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Complaints & Reviews

vertical/horizontal lines

In November of 2010 we bought a westinghouse vr-4085-df tv from Target. Little did we know the tv would only last us 6 months and gets horizontal and vertical lines up and down the screen after about 10 min of use. We can never watch a show without this happening. The tv will then shut off, and we need to unplug it, the plug it back in and it comes on. From what I read on here, this wont happen for long, pretty soon it just won't come back on at all. People work so hard for their money to buy these products companies should not be allowed to produce and continue to sell such awfully manufactured products. its really not fair to consumers at all. Something should be done.

vertical/horizontal lines

  • Mi
    Miltman Jun 12, 2011

    I've seen a lot of complaints about Westinghouse products. It used to be a real company, now, it's just a licensed name that gets put on all sorts of bargain electronic products. Same with Polaroid. If your TV only had a 90 day warranty, you're going to have to decide if it's even worth fixing. Best advice for flatscreens is to go with a name brand.

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customer support repair

i bought ask-32h640g about 8 months ago and 2 months ago the screen went blank but power light was green...


I'm complainin about distribution company in İstanbul in Turkey. I purchased a Westinghouse LG 08D5 model washing machine June 2000, from Carrefoursa Erenköy in İstanbul. In August 2004, Machine didn't work and we called the service.They took the mashine to their service place for repairing but they couldn't repair it. Service which wasn't qualified with their job.They broke the mashine when they tried it to repair . We spent lots of money.we ccould buy new mashine whit this money. Of course when I called distribution center which took it again to repair but they took machine electonic chip away.Machine couldn't be repaired again in the end.Machine is still waiting at home.when I see it I feel bad why I bought this mashine.
This distrubition center should be qualified and honest.

Hulya Çelik

repair scam

With an LCD tv in warrnty, First Westinghouse tried everything to get out of sending me the return auth...

I will never buy another westinghouse electronic

I purchased a 32 inch LCD tv in September of 08. By December, the picture was going out with little red dots all over. I called Customer Support and was told it was under warranty. They would send me A rma number and I could return it. Well they recieved it 5 weeks ago and suprise, I still do not have a tv. I have been told a number of different things. all lies from what I can tell at this point. It appears their "Customer Support" is an outsourced third party company. This is probably why they will not release Corporate phone numbers. If you look however, they can be found. I called corporate and was told my TV would ship in 2 days. We will see. I will NEVER buy another Westinghouse electronic!

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tv quit working, 6 months after warranty period.

I've got this TV only for about one and half year, then all of a sudden it won't turn on, only the led will light up but no screen or sound, phone the corporate office, they said it's out of warranty and the only thing they can do is sell me the parts at 50% discount, but I have to find someone to install it at my expense. My last TV last over 20 years with no problem ! This is really unacceptable, they should at least cover the cost of parts if not labour !

terrible company

Bought a 24" monitor and absolutely loved it until one day it would not turn on. 11 months into 12 month warranty so I shipped it to CA, my expense, about $70. I called weeks later and they "did not have it in theiur system." I had to prove it was delivered Oct 3rd. Good thing I had my tracking number. It is now 11/10 and I still don't have it back, but they say it is shipped.

Couldn't get them to call me, or e-mail even after they acknowledged the monitor was received and not processed for many weeks. I always had to call them. When I first called, they told me to call back in a week to find out the status. When they finally processed it they refused express ship it. I still don't have it back but I expect to receive it this week. The last customer service guy I talked to, after listening to my complaints of bad service, did go out of his way to call and leave a message with a tracking number. Other than his effort, their customer service it beyond terrible. My RMA number, if anyone at Westinghouse cares: 40012365CU. They have all my contact info and I would be amazed at this point if anyone actaully contacted me, or even cares.

terrible customer service

I purchased a Westinghouse TV in December and the picture died in July. AFter several phone calls and attempts to fix, I was told I had to return it to CA. I also was told a replacement unit would be shipped out to me within 5 to 10 business days after they received my unit. It has now been a month and they can give me no answers when I will receive my "referbished" unit. I could get no further up the complaint chain than a supervisor of customer service who was no further help and refused to relase and contact information for a person of authority that I could complain to. I am at a loss of what to do next.

power problem

Here's ANOTHER ONE... 14 months old... Used as a spare... This should definitely be taken care of by WESTINGHOUSE!

