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Wholesale Electronics of UAE (Cairns William) have created a scam account on ALIBABA using a U.K company J & J. Carter Ltd. The U.K company J & J. Carter Ltd are NOT in the electonics business; but in the business of manufacturing fabric structures.

Mr Cairns has had the audacity to uplift information from the legitimate J & J. Carter Ltd website to create his fake ALIBABA account. He even uses the J & J. Carter company profile which talks about fabric structures, so therefore buyers should be warey of him and not make any payments to him.

He sets up payments payable to : AMOS IRUNGU KARANJA in Dubai. He has a contact number of +971524273225

This account on ALIBABA needs closing down as it is damaging the reputation of J & J. Carter Ltd in the U.K; as well as extorting money from innocent buyers who don't undertake their due diligence.

Wholesale Electronics
Wholesale Electronics

Apr 15, 2019
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  • Is
      Aug 29, 2019

    Who is this Cairns William guy, and why would he have money sent to Amos Irungu Karanja?? I recently tried to western union $200 to an Amos Irungu Karanja (she couldn't pick it up), who is the supposed new personal assistant of a Lilly Peterson i met on twitter a month or so ago. Lilly ( with a california phone living in cleveland) recently went to Dubai to start a supposed $2million dollar decorating contract.. and her new personal assistant is Amos Irungu Karanja. I have sent Lilly more than that in the U.S. already..(my email is [protected]

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  • Li
      Aug 29, 2019

    @Isaac Quarterman Hello Issac I dont know who this Amos is I got him name from one of the staff here I think this Amos is into some Illegal job which the motel dont know I need to exposed him by this complaint I love you always Lilly

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