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Japan Partner  -  don't sign the agreement, after that you will waste money

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People, stay away from the company They have this user agreement, which they can turn against the customers. As well as after you signed the agreement, they started to take money for everything. They only sent me emails and asked to pay for it and that. And blah-blah, but the company is really bad and not recommended. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

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Jul 24, 2015 2:52 pm EDT
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Please read this before you make a mistake of your life.

Japan partner claims to be a legitimate exporter of used vehicles from japan, but from my experience, It is my opinion that Japan partner is unscrupulous company that has created a notion of legitimacy in order to continue defrauding innocent buyers from overseas and get away with it. I fell victim to an online fraudulent transaction with japan partner LTD. I opt not to keep quiet about my experience, as often people defrauded keep quiet and allow these sort of companies to continue with their dishonest ways. I hope that my warning will prevent others from experiencing what I went through.

I made a CIF payment to japan partner for a vehicle to be shipped to my home country back on September 2013. Before I made the payment, they promised to deliver the vehicle in less than five weeks. But once I made the payment, I waited for months but they did not deliver the vehicle. No one contacted me to explain what was going on and when I tried to follow the matter I was told that I was being nuisance. I begged them to at least refund me the money but they declined.

After months of waiting, I realised that I was on the path to losing my money. They kept lying to me and many times promised to contact me and did not. I confronted the contact person and threatened to report them to Interpol and expose them through the social media. They begged me not to and promised to send the vehicle. After another endless waiting and follow-ups, they made an offer to ship the vehicle in parts for me to re-assemble, an offer I vehemently refused.

To keep me off their back, they shipped me a junk of a car that failed inspection, refused entry and registration into my country. I believe that, once they realised that I was serious about exposing them, they decided to ship me this vehicle that was probably illegally rebuilt unit or even re-modelled. I have been trying to reason with them since in vain.


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