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Yatrafraud and cheating!

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I had booked for Hotel in Lakshwadeep in Agatti Beach Resort wherein i hade made cancellation for the same and i was promised for refund of Rs4000/- on 17th July 07. Till Date i:e 22nd Aug 07 more than a month has passed by i have not received any refund from them.

In addition to this there was a scheme which was launched by Yatra with ICICI Bank wherein 30% cashback was to b given for Airline booking with Kingfisher. This booking was done on 27th June 07 and i am still awaiting the cash back of about Rs.4000/-.

Request you to help me i n recovering my dues from YATRA and i would suggest all the people not to do any booking with YATRA and better go with Make My trip or any other sites.

  • Updated by Yatra Team · Sep 16, 2011

    Dear Mr Kindra,

    Thank you for contacting us at
    Kindly accept our sincere apologies for not giving you the high standard of service, which is a general norm of our company. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you because of this and the delayed response to your complaint. The refund against Yatra Ref # 5958437 was processed from our end on 19th Feb 2011. The bank would have taken take approx. 1- 2 working days to update this credit into your account. We hope you have been able to trace this credit in your account. Once again, please do accept our apologies for the inconvenience faced by you. We do endeavor to provide the best standards of service to our customers and any exceptions are dealt with seriously. We assure you of our best services at all times, and hope to continue to service your travel requirements.
    Should you require any further assistance, please call us on [protected] or alternatively write to [protected]
    Best Regards,
    Yatra Team


  • Lt
    Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash Oct 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    All Indians/NRI’s/Foreigners. Fraud Alert!

    I, an NRI based in Melbourne Australia, booked a flight for 2 of my business
    colleagues through India’s no 1 travel portal called
    on 5th Oct 2008 to travel from New York to bBangalore and back . I authorised the payment of 1997 USD for 2 tickets through a strange system that is called "letter of verification" on which one needs to sign and send along with copies of the back and front of the credit card. This is as per yatra’s website making it doubly sure that there is no chance of fraud.

    Next thing when I check my Credit card activity statement on my banks netbanking system I find that my credit card has been debited for a sum of 2400 USD. I write to Yatra customer service and first they say they have no such transaction showing and the very next day informed me that indeed they have deducted a sum of 2400 USD in "ERROR" and that the money is being reversed to my credit card.

    Then the best thing is that the amount has been deducted for an Emirates airlines flight as seen on the description of the credit card statement and not against Jet Airways which is the airline booked by me.

    I emailed the customer support and they said that the refund has been initiated and that I will get it "soon". Soon has now become 11 days but no sign of refund. 3 people are involved what takes one simple command to reverse an erroneous transaction.

    To make matters worse, they have gone and made another deduction against the jet airways flight and deducted another 1997 USD.

    Yatra tries to make the customer feel very safe by doing what no one in this modern world does i.e asking for a "separate letter of verification" to keep us "safe from fraud". Then no refund is done.

    Deducting money that has not been authorised by the client is tantamount to fraud. The one who talks about it, is the one who has committed fraud.

    As a businessman you are totally in a fix as we depend on the card to move around and most of the places need a credit card like hotels/car rentals etc.

    It is now 11 days and they are not giving me a proper date for the refund and not replying my mails.

    Does any one in India have any advise as to what I must to do to bring these people to book. All your advise is solicited.

    Thanks and regards

    Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash

    CV Prakash
    Lt Cdr (retd)
    Chief Visionary
    Optimus Interweave
    3 Wilson Rd
    Glen Waverley
    Australia 3150
    Ph [protected]
    Mob 00-61-[protected]

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  • Mi
    M. Inaobi Singh Nov 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear Prakash, I can imagine, how embarassing the situation must have been. It is really shocking to hear this sort of news. It is good that you have brought the incident to public for alert. But, it is not enough. The involved should be punished by filing a case to the law court demanding compensation and made the incident more public through print media etc. We, are here to help you anytime in the process for justice.

    With regards.

    M. Inaobi singh
    Heingang, Imphal East Dist,
    Manipur, Pin 795002, [protected], [protected]

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  • In
    iniyan May 25, 2009

    yatra, ,

    pakka frauders and cheatersl,

    i booked ticket to vijayawada on 22nd may 09, at the time of booking i got a msg that "the bus is no longer available, try after some time. after 3 hours i received msg in my mobile that my credit card autherisation taken for booking the ticket. okey fine ...i call yatra, after hearing eveything they are telling that mail us we will reply you soon. now they are not picking their phones.

    important thing is that i did't received any ticket from yatra..

    my dear friends don't use get into the ###

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  • Gk
    gkindra Feb 09, 2011

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    gkindra Feb 09, 2011

    (located at B-21 Infocity Sector-34
    Gurgaon : 122002 Haryana, India).
    FIR Directed at:

    Mr. Dhruv Shringi, Chairman Yatra
    2. Mr. Manish Amin
    3. Ms. Sabrina Chopra
    4. Mr. Alok Vaish
    5. Mr. Raja Natesan
    6. Remaining Board of Directors, Yatra Online

    While visiting India, on January 4, 2011, I contacted Yatra for a travel package to Goa. Through repeated misrepresentation in terms of flight and hotel availability, the company succeeded in collecting 1 lakh and 29 thousand rupees from me. I was sent a false itinerary (YT5958437) and a false receipt (REC/10-11/R4712056). Through repeated SMS messages the agent (MR. BALAJI, who claimed to be a Yatra manager), assured me that the package was being finalized and that there “system was down, ” but the hotel voucher (for CITADE DE GOA) was "sitting" in front of him. Throughout the day on Jan 7, I sat in front of my laptop and exchanged another 22 phone messages and SMSs and was told to give them another "10 minutes".