  • In
    InnSeattleGal Feb 01, 2010

    I purchased 6 of these televisions in May of 2008, Two were for gifts and 4 for our home. We thought they were great, so we put one in the kitchen, the master bath, guestroom and kids room. The first one quit working around August of 2009. We called but were told too bad, so sad as the year had already lapsed. Another bit the dust in October '09 and now the third one just a few days ago in January 2010. All of them the same problem, they just won't turn on and make a buzzing noise when you listen closely to the back of the TV. There is an obvious defect with this model and to invest over $350. each only to have to replace them again just over a year later feels like being scammed.

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input componets do not work can get no customer service from westinghouse after several weeks of trying

After learning from my Direct TV installer that my input componets were not working, I tried to contact...

stoped working

Have 2 Westinghouse SK-19-H210S TV's and one the HDMI input stoped working and the 2nd one just stoped turning on. don't buy anything from Westinghouse it is junk.

  • Da
    davey dmx Dec 06, 2009

    piece of junk tv!!! DO NOT BUY ONE!!! TAKE HEED! They suck!!!

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smoking tv

the tv was 13 months old and started to get hot then started smoking. it would of burned down my house i...

Willimantic Consumer Electronics

did not say it was refurbished when I ordered this tv and I have a defective pixel right out of the box

Just opened the box for a Westinghouse 26" LCD tv which I thought was new. I received this tv while I was away for the month. When I opened the box today I saw that the TV set was reburbished. This would not be
such a problem if the set was not defective. There is one bad pixel on the screen.
I called Ecost.com and complained and they just sent me to Westinghouse. Neither the printout when I ordered this item or the invoice that came with the tv stated that this was reburbished. No mention of reburbished until I got the box open and saw reburbished written on the tv.
This is unethical sales tactics to which I am reporting to the New York State Attorney general.
I am also calling my credit card company to void the charge on this item as I want it returned immediately to Ecost.com at their expense, not mind.
Ecost said they would not take it back because it was refurbished. I had to now send it to Westinghouse for repairs. Ecost.com company is a rip off.

  • Pe
    perigee98 Jul 14, 2009

    I'll never do business with ecost again. I bought a refurbished westinghouse tv. Turned it on, it locked up and never worked again. Ecost told me to call manufacturer. It must be illegal to sell a defective product that never works. Selling a product has implied merchantability, doesn't it? Where is ralph nader when you need him?

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worst customer service

Beware...Save yourself the aggravation and avoid Westinghouse.

I was happy with my 32 inch HD TVpurchase but it went completley out just after two years from purchase. I contacted technical support and they determined it needed to be replaced since the board was fryed and they no longer made this TV or the parts for it. They indicated I should ship it to their Texas facility (my cost) and they would send out a replacement of the same or better quality/size. They further indicated it would take no more than 14 days from the day they receive it.

Fast forward six weeks and I still am not any closer to this being resolved. The third party customer service center I had been dealing with no longer handles Westinghouse and the call center has switched from the east coast to California. I had to learn this on my own as the toll free phone number I had been using just went away. No message saying the number had changed, just a message saying the number was temporarily unavailable. I had to locate the new service number through the Westinghouse website.

Inquiries to the new call center are useless. Let me make it clear that this is just a call center and they have no access to the service center in Texas. When asking for an update, the answer is always the same..."It's in Processing". Don't fall for the, "I can transfer you to someone who might know more about this", routine. That is code for let me transfer you to a non-exsisent person's voice mail whose mailbox is full.

Also, every single email I sent went unanswered even though their voice message indicates this is the preferred method of checking inquiries and they will respond within 24 hours. Every single telephone message I have left, has gone unreturned.

