone calls on my cell and they say they are from the IRS and also that I have received...

IRS Impersonation/SCAM

These individuals are calling with a "time sensitive" message. They are with the Internal Revenue Service...

phone scam

Just called this number back - [protected] - was told that this was John Jordan with the IRS. He wanted to...


I got a phone call on my cell from [protected]. A mr. Brown with a very heavy accent said he was from...


This number-[protected]-Washington DC has been calling my land line for at least 3 weeks pretending...

Claimed to be IRS

I received two calls from the above number on April 23, 2014 and two threatening messages from Ymax Comms Corp. The man had an accent so thick it was difficult to understand completely, but this much was clear-it was a scam. In both messages the man said his name was Daniel Martin and he was with the Special Investigations Division of the IRS. He said he was calling for my ex-husband and if my ex tried to ignore the calls he would be arrested and stripped of his property and assets! I called them back after the second threatening message and the man who picked up the phone said his name was Phillip, but he had the same ridiculous accent as the one who left the messages. I told him that he had the wrong number and if he continued to call my number I would...he abruptly hung up and I was unable to finish my threat. Why haven't these ### been put out of business. Pretty sure that it is a felony to impersonate an employee of the federal government and if it isn't it should be with a death penalty sentence. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE THESE ###S SERIOUSLY OR GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OR MONEY. My only regret is that the little coward hung-up. I had an awesome response that would have had this slimy little slug looking over his shoulder for weeks to come. The best way to take down a cowardly thieving bully is to be a bigger bully-sad that our justice system is so overloaded with garbage that the attorney general's offices in the states and at the federal level have become useless.

  • Le
    Legal Queen Jul 08, 2014

    They are calling and leaving a voicemail telling me to call back to avoid further legal action. I have no idea who or what they represent.

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  • Lx
    lxb Jul 24, 2014

    Fortunately I haven't had the grief I have seen here. They hung up when we answered. However the information I received is a Fort Worth location or a spoof of that number. Could this be a new location?

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  • Pi
    Pissedofffool Nov 20, 2014

    They totally got me for 1470.00 and was after a total of 2800.00 I can't believe I fell for it. I am very street smart, but he caught me at a time that my life was nothing but crazy. He was suppose to collect the balance on 10/31/14 and he tried calling, but I sent him to voice mail . He finally quit calling and I had left a message they were scammers and the Fed was on their trail. Noting then on 11/17/14 he started calling again, but changed his name from the October call. He said I still owed the 1400.00 and I told him no he owed me the money. He tried to explain and I cut him off and said not you need to wire my money to me in the amount of $1, 500.00, because I have already contacted the IRS, the Attorney General's and the FDA and they were hot on his happy little trail. He hung up and now the number just goes straight to voice mail. I left him a message that I was and officer and he need to return my money. My next message will be you better be looking over both shoulders at all times, because we are right behind him and his fraud, scamming low life sons of a ###. Don't fall into this trap... I consider myself very street smart and I fell and I am so mad at myself.

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  • Kv
    K.VINCENZIO Feb 09, 2015

    I received a call today from # (909) 271-9874 from RIALTO, CA. from YMAX COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION. The number was left on my mother's land line which I no longer reside at the address or affiliated with the phone number. I returned "James White" phone call. He had an accent from India. Difficult to understand. Message he had left was threatening. Stating that either myself or my attorney should return the call. In the conversation I had with "MR. WHITE" - He claims he was from the "Investigation Division of the IRS" and that I owed money and there is a WARRANT FOR MY ARREST?????? I am now being told I am to be arrested in 24 Hours?????. I told him he was incorrect in his statements and knew the phone call was a scam and I would be placing formal complaints to the "IRS", ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE ... I was about to say FDA - when "MR.WHITE" abruptly hung up.

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They called my phone number multiple times saying they were with usa advance cash loan and i applied for a...

Ymax Communtications Corp

Loan Scam

To get $8000 loan I was told to put $366 on a Vanilla Reload Network card. Stupidly I did, and was then told...

Harassing/threatening calls

My mother began receiving threatening phone calls from a person that calls himself and immigration officer...

