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St Oct 08, 2019

On the way to entering WinCo a man saw that I had a e-cigarette in my hand and my girlfriend had her service dog by her side, he rudely told us both that the e-cigarette was not allowed inside and that the "animal" was not allowed inside as well. As he kept walking inside of the store I had to follow him and stop him by asking him, "where is it posted? the policy on the E-Cigarettes", he showed me on the outside of the door on the wall was a sign posted that cigarettes or tobacco and E-cigarettes are not allowed to be "used" inside the store. I made sure to clarify with him that it says here that a e-cigarettes are not allowed to be "used" in the store but I am able to walk in the store with it as long as I don't use it. He agreed to what I had clarified to him. But during the whole conversation he rudely kept walking away and inside the store before I even had any time to ask about the service dog being allowed in the store. Needless to say my girlfriend and I felt insulted and felt that this employee was very rude in the way that he approached us. He could have at least took the time to have a conversation, or hear both sides of the conversation, instead of only his side. We were both shocked in how an employee can treat a customer especially before they even entered the building. Instead of being welcoming to customers he made us feel unwelcome and as if we are not good enough to shop or come into the store. Therefore, we did leave without going in the store to purchase the groceries that we needed. It seems to us that WinCo is not concerned about their customer service nor having repeat or happy customers. We will never come back to this location again.

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