This is what you get for buying American. Shamefull and I will never consider another Westinghouse product.

  • Ma
    Mariana Jun 03, 2016

    I will make it simple and short. I bought a SK-19H210S Widescreen HDTV on 11/24/07. In December 2008 it would no longer turn on. I called Westinghouse, they could only tell me that the warranty had expired and I was on my on. If you want to spend a three hundred dollars on a tv and risk it lasting only one year, go ahead. My suggestion is to stay away. They do no make reliable products, and from the other complaints I read, it only confirms my suspicions. I will never buy another product from them. I am just happy I only bought a small tv and not one that cost a lot more.

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sound but no picture

Unit powers on has sound but no picture. I do not want the run around. I want the tv re[aired or replaced.

Robert and Karen Brown.

red on the right side of tv

We bought flat screen TV from Rex two years ago, and we were happy with it, until, there were multiple color...

32& flat screen television died

Contacted White Westinghouse Customer Service on December 8th, 2008, and told them the 32" television purchased by my husband for $600 refused to turn on. Tried everything they suggested and it was dead. I was told by the agent they had been experiencing problems with a particular part on the television and the supplier had gone out of business so they would replace the tv. I was issued an RMA number, told they would replace the television if I shipped it back, and very politely treated. Finally got it shipped via UPS at a charge of over $100. UPS took forever to get it to White-Westinghouse, attempted deliver to them but WW closed for Christmas. The television was delivered on 1/5/09 but as of 1/23 it STILL hadn't been "checked in." I've contacted their Customer Service MANY times via e-mail and always received the same "sorry for the inconvenience" e-mail back, but no helpful response. Also have spoken to Customer Service on the phone and this last time was told they would make sure it was checked in and "guess-timated" a tv would be shipped out to me very soon. Well, still no television, and again I've received a "sorry for the inconvenience" lame e-mail. I'm contacting the Illinois Attorney General, Chicago Tribune consumer Assistance group, Better Business Bureau and FTC to file a complaint. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. White Westinghouse should fulfill their promises ASAP and stop jacking around consumers who pay good money for their products.

  • Ch
    Cheated in Illinois Feb 02, 2009

    UPDATE: Spoke to Westinghouse Customer Service this afternoon and was told a replacement television was shipped on 1/28. They gave me a FedEx tracking number and I have confirmed it should be delivered tomorrow. HURRAY. Let's hope this is the end of the ongoing saga. So hopefully everyone else who is waiting for their replacement will have similar news. I'll update again when the television is delivered and tested.

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  • Ch
    Cheated in Illinois Feb 03, 2009

    2nd Update: Received the replacement television today and it works! They sent it very well packaged via FedEx. Hopefully everyone else who was in the same situation as us will also get their replacement tvs and their sagas will come to a happy conclusion. Thanks to WW for keeping their promise, but they really need to improve their communication skills. Anyway, I do appreciate WW sending out the new unit.

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product quality

I bought a 19" Westinghouse LCD TV late last summer. It worked fine until one day a month ago. It was only 14...


Here is my ongoing saga of attempting to simply get my WDE HDTV I bought a year ago replaced after a vertical line appeared on screen, along with an extended warranty that was also purchased.

Hello Brian,

I do understand your frustration, and I apologize. Unfortunately, we
can only report to you the information which we are given, and until we
are given notice from our corporate office, now that the matter has been
escelated to them, we will not have any new information until they
respond. I do agree with you, you should have your television.
Generally, the time frame that I give for our RMA process is 7-10
business days, which you are obviously beyond. But again, we can only
report the information that we have in our system, and until that system
is updated, I will not have any new information to offer.

If you have any further questions, you may contact us through email, or
by calling us toll-free at [protected], between 9am and 9pm Eastern
Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. One of our technicians will
assist you.

