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Palmetto State Armory review: Replacement policy for incorrect orders

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I placed an order for ammunition and received a much more expensive order of upper and lower builds for a rifle, with the correct invoice in the box. Being honest, I called the company and returned, with the expectation that my correct order would be sent. As a reward for my honesty, when I really would have loved to keep the incorrect order, I didn't receive as much as a thank you and they refused to correct the order. They wouldn't even discuss the possibility. Are they issuing a refund? Yes. Will I be able to get what I ordered at the price I paid, in time for Christmas? ABSOLUTE NO. Customer service rep just kept repeating the same canned phrase over and over. They won't reship ammo due to a shortage in their warehouses. Being honest is evidently not rewarded any more.

Desired outcome: A sincere apology and the opportunity to repurchase the items or similar merchandise at the price of my original order.