Harrassing calls and threats

Someone from this number had been calling my 81 y / o mom for a week, telling her she'd won $5 million...

Scam for money

Someone from this number called me saying i won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes for $27, 000 and...

Harassment and threats

Call came on my cell phone. The caller id said 911. I answered the call and was told that i was speaking with officer watson from the maryland state police. He said i was going to be arrested today becaus of illegal activity with my ssn and need to call the department of justice immediiately. When i asked for his contact info he told me to just call 911. I asked what barracks he was calling from and he suddenly couldnt hear me. He yelled out a file number and phone number he said was for the doj and i must call or be arrested and he hung up. I did a search on the telephone number and found it to be ymax communications. This must be stopped. They have somehow rigged the called id to come up 911! There has got to be a law about that!

Scamming calls

Caller with very broken English tried to tell me he worked at some place called "WebCash"---it took...


Many many phone calls and messages all times day and night of loan approval but i never put one in now they are calling saying my name and social security number is named in a lawsuit from ny they are calling from a many locations tx, fl, us, unlisted, unknown, ri, co, ny, wa and a few more just came up as [protected]. Messages to call alex rodgers at [protected] ext 209 and you get a recording of a steven franklin to leave name and phone number. It's ymax communications from a landline in longview tx is full of it it's someone who does not understand english well and has a heavy indian accent with loud background. The best calls when nothing is said and they just hang up but you still hear the same background noise or you say hello they say hello then hang up. What is this all about and why can't i get them to stop. . .

  • Fe
    Fed Up in Atlanta Jan 20, 2014

    These people call me every day, sometimes several times even after I have told them to stop! I am on the National No Call List. There is a language barrier so I have trouble understand them. It was a bad connection and they got angry when I told them to stop calling me. I will be reporting them.

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Will not stop calling me

A representative from this number [protected] calls me 3 to 6 times per day at my office where i work. I have asked, begged, repeatedly that they do now call me. I have explained that my job is in jeopardy. My boss has spoken with them and they say they wont call again but yet they do. I am sick of it.

  • Th
    th!sman May 24, 2013


    I would rather you teach them an expensive lesson. They violated federal law by calling you after you told her not to. If you can prove that in a small claims court the miscreant will pay you $1000. You want to make it an expensive lesson engage an attorney that's another $3000+/- they have to pay.

    That's a violation of FDCPA and your rights and you are due about $1000 from them if you can prove that. Be ready for the next call they will almost always violate and you need to capture the evidence as it could be a $$$ windfall for you. Have ready a recorder, camera, pen & paper. When they call again be calm and record the call, photo your call ID then detail who called, when, what said, everything! That's what judges want to see.

    Then tell them verbally to cease and desist calling you per federal law TCPA, etc. If they violate that you are due about $1000 if you prove it.

    Consumer attorneys will take a case on a contingency basis especially if you have collected slam dunk evidence. It's an $3k that's dropping on their desk that's covered by the misbehaving collector/defendant. For a Dave Ramsey endorsed attorney go to (or just search at

    You can also sue pro se it's a simple process and you can get all the help at

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Calling my cell phone without talking

I have had multiple calls from this number [protected] which according to White Pages belongs to YMax...


Ymax either allows their employees to embezzle their money and take money under false pretrenses or their majic jack customers are using the company.
Since september 29th, 2012, i paid $920 to this company with the promise that i would get a loan of $3, 300. 00. It started out paying
$150 for savings then other crap like processing fees, payment to soocial security, cancellation fees etc. By october 15, 2012
I had given them $920 and i was supposed to get a loan of $3, 300. I was promised / guaranteed by mr. Mark becker whose phone number is [protected] that it would be in my bank account within three houors. It is now 2 months later since this started and i have received nothing.
Today, i received a phone call from mr. Mark becker at 5:40 a. M. Asking me why i keep callling him so much. I told him i want my money back and i did not want the loan. Mr. Mark becker told me the only way i could have my money back was to pay another $175. I told him know and he basically stated tough luck as he was not going to give me my money back.
Mr. Mark becker told me this was a cancellation fee of $175. I told him flat out he could not charge me a $175 cancellation fee when it is him that caused this to be cancelled.
A couple of hours later, i called him back and mark becker answered the phone, and i told him by law he cannot charge me a cancellation fee and if he could he would take it out of the $920 that i have given him. Mr. Becker then told me it is this company's law that they can charge a cancellation fee. He again told me to give him another $175 and i would get my money back today. He then hung up on me.
I want this guy mark becker to go to jail and be forced to give me money back. L want my money back now. Mr. Becker claims that the money went to pay my social security bill. Well, i don't know whose social security bill it was because i haven't paid into social securitiy for over 25 years since my employer has their retirement fund.