-John L, Westinghouse Digital Support Staff

Original Message Follows:
So please answer this question for me, once a "technician has decided
to ship a replacement instead of repairing the tv", and then Im notified
to call back for a tracking # in 5-7 working days and there is no #
issued yet, and I'm told to check back in an additional 5-7 and there is
still no tracking # yet, then told to give my original tracking # from
the tv I shipped to you so you can have "status request" filed and call
back in yet another 5-7 working days to see what the "status request"
has reported. SO...what will be my result in this stage of the
"process" once I call back in the end of the 5-7 working days since the
"status request" had been originally filed? What I want to know, is that
the determination has been made by your technician on November 15th,
2008 to send a replacement unit to me, when am I going to receive it?
Brian Haas
RMA# 40013640CU
From: Westinghouse Digital Support <[protected]@microdyne.com>
To: brian haas <[protected]@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 3, 2008 4:27:03 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Westinghouse RMA Request - Reference# : [protected]
Hello Brian,
Thank you for your inquiry.
We apologize for any inconvenience in waiting for our response, but
below is what I can suggest to move forward.
I have just opened your case, and I am not seeing any new information
from the last time. I can see that there has been a status request
filed. But unfortunately, until they respond back, I cannot give you
any new information. I apologize for the delay and frustration.
If you have any further questions, you may contact us through email, or
by calling us toll-free at [protected], between 9am and 9pm Eastern
Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. One of our technicians will
assist you.
-John L, Westinghouse Digital Support Staff
Original Message Follows:
I was wondering if you have a tracking # for the replacement unit that
is to ship out. Clearly it has been more than the 5-7 working days I
was told via phone on the 17th of November. I was told to call back or
check with WDE after 5 - 7 working days from the 17th and that you
should be able to give me a tracking # on the replacement unit
authorized as per the attachment. Surely this replacement unit should be
on its way by now!
Brian Haas
From: Westinghouse Digital Support < [protected]@microdyne.com
<mailto:[protected]@microdyne.com> >
To: brian haas < [protected]@yahoo.com <mailto:[protected]@yahoo.com> >
Sent: Saturday, November 15, 2008 2:39:48 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Westinghouse RMA Request - Reference# : [protected]
Hello Brian,
Thank you for your inquiry.
We apologize for any inconvenience in waiting for our response.
I checked on your RMA in our system and I see that it was logged into
our system and the technician has decided to ship you a replacement
instead of repairing your TV. Though it has not entered processing yet,
which is the last step, it takes before shipping back to you.
If you have any further questions or if you would like further updates
at a later date, you may contact us through email, or by calling us
toll-free at [protected], between 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time,
Monday through Saturday. One of our technicians will assist you.
-John, Westinghouse Digital Support Staff

  • Bo
    bobseiden Feb 12, 2009

    Having difficulty with a 14" digital photo frame (DPF 1411) purchased January, 2009.

    Didn't read CF card; didn't read USB flash drive.

    Received RMA and returned it (cost me $45.00).

    After a month or so, I received another frame from them - don't know if it was the original or a replacement - no info about frame, no indication they did anything to fix the problem.. Still doesn't read a CF card OR USB flash drive. Sent two email messages detailing the problem. A week has passed - still no response.

    The blogs on Westinghouse reviews are AWFUL!!! I learned my lesson. Always check the brand name blogs/reviews before buying.

    I'm dissatisfied and recommend AGAINST buying any Westinghouse product.

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televisions under supposed warranty

We are a long standing retailer in Consumer Electronics...Audio Video Industry. We began selling Westinghouse TV's years ago...as we began to have failures well in excess of the industry standard, we scaled back our purchases. We had to focus on helping our customers with the failures, returns and replacements...

Now, 10.29.2008, we are at wits end. They have PROMISED us that the last TV we sent back in March of this year would be replaced or credited to our account. They also promised that they would issue a RA number for yet another TV for the same problem. That began on August 4th, 2008. We are still waiting.

I have made dozens of calls to the supplier's Regional Sales Manager, Mike Denn on his cell and home office number since then...he has NEVER called me back. Customer Service has been no help, I emailed the corp office again today...

The dates of the calls I have noted are as follows this year...
I have the phone records to prove it...