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Verified customer

A message is received from ICICI bank 14/11/2007 at 1602 hrs stating to have made a transaction of INR 20000/- using credit card xxxx0003. However, I have to intimate that I have not executed any such transaction and therefore I am not liable to make any payment in the matter. Accordingly, I forbidden you to raise any demand before ICICI bank on my behalf. It is advise to bring to my notice before raising any demand before the bank. If any demand / withdrawal is made without my consent I will be constrained to proceed for legal action.

This may be treated as notice.

I am separately filing FIR in the matter.

  • Updated by Yatra Team · Sep 16, 2011

    Dear Mr Bhatia,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback.
    We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that the fares displayed on our system (base fare as well as taxes) are exactly in accordance to the information provided to us by the airline. Please refer to the screenshot of the Indigo Airlines website provided by you. The Base Fare (Indigo Fare) is Rs 200 - exactly the same as the fare appearing on our website. The column on the left of the screen shows an amount of Rs 1800 which is the total of the Base Fare and Airline Fuel Charges. Airline Fuel surcharges are also collected by the airlines as taxes on the tickets. This is the industry standard and airlines & travel agents across the world issue tickets the same way.
    Regarding your second point on cancellation charges, we have made note of the error on the website, and will have the same corrected at the earliest possible. Please note that when the refund is processed, we do ensure that the amount deducted is as per the fares, and in this case we would have deducted Rs 351 not Rs 750 while processing the refund.
    We hope the above explanation helps clarify the points raised in your post above.
    Should you require any further assistance, please call us on [protected] or alternatively write to [email protected]
    Best Regards
    Yatra Team

  • Updated by Yatra Team · Sep 21, 2011

    Dear Mr Singhal,
    Thank you for contacting us at
    Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. This is not the standard of service we at strive to achieve. As the booking was booked in economy class instead of premium economy, we have processed full refund of INR 190181.06 on 02nd Oct 2010. We hope you were able to trace the credit in your account.
    Should you require any further assistance, please call us on [protected] or alternatively write to [email protected]
    Best Regards,
    Yatra Team

  • Updated by Yatra Team · Feb 19, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us the feedback on your experience. We have escalated the same to our Team Leads to enable them to take the appropriate action to ensure such instances do not recur. We would request you to provide us your Yatra Reference number to enable us to complete the investigation on this case.

    Best Regards
    Yatra Care

  • Updated by Yatra Team · Apr 02, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us at

    We truly apologize for the inconvenience you have faced . We would request you to share your booking reference number so that our customer care team can contact you for the same.

    Best Regards
    Yatra Care

  • Updated by Yatra Team · May 23, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us at
    We truly apologize for the inconvenience you have faced in this regard. We would request you to please share your booking details & contact e-mail to investigate further & assist you in this regard.

    Best Regards
    Yatra Care


  • Ma
    manasis Aug 23, 2016

    Complete eyewash(jago grahak jago)
    When I booked the Domestic offer I have been assured from side that I will get domestic flight offer worth of rs 22, 000/- .So many terms and conditions on Vouchers which they have sent to me which was never explained me on phone.
    They told me the offer is for domstic flightbooking at initial call made to me and i agreed upon that and paid rs 6616/- .Instead of 22, 000 of flight voucher, they provided me voucher worth of Rs2000.
    Voucher worth of Rs18, 000 for holiday packages which I didnt asked for.
    In simple term I was interested in domestic flight vouchrs worth of Rs22, 000.
    Its cheating.Its like You have orderd Pizza and you will get paratha, cake

    I am sure using third party like to sell thier product so that nobody will point fingr at
    My number is [protected] and As I am not getting proper response from, I want to drag them to consumer court.please join hand with me

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  • Ra
    RajSinghal Aug 23, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I made a booking on for Delhi- Malaga-Delhi sector on brussels airline. The flight is operated by JetAirways.

    The class I booked was premium economy, but when I got the ticket it said economy class. I then checked with both airlines (brussels/jetairways) and they said they dont have premium economy product on this sector.

    I have been calling Yatra numerous times but has not got any response other than we are working over it and will get back to you. They are saying you will be put me into economy class. I wanted to travel in premium economy class and because of the delay I am not even able to book any other online ticket with any other airlines. Infact I have lost out on some really good options.

