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Westgate Resort and Spas

Westgate Resort and Spas review: No heat, dirty rom and lack of customer service

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I stayed at Westgate for my 51st birthday weekend. I arrived at around 7:30pm. My first room did not have heat. My 2nd room was dirty. Food on the table, sheets were dirty and hair was in the tub. It took 2 hrs for them to get us into a 3rd room after midnight. Amir at the front desk said he would refund the resort fees-he did not. I also had to push for the late checkout he said he would give us. We were told a presentation would take 1 hr. They took 2.5 hrs and the $100 gift card they gave us wasn't activated. The front desk said this was my problem. Ahjanae at the front desk tried to help as much as possible, while Shannon stayed in the office relaying messages. My entire weekend was horrible. To make matters worse, it took more than an hr to checkout because they charged the gift card and our credit card and reversed it several times. No one took accountability for all of these issues within a 48 hr timeframe. We froze in the first room, were appalled by the 2nd dirty room and had to call several times before we were finally moved to the 3rd room (I sent pics and a video of the 2nd room). How does a resort like this expect to keep customers when they do not care about their experience, don't take responsibility or compensate people when they ruin their vacations? We almost missed our flight and had to pay our Uber driver to wait because the front desk manager took her time resolving the checkout issue they created.

Desired outcome: Refund me in full or compensate me with the 2 day stay I paid to enjoy but could not because of your staff.

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