Y&G F2Pboots that were purchased through advert on fb

J Nov 11, 2019 Review updated:

I'm trying to return a pair of boots that were ordered from an advert on fb.
I received the boots last week with no purchase advice in the packaging so no details of where I've purchased them from.
The address I have managed to find was on the delivery note sticker on the packaging as the returns address.
The payment from my bank looks like a crypto currency transaction and I am quite confused. The parcel has a customs declaration on it but I wasn't aware I was purchasing from abroad.
Please can you advise what I should do about this return

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  • Al
    allisno petrie Dec 17, 2019

    hi - just thought I'd say - my son has to return something aswell - again no delivery note but I do have a returns address if that helps you :

    Y&G F2P
    UNIT 5
    UB2 5LF

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  • Is
    Isabel1 Mar 04, 2020

    @allisno petrie Yes, we all have that same Returns Address printed on our packaging - having bought items from different companies. I've rung Y&G F2P - Tel. No. 0208 897 0490 - and they turn out to be simply a Customs Clearance company. Apparently we have to make contact, directly, with the relevant Seller. Good luck!

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  • Ja
    janet greenslade Dec 22, 2019

    i have an item with this return address and want to return my item but how can i know if i will get a refund If I can not speak to anyone ?

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  • Sa
    SamCuth Dec 28, 2019

    I have the same problem through a site called "Hightsun"
    They sent me the completely wrong items that are also very cheap looking.
    No responses to emails, and its a USA number. There are many sites i am now seeing (on Facebook)
    selling the exact same range of shoes with the same contact number but a different name
    and gmail address.

    DID you return it and get refund?
    please let me know
    this might help:

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  • Ro
    Rodney Rushton Dec 28, 2019

    I purchased a toy drone which was delivered today but the on-off switch is missing.
    The packaging was damaged and the packaging return address is the same : Y&G F2P, UNIT5
    As with others there was no invoice or advice note in the parcel.

    I in rend to complain to Facebook where this was advertised and see what they have to say.

    R N Rushton 28th December

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  • Wh
    Whateverhappens Jan 04, 2020

    I have received a dress of all things from these people, I can not find any payment for this item so am just going to throw it into the bin if they want it back they can come dig it out.

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  • Do
    Donna Hennell Feb 06, 2020

    @Whateverhappens This has happened to me. A top has arrived that I have no knowledge of ordering and it is cheap and tacky anyway. Says it was from China? No payment taken from my bank??? But on the label is my full address and phone number? Really odd.

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  • Do
    Douglas Niven Jan 06, 2020

    I too have purchased a pair of boots as a Christmas present, they arrived ok but they sent the wrong size ( 3 instead of a five). Any further progress getting refunds or replacements?
    Douglas Niven

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  • De
    Debra Blaquiere Jan 10, 2020

    I have very similar problems. Item is faulty. They have given me an address in China! I am to pay for this even though it says free returns on their website. The product is rubbish. I am going to send to the ~Southall return address. Not paying for postage to China.

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  • Be
    [email protected] Jan 14, 2020

    I purchased this item in a totally different colour to which they've sent me and I want to return it. The only address I have is one in Southall, the package looks like it's come from the USA
    I would like my money back have no idea how to contact this con of a company. I purchased this via Facebook do I need to contact them to get this resolved

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  • Br
    Brooks/Harris Jan 15, 2020

    Was photo in Pandora box but received a cheap copy
    How do they get away with it

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  • Ly
    Lynne Abad Jan 15, 2020

    Y&G F2P Trident Way Southhall
    I purchased a bag advertised on Facebook. payment taken 14.11.19. the bag arrived 05.12.19 I returned 06.12.19 to Y&G F2P. there was no other contact or delivery note. After writing twice to this curious address I have had no answer or recognition from either Sylviabeaute or Y&G . I posted many comments on the FB not an answer came.

    WHAT the HECK is this address.

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  • Ju
    June Williamson Jan 25, 2020

    i purchased a multifunctional air brush from this so called company.itdoes not work as advertised on facebook. dont know who to contact. no phone number . all there is a return address on the outer packaging. not replying to any letters from this address. i am not paying return postage when they advertised free posting. it looks like just one big scam to me.

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  • Ly
    lynne C Abad Jan 27, 2020

    @June Williamson I think you are right. This scam has cost me £30. See my posts below.

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  • Ly
    lynne C Abad Jan 27, 2020

    I have written several times to this address both postal and emails. No answer at all. I sent a sub standard Tote bag back on 06.01.20. I have contacted FaceBook about the company advertising these products. No answer from them either. Where do we all go from here. Any ideas?