  • Ya
    yazmama Aug 02, 2013

    We were promised a payday loan of $1, 000. All we had to do was get a cash card for $220 (Plus a 4.95 activation fee) "to guarantee our first payment". We sent them that and after an hour called Mr. Paul Smith, who we had been dealing with and asked where the money was. He told us they couldn't deposit it into our debit account because there was a "600 Hold" on the account and we should do western union. He said we had to pay the fees and it would cost $100. We sent him that and were waiting for the MTC number for Western Union. After waiting over 3 1/2 hours at Western Union for the MTC number and trying to call Mr Smith and got nowhere. After this, my husband came home and continued calling Mr Smith's number only to get a message that he was away from his desk and then it would go to voicemail where you got the message that the mail box was full and the call ended..
    From 6pm yesterday until almost 9pm, we kept calling the number, finally reaching someone named Carl Smith. One point he said Paul Smith had been fired, then he would pick up the phone but not speak. We got a hold of him after trying every 5 min. and things got strange. He started interrogating my husband about things like his age, how long he was married, was it to the same woman, how many children we had. My husband answered his questions and then...hang up. I called back and when he answered when I asked a question, all he did was grunt. This went on for a few minutes then the line went dead. He swore at my husband after he answered a call, wanting to know why he kept calling him. My husband tried to get the "company's name and work hours" and was told the office would be closed until Monday. He refused to give any kind of company name. At this point I went on the laptop and traced the phone number. The number we were calling 786-462-5165 came up listed as belonging to YMax Communiation Corp. After checking them out I found out about the whole MagicJack company being owned by Ymax and still can't figure out why this place dealt in payday advanced.
    So far we are out $325. to them as well as charges from Experian Credit Report as well as "Your score and more", also a company that checks for credit scores that we had to pay.
    It is so frustrating when you put your trust in someone and they poop in your face. We tried asking about our $325. and getting a refund and have been told it couldn't be done until today, next week and a few weeks from now. I had to borrow money from my dad to get through all this. If they think I'm paying any kind of cancellation fee, they have another thing coming. This place should be closed down and put out of business and the owners fined.

    Direct Marketing -$1.00 ($2.17)


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  • Km
    K Marie Sep 19, 2013

    I just was called by this company to get a loan, they sounded so legit. I waited for the money to go into my account after paying them 120.00 by going to get a card, that I then had to give them the pin for them to receive the first payment. By this I was supposed to receive the money in my account. I never got it so I called back to ask where it was. I was given the run around about checking the file and then another guy, the first guys name was Mark and the second was named Mike. I was told I had to pay them 150.00 more to have it sent to me by Western Union. I refused telling them I had no more to send and told them to send me my money back. I also told them I want my money back or I would be calling the police. I located the place the call was coming from by using reverse look up. They had told me on the phone they were in Harrisburg but they are in Scranton. So I will be calling the police or anyone else I can to get them stopped. I demanded my money again and he said he could not send my 120.00 back because it was tied up with some FCC thing. So after reading all of this I see how gullible I was. But live and learn and move on. But I will do everything I can to try to report them and get them stopped.

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  • Ca
    Carl Mote Apr 09, 2014

    I paid 440 dollars to an Erick Foster at 202-241-1297 to receive a 1500 loan for 10 months and never received it. What can I do?

