Windsor at Aviararipped off/conned/scammed security deposit

P Jun 20, 2019

How dare you for taking me, conning me, scamming me out of thousands of dollars in an additional security deposit made in 2017 yet you are unwilling to acknowledge the existence of...

Windsor at Aviara overseen by Christine Chase (Senior Property Manager) and Jessica Perovich (Assistant Property Manager) have refused to mail me back an additional month security deposit made within a few weeks of my new lease made in August 2017.

1. Windsor failed to collect the additional deposit amount and emailed me within 2-3 weeks of when the new lease started. The since departed employees Jolene/Anjanette would be the ones showing proof of this via email.
2. I promptly paid the additional deposit amount upon being advised via email (2 months security deposit total).
3. Now they are refusing to verify the existence of the additional amount and refusing to mail it to me.
4. They failed to bill me correctly the first time, they failed to record the additional deposit amount, they are failing now to acknowledge the existence of the deposit amount and they are failing to do the needful and mail me my deposit back.
5. I paid tens of thousands of dollars as one of the longest renters there only to have dealt with consistent issues of dog poop ground/mashed and sprinkled all around the sidewalks, smell and visibly observe dogs pissing on the sidewalks and now this...
6. How dare you Windsor, Christine/Jessica for taking me, conning me, scamming me out of thousands of dollars security deposit - how dare you
7. All prospective renters take careful heed what I stated above and look for gaps of where your deposits can be taken and as one of the longest term renters of windsor if they have not improved the dog poop/piss on sidewalks over 4 years why would they improve conditions during the next 4 years while continuing to escalate rent (started 1800's and ended 2600's).
* Interesting the rents continued to go up while environment/amenities dropped ie computer center had a printer until approximately my 4th year in - yet rents continued to increase as more dog poop accumulated where it was common every 2-3 months for windsor to send "reminders" communitywide for dog owners to clean up after their dogs...


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