    Please help me. here are my details:

    reference ID is .5179995


    Here are

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  • Pr
    PrakashPandey83 May 23, 2013

    50 % Itinerary we did’t got .
    Yatra has cheated us
    We had paid 54070 Rs and yatra has not given even lots of promised Itinerary. They are not refunding my money.

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  • Sa
    sathya1111 Mar 28, 2013

    Yatra are number 1 cheater you get in this world. If you want to get screwed then opt for this fraud yatra. Its been more than 5 months and still no refund. And the manager will be always absconding

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  • Ra
    RAVI KUMAR YADAV Feb 17, 2013

    This is no longer about money now. This was my honeymoon trip and this was really embarrassing..Our whole trip has been spoiled due to this. I’m one of your disappointed customer who has been wronged and cheated by your company. The representatives and agents of your company show such unprofessional behavior that they are going to take your company downer. The person who contacted us for our trip was Mr. Himanshu Tyagi, his email [email protected] - and contact number – . He provided us very substandard hotel got a AC room but every morning there is a pool of water is on the floor which is so embarrassing.

    Quality of towels was pathetic; just imagine that you got a towel with a big hole in
    • Quilt cover is full of stains.

    • On the 2nd – 3rd day, when we were having breakfast there was a insect inside the Jam, I was about to have it but my wife suddenly stopped me and showed me the insect and after that I never had the breakfast at the hotel and have to spent money every day on my breakfast on other hotels.

    • Apart from this, your representatives even changed the itinerary which was so confusing to cope up with them. Since I was in honeymoon, I could not fight with your representatives every day. However, nobody cares from your head office while we tried many times to contact them.

    • Last but not the least; the food was so pathetic and unhygienic that my stomach got upset and had to consult a doctor and it took me 15 days to recover!!
    You have spoiled my ‘once in life-time experience’

    Having worked myself in the Hotel industry earlier, I would also like to submit that there is no significant difference in 3/4 star hotels in terms of standards as they all are reputed brands. But the hotels I h
    We are being overcharged at the last minute and for every information we have to chase them and they never get back to us as promised. The staff is worse. We are dealing with such unprofessional which I never even dreamt of.Iit wasn’t a Honeymoon It was a nightmare and your staff is fully responsible for it.The employees are so casual, none of them was gave any suitable reply
    While planning the trip, I had trusted Yatra in-spite of attractive offers from other tourist agent/agencies.
    I must say that the holiday that was supposed be relaxing and most memorable experience, turned-out to the a traumatic 4 days!!!
    I would never forget the experience that I had to go through! I can guarantee that if I am not provided a suitable resolution, I shall be forced to take the case up to Consumer Forum.

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  • Ne
    Neha Shah May 11, 2012

    His is regdg yatra incident #: [protected] logged on may 2nd 2012(when I used this as reference in the last 6 calls), each time the unprofessional executive kept asking me for the pnr # and also what is complaint. I am shocked to see such poor system and service from a travel portal.
    I logged 2 complaints on the same incident # on 2 may 2012 and have not yet got any formal reply after 7 days. I have moved the complaint and am sure to send legal notice to such irresponsible service provider. I start with the most recent issue
    I booked a mom-del-mum flight on 1st may on [protected] for flying on 2nd may and return on 5th may. I traveled bangalore mumbai on 1st may through yatra and just was back to see my family and enjoy the one day off. I have been extensively traveling since march 24th for my business and am frequently using yatra.

    On 2nd I started from my house at 4am and reached airport at 4:45am to only realise that yatra had made a huge error. Go air confirmed in writing that there was no bookings made by yatra in my name on that flight. They further checked all flights for delhi and confirmed that no ticket was booked. A few minutes later the manager rightly pointed out that the pnr xfj3ch for my return journey is same but my return was with indigo and there was no way the same pnr could be used by two airlines.

    I further could not get any tickets for delhi for 6 am flight as all were running full and have managed to get go air pnr 40k0us at rs. 12, 000/- Departing at 7:55pm. I had a meeting with a head hr at the airport at 9:30am but lost the deal as I never made it on time. I spent rs. 4000/- Additional and also never reached in time for my first meeting and suffered a loss on rs.50, 000/-. Who the hell is responsible for such a careless attitude.