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  • Xo
    xOrissababii Dec 17, 2019

    So a mr. James Foster gave me a call today from 850-615-4241 and i misses it well he left me a voicemail saying he worked for ufc or usc (couldnt tell which he said) loans and that im approved for a loan for yada yada yada so i give him a call back and mind u he sounded semi better more clear and "professional" on the VM well let me tell u when he answered me when i called back he was talking very low and almost muffled like the phone quality was bad on his end i tell him im returning his call and he starts going back into the loan stuff so i stop him and ask him exactly who it is hes looking for and he IMMEDIATELY HANGS UP so i call right back and straight to voicemail as if the phone is off so fbi lil me reverse searched his number it said the name he said but said it was a google voice number and it said it was associated with this ymax company so i immediately googled and here i am cuz white pages usually tells u if its a scam risk and there was no risk on the number but i knew it was a scam from when i called back so i reported the number for scamming to white pages so hopefully they can update they ish before even finding these forums its jus all the more proof it was exactly what i knew it was and im glad i dont get tricked and fooled by those people like some people have cuz it wud legit be some problems cuz white pages gives u they current address and age and im a pop up outta nowhere type of bitch and that old man (it said 70s) don't want beef with me infact jus for TRYING to scam me u can get doxxed if anyone in perry fla been scammed by this company nd wna do you here ya go!!
    Go get ur money back!

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Blocked Port out request

YMAX continues to block port out requests for the telephone number [protected] claiming that the account number being provided by the winning carrier (TMobile) is incorrect. This is the third such attempt in 3 weeks. All lf them blocked for the same reason. I have been providing the same account number that I have been given by MagicJack online chat support. I have full chat transcripts quoting the exact same account number for the phone number.
Either the port out department is blocking the request because they are referring to an account number that is different from the one customer service is providing me with, or they are purposely blocking the port out request for no valid reason, contrary to FCC regulations. I have ported out a couple of phone numbers from the same account using exactly the same information few months ago without a hitch. I have also had difficulty porting a few numbers out on a different account number.
I have been contacted by the Florida Attorney General offices Economic Crimes department about this old requests, requesting affidavits. I will be supplying those affidavits as well as submitting one for this cases.

In the mean time, if there is a way to move this issue forward without involving the Attorney General's office or the FCC, that would be my preference.

I would like an explanation about the reason for the blockage as part of this resolution process. as well.

Thank you in adfance


I bought a magic jack the other day at my local radio shack store. I took it home and installed it set everything up as per set up screens asked me to you know name address and other info. i made a few calls successfully with it and it worked fine. Then i tried it a few hours later and i was not able to call anyone it kept cutting me off when i was trying to dial a number. or when i did get through i had to almost scream in to the phone to be heard. I even tried calling my friend on his cell number and he was not able to hear me. i had to go to my other line in my apt to call him back to tell him that it was me that tried to call him I told him what I was useing to call him on and he said he bout one of those and it did not work for him. And my friend knows computers and eletronics for he has 4 degrees in it and is a computer tech person so hen he said he had problems. I know that this item was a piece of SHI- So i took it back and got a refund the man at the store asked me for the reason i was returning it i told him it was garbage I suggest people that have been ripped off by this product contact the so called inventor MR Daniel Borislow at his home address his home address is MR Daniel Borislow 1045 south ocean blv palm beach floridia 33480 I think everyone that has been ripped off by him and his company should flood his personal mail box with complaint letters and to file a report with the flordia Public utility commission and the FL attorney generals office and the fcc. If i get more info on MR BORISLOW I shall post it here I am trying to get his private email address and his private phone number and when I do I shall Post it here !

who are they?

Info on Parent co. Ymax incl location address

Detail by Entity Name
Foreign Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number F05000001452
FEI Number [protected]
Date Filed 03/08/2005
State DE

Principal Address
Changed 01/19/2007
Mailing Address
P.O.BOX 6785
Changed 10/29/2007
Registered Agent Name & Address
Officer/Director Detail
Name & Address
Title CEOD
P.O.BOX 6785
Title D C
P.O.BOX 6785
Title D
P.O.BOX 6785
Title CFO
P.O.BOX 6785
Title CTO
P.O.BOX 6785
Title D
P.O.BOX 6785

Illegal harassment

I have recieved numerous of calls from individuals using ymax communications corporation - fl identifying...