    Hours before our departure, I was sent a fictitious hotel voucher for Citate de Goa for stay from Jan 8-11 (with all meals etc.)

    We went to the airport counter 2 hours early and presented the PNR number; we were told that it was not a “good” PNR. The GoAir supervisor and I had 90 minutes of conversations with Yatra employees who claimed no knowledge and kept us transferring us to customer relations. Finally, we were told to go to the Indigo counter as Yatra had "arranged" a flight for us.

    As we were boarding the plane, we were warned by airline employees to be careful as Yatra had a bad reputation and we should not trust their hotel vouchers. I got on the phone to the “manager” of Yatra – Mr. Balaji who swore repeatedly that we were not to worry. I called 5 times and sent sms to him asking for the hotel reservation number. He gave me a fake number and said that there will be a car waiting for us and he swore again that there was nothing to worry and that I should contact manager at Citade de Goa and we will be taken care of. He said he was 1000% sure and would refund double amount from Yatra if he was lying. I was in a state of panic, but had no choice.

    When we landed in Goa, the airport pick up for Citade de Goa had no record of our arrival and upon contacting the hotel we were told that the hotel had been sold out for a long time and there was no room availability. I called Mr. Balaji and others at Yatra and was told that there was some mistake. I kept calling Mr. Balaji and he absconded and refused to take my calls. We were stranded at the airport in Goa with 2 children and my wife and sister (a heat patient).

    We booked another hotel and rented our private car to go there. An hour later as we were getting near the hotel, we received a mystery call from Marriott indicating that we had a room there for the night paid for by Global Travel of Delhi. I reached the Marriott and was told that we had ONE ROOM and NO MEALS and for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Again, a series of phone calls and finally were told that Raj of Global Travel and approved 2 rooms for one night. Exhausted, we entered out rooms at 9 pm and went to bed.

    My sister had to receive medical attention the next morning due to stress and was told to rest and get a follow up check up upon return to Delhi.

    In the meantime, Yatra continued to ignore us and the next morning we moved to Taj Aguada at our own expense.
    Next day, I sent a SMS to Yatra and their manager said he said he would “resolve” the matter as he was speaking about this tragedy with his superiors. He said he would get back “in 10 minutes”.

    Our return flight was also incorrectly stated on the original PNR. Instead of a direct flight as promised, we came via Bombay. Had I trusted the original flight information provided, we would have missed the flight altogether.
    As my family leaves for Canada tomorrow, we are in a state of disbelief. My sister is seeking medical attention and will not be returning with us. I have incurred severe financial loss and mental pain.

    Deceptive and misleading practices are illegal in India as in other countires. Upon my return to New delhi, I went to Gurgoan's Sadar police station (Yatra operates weaves its web of deceipt from this jurisdiction), to file a FIR. The duty officer Mr. Samander Singh said they would not accept my complaint for various reasons that he could not articulate. However, he indicated very clearly that I should come back the next day and he would surely "get my money" back from Yatra. Promise! Being a person of Indian origin, I knew right away what he meant and insisted that I meet with the SHO - Mr. Inderjit Yadav. To make the long story short, after spending 6 hours at the so called "police station", I returned home without success. My complaint could not be filed.

    As a management Professor, I am proud at the speed at which India is progressing on the economic front. However, I have no sympathy for companies that flout Indian laws for a quick buck. By discarding, ethical and legal constraints the growth of India is marred by shameful practices. It hurts India's aspirations.

    Gurprit S. Kindra
    TELFER School of Management
    University of Ottawa
    55 Laurier East; Room 5121
    Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5
    Tel: [protected]; ext 4774
    Fax: [protected]

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  • Gk
    gkindra Feb 09, 2011



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  • Sh
    Shiv Chandra Singh Jun 09, 2014

    Hello I am Shivchandra Singh i was taken Package From For 10, 999/- i was planning for Shimla and Manali for 4 nights and 5 days they are providing me best deal me and my family are very happy for this services, I think this is the genuine for main thing is that if its my budget...

    Shiv Chandra Singh

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  • Na
    NARAYAN DUBEY Jan 03, 2015


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  • Ni
    Nitinbanathia Dec 03, 2015
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    Verified customer

    I am nitin Banathia I had purchased a package of Rs16999 from for a package of 4days and 5nights anywhere in the world valid for one year but now I am planning to go but there is no such site as and no person is picking up the phone even some one is picking the phone and start abusing.tell me Wat to do for such a fraud.

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  • Na
    Nachiket21_1987 Dec 29, 2015

    Now, These Yatratimes people started with clubholiday group agency. for more information check
    read each and every line, they have mentioned their group as Yatratimes in privacy_Policy page.
    I am also facing same problem from these guys. I have done payment of 10, 499/-Rs for honeymoon package and they are neither refunding my money back nor picking up my calls. Now they changed their name with Mr. Girish Mittal, Mr.Ashutosh Mittal (91-[protected]).
    Also, below I have attached contact_us page screenshot in which previously they mentioned the names of other agencies and now they removed it after reciveing mail which is also attached here.
    Seriously we need to take strict action against them.


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