    The working hours are so useless as there was no one from yatra I could speak to at 5 am to solve my problem. Forget that day till date they just called once but are not willing to put up an email and call centre promises to call back and does not respond. And also this is not the first time and issue

    there was a similar error by them for booking reference # 8954336 which is an international travel from mumbai -ny-chicago-mumbai

    this was booked through yatra.Com for british airways and I was informed by yatra that I am allowed to carry 2 baggage check in and 1 hand.

    I had 2 check in baggage and no hand luggage and when I was boarding my flight and ba had no problems mumbai to chicago but from new york to chicago american airlines allowed 1 piece free baggage and I had to spend $25 for the extra baggage fee.
    It was sad that they were not even willing to talk and I called yatra but they have yet not responded to the email
    I look forward for getting the refund of 12000k for domestic & 4000 for international spend due to your errors and also extra compensation of rs. 50000/- For harassment and business loss which ideally yatra is not even apologetic / Sympathetic about nor look at complaints professionally

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  • Au
    automatik Jan 21, 2011 is literally taking customers for a ride. I bet their CEO is one of those corrupt ex-bureaucrats with links to the utterly corrupt aviation ministry. Now they are giving a buy 1 get 1 free offer. Consumers naturally expect that if they buy a Rs. 2200 ticket under this offer then they will get a Rs. 2200 or lesser amount ticket free on the next flight booking from their site plus some taxes. But look at the way these [censor]s scam people. They put a fine print in the terms and conditions of the offer that only the base fare will be given as discount and then they change the base fare to Rs. 200 from Rs. 1800 for a Rs. 2200 ticket from Vadodara-Delhi and Delhi-Vadodara. So they give only a Rs. 200 discount when you use their promo code which they deliberately email 2-3 days late when buying the next ticket. Plus note how their system works. For the same flight from Delhi to Vadodara on Feb 21 2011 the Indigo website is showing base fare as Rs. 1800 while is showing base fare as Rs. 200. The taxes on Indigo are shown around Rs. 500 while on it is Rs. 2200 plus. Wow! How can the aviation ministry sit quietly and allow passengers to get scammed, how can they allow travel websites to set a completely different base fare when the website of the same airline and the same flight on the same day is showing the base fare as Rs. 1800. Not only that, their customer support team are total Delhi-type lukkha people, they way they talk and back answer reeks of sniggers suggesting "oh you idiot you got fooled by our websites scheme, no point complaining". And to add to the woes, their website cancellation page lists ticket cancel charges levied by airline as Rs. 750 when the call centre person told me the charge was Rs. 350, he said that the website is showing a "default charge". Right. Default to fool customers again, and to stop them from cancelling tickets when they realise they have been fooled the first time over. See the attached images for the complete picture. They are also not refunding the Rs. 130 insurance purchased for the flight. Now if no one is travelling on the flight where is the need to buy insurance? But they don't refund that, they cut Rs 350 (airline cancel charge JetLite), Rs. 200 (Yatra cancel charge) and Rs. 130 (non-refundable insurance) so total money eaten by these [censor]s is Rs. 680 for giving no service on a ticket of Rs. 2200. Wow! We Indians are born scammers. Jai Hind, yea riigggggggggggggght.

    Going by my personal experiences as well as the wide variety of complaints on this and other consumer forums, it seems that there is no honest company left in India at all. Shame, shame, shame, the land of the Vedas and the sanatana dharma has turned into a big pile of [censor] thanks to the globalised market.


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  • Bi
    bibhas kundu Dec 15, 2010

    I booked airticket through and Yatra Reference No.: [protected] I have cancelled my ticket( airline kingfisher )from kolkata to Delhi on 6th Dec 2010 till now i did'nt get any refund amount.when i talk to yatra customer care they told me Your refund amount under Process.
    I also send mail but i didn't get back any feedback.

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  • Gt
    G THANGAVEL Feb 28, 2010

    I am unable to take a print of booked ticket

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  • Si
    Sidd Jul 12, 2009

    Dear All,

    I made a hotel booking through for my guests and to my surprise the hotel said that is not paying them the money hence the booking is not confirmed. This is absolutely ridiculous. Now what about my guests? Where do I ask them to stay? I trusted, made the payment and now the booking is cancelled. All my money is lost. I will now be taking up this matter with Consumer court if my money is not given back to me. OTHERS do not make any reservation through THey are complete liars and cannot keep up to the commitment.