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  • Ly
    lynne C Abad Jan 27, 2020

    I have checked out the address on Google Earth. Unit 5 Trident Way is on a really big industrial estate near Heathrow Airport. Any one up for going to visit the site to see what sort of operation this really is? Do they have any kind of communication with the supplier of these goods. Are they just a collection point with no communication whatever with the supplier?

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  • Lo
    Lou 246 Jan 29, 2020

    Hi I have had the same thing, want to return a pair of trousers that I ordered for my daughter for Christmas, that came to late and were cheap and tacky fabric. I want a refund, but all I have is the address you guys have. Maybe we should contact a watchdog program or something to investigate, just an idea!

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  • Fr
    FriK Marc Feb 01, 2020

    had the same ordered a rc plane, got a t shirt lol, but paid with paypal so should be fine fingers crossed

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  • Ca
    CazSau66 Feb 03, 2020

    I also am having a problem. I ordered a swimming costume from Beachbliss, it is the wrong size they say email and we will send you an address. They have not and from reading reviews now I see they are in Hong Kong but the address on my package for returns is Y&G F2P Unit 5 Trident Way Southall. I managed to find this
    which tells you the person, director who owns this place. Think they are scamming money off people in many ways

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  • Ca
    CazSau66 Feb 03, 2020
    This is information of the people who own the company who owns Trident Way unit 5

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  • Ca
    CazSau66 Feb 03, 2020

    here is telephone number

    4Px Fulfillment (Uk) Ltd

    Locality: Southall


    Phone: +44-1454 1352935

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  • Ma
    Maria fentiman Feb 17, 2020

    @CazSau66 I sent a pair of boots back to this company on 24 th January 2020 . They sent the wrong size!! Nothing back 😡😡

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  • Ma
    Maria fentiman Feb 17, 2020

    @CazSau66 You git a phone no for this company please

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  • An
    anton rodgers Feb 21, 2020

    A shirt has arrived from Y & G for me which I have never ordered but package has my full address. Value on the declaration sticker is US $13.93 but it appears to have come from China. I did order a toy robot for my granddaughter earlier this month but paid £44 so worried now from comments above that this is a scam and i will never see what I ordered or a refund.

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  • Je
    Jenny D65 Mar 02, 2020

    These companies are more than one step ahead. We need to find a way to publicise this and to get action. Looking at complaints board's and other internet posts, there are lots of alleged companies selling on FB mainly but all have this return address and then say you need to return to China or Hong Kong etc. It is a scam clearly. I photographed my packaging with the return address and raised a dispute with PayPal but so far PayPal are saying I needed to return to Vietnam!! That's even with the photos. We can complain to FB but I'm also going to post on FB and asked for everyone to share it. Need to makevsure we warn people off of these kind of purchases not just one company name Any other ideas how we can get the word out? This is a disgrace!

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  • Ne
    Neil U Mar 17, 2020

    Yep, I have similar problems, ordered a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet, £40 +, I thought from America via a compnay called Fivewood.
    It arrived today !!! From China a cheap flimsy face mask in the shape of a stormtrooper, customs sticker with a valuation of £14.00... THis should have been a solid state, voice changer solid helmet !!!
    Y&G as a return, but they are not the seller, just a company that acts as UK contact.
    I await email response from Fivewood Customer Services ?????

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  • Gu
    Guspo Mar 18, 2020

    I too, ordered some boots and a coat - the Company name "Berrylook" as the advertising company. The return address on package being Y&G F2P, Southall.
    The goods came eventually, I took one look at the package and saw the goods, without opening the seals that the goods were "sub-standard". I immediately went back to the company website and looked up their customer service info. I sent them an e-mail the same time. I had a response the following morning " Thanking me but also apologising for the problem. I was asked to send the return tracking info and also a copy of return receipt so they can validate if you properly return it to the correct address". I too, return it to the address written as the "return address on the package", as there was no invoice or forwarding address on the piece of paper that was inside the package. According to them, once confirmed status of return they will immediately refund".

    I sent them an e-mail from the "Post Office" with the tracking details. Now I have received another e-mail from them to say "delivered but to the wrong returning address" - THIS IS PROOF THAT THEY HAVE RECEIVED THE RETURNED GOODS.

    Their first response to me was that they were prepared for me to keep the goods and they will refund 25% of its cost to me - which I said "NO" - I wanted my full cost. Now upon receiving the tracked goods, they are now saying that they can only pay me 50% because it was sent to the wrong address (???). They are also asking me to provide receipt of the returning parcel - which they know fully well that there was no "receipt enclosed in the parcel". They also said that if I am not satisfied with response that I can file a dispute by going to their Resolution Centre - No details on website. I am now waiting for another response from them.


    I have mentioned to them that I will be consulting with Cosumer Advice.

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  • Cb
    cbudiar Mar 28, 2020


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