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T Aug 16, 2018

On the 16/01/2018 a driver locontrol of his car and hit mine lawyer dealing with my. Claim said she was happy that the their party had admitted liability at the time although XS Direct sent out an investigator and I gave info about CCTV at the scene this was not followed up although I am currently looking to get this footage so when I take s Direct to court also since then I approached the households where accident happened and found witness who remembers what happened and it's just as I state I will also look to him to be witness in court. I am not going to waste my time here writing as after I read all XS Direct reviews yous will not uphold my complaint I will explain in full to the Ombisman as I believe they are dealing with lot of complaints against XS Direct also can you let me know who the third party insurance company is and are yous partnered with this company. XS Direct have also sent threatening letters and numerous phone calls I suffer from stress and anxiety and they have made my condition worse I have explained this also to my local GP. I cannot believe the bad reviews XS Direct have against them pretty similar to mine. I totally refuse to accept blame and would without hesitation go to courts to prove this XS Direct have treated myself like a criminal and settled on a 50/50 claim without my consent they have not acted with my best interest also XS Direct have renewed my policy without authorisation and put my policy payments up also they are looking to me to pay £269.09 regarding my excess Wich I totally disagree I will look forward to your Quik response so I can move forward in going to the Ombisman with a view of taking XS Direct to court to prove my innocence and will be looking to claim compensation regarding the way I've been dealt with and any loses I have occured I have had to take a lot of time out with my business to deal with this matter I will be looking to recoup any losses regarding this. Yours Sincerely John A McGowan

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