    If Yatra representative is reading this, you may reach me at [email protected]



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  • Su
    suvidha Apr 20, 2009

    the booking refrence no is PXA8UA for the above issue

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  • Su
    suvidha Apr 20, 2009

    Hello sir,

    This is with refrence to a hotel booking i made with yatra on 16th of april.I got a confirmation mail from yatra and also the voucher.Please see the mail below.The status of the booking clearly says:CONFIRMED.I had also referrde one of my friends for the same hotel and she also made the booking through yatra.I called up yatra immediately and talk to this lady called "richa" who confirms that the room has been booked for me and i need not worry anymore.
    Today, after 5 days of booking, i get a call from yatra executive saying that the booking is cancelled by the hotel.
    Sir, this is not the kind of customer commitment excpected from a channel like yatra which take up critical things like fligth and hotel bookings.I have few points to make
    1)Why should i even choose yatra when they cannot stand by their word of mouth and cannot even commit a room in a hotel correctly.
    2) If i have to waste so much time and money for making and taking calls to and from yatra, i would rather go to the hotel direclty and avopid all other hassles
    3) The business that you are into, is built and destructed by the word of mouth.
    So herewith i would request you to correct your mistake, and get me a room in the same hotel.I am ok with any other category also, but i WOULD NOT BE PAYING any difference in price.This is a request considering the fact that atleast the higher authorities would have the power to rectify the mistakes


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  • Ku
    kunal kalra Sep 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    am kunal kalra here,
    i booked a flight using your card card number is [protected]
    Barclays card
    this was booked in july end.
    after that i cancelled it due to some reason, but i have not got my refund back.
    this was booked on, i spoke to yatra people they told they have paid the refund to my card account.

    yatra people have given me a referance number to be given to you people and that is 045164
    refund is rs. 7900.
    please check the matter, i will not be paying any money other than this also until the case is solved. so interest also.

    nothing will be paid till my money is back!!! i will throw the card and give a police report.

    reply or else my not bothered, i have send my mail this is enough for proof!!!

    i am forwarding the cancellation mail also to you from
    call me at [protected].
    kunal kalra.
    --- On Sun, 8/3/08, OnlineBookingCancel <[email protected]> wrote:
    From: OnlineBookingCancel <[email protected]>
    Subject: RE:'yatra=[protected]' (MBC21E6OHDW) Cancellation Domestic Flights
    To: "kunal kalra" <[email protected]>
    Date: Sunday, August 3, 2008, 6:36 AM
    Dear Mr.Kalra,

    Greetings from !

    Please be informed that under Yatra reference number INY29A your booking has been canceled directly by your end through Online Cancellation option.

    The due refund of Rs.7, 900
    /- against the canceled flight will be credited back to your account within 20 - 25 working days.

    Looking forward for your kind Co-operation.

    In case you require any clarification, please send us an email on [email protected] or give us a call at the below mentioned numbers as we will be glad to assist you.

    Thanks and regards,

    Yatra Team

    Landline : [protected]
    Call Centre : [protected] (For all networks)
    [protected] (For BSNL/MTNL)
    Fax : [protected]
    E-mail : [email protected]
    Visit us :

    Dear kunal kalra,

    Thank you for contacting!

    We have received your inquiry and will be responding to you shortly.
    Your reference ID is 1230875.

    We look forward to assisting you.


    Yatra Team

    -----Original Message-----
    From: kunal kalra [[email protected]]
    Sent: Sunday, Aug 3 2008 1:15PM
    To: Cancellation Email [[email protected]]
    Subject: (MBC21E6OHDW) Cancellation Domestic Flights

    Yatra Ref Number := INY29A
    Type of Query := Online Cancellation Request
    Category := Cancellation Domestic Flights
    Booking Ref Number := 1814766
    Customer Email Id := [email protected]

    For Departure :
    Airline PNR := ZTIEBF
    Airline Name := 6E
    Sector := Chennai (Madras) : Delhi,
    Number of Pax := 1
    Name of Pax := 1. Mr kunal kalra (ADT)
    Airline Cancellation Amount := 750.00
    Status := Online Cancellation Confirmed

    For Arrival :
    Airline PNR := HVMQF
    Airline Name := S2
    Sector := Delhi : Chennai (Madras),
    Number of Pax := 1
    Name of Pax := 1. Mr kunal kalra (ADT)
    Airline Cancellation Amount := 2000.00
    Status := Online Cancellation Confirmed

    Yatra Cancellation Fees := 150.00

    Total Refund Amount := 7900.00

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