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Complaints & Reviews

Absolutely useless

I ordered a workbench for about $650. Month later contacted customer service and was told that my items is on it's way. I tried to be patient and waited. 10 days later something finally arrived. I opened the box and saw some components, few details were missing. I contacted them again, but there was no response. Then I called them and after 5 calls someone finally picked up the phone. But I must say their agents are absolutely useless. They didn't knew anything about what was included in my order (everything was detailed in their catalog). They took my money and I have no clue where the rest part of my order is.

Seller is jerk and can't deliver my order

I ordered from the website www.woodcraft.com, but it was really bad experience. I got the wrong order and the seller within 3 months diddle-daddle and couldn’t change the order. Finally, he agreed and promised to deliver my order within couple of weeks, but nothing changed. After I called and sent emails, but this jerk did nothing. I was really sick of this situation, but I couldn’t change it. Please, help me to get something from this jerk.

I don't advise you to buy from them

I recently bought certificate as a gift from the website www.woodcraft.com, but I’m not happy with...