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G Jan 01, 2020

I am to proceed with legal action for a case for discrimination as my insurance policy was cancelled due to not disclosing spent criminal convictions which I was not asked about upon filling out an application. This discrimination has now left me all but unisurable and has caused me excessive stress which led to me being hospitalised and led to loss of earnings. Your company is claiming that a sentence of 4 years which I received was never spent but under the criminal rehabilitation act 1976 I do NOT have to disclose spent convictions. My convictions were never even of a driving related offence and this is basically the underwriter hoping I am nieve enough to just accept their decision! I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault not long in to my policy and now they are just doing this to be obstructive and avoid paying out. I am to begin a blog and will be contacting other users of your services who gave left negative reviews in order to gather support and crumble your reputation online via any review platform possible. I am currently awaiting a final decision letter from you and am already prepared to go as far as possible through the FCA and Ombudsman to plead my case! I do not want the insurance reinstated I want to take your company to court for discrimination which I ma clearly a victim of here to stop this happening to others.

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