VRBOservice fee, and deceptive presentation of our listings

D Mar 11, 2016 Review updated:

Member since 1999 I always had the premiere listing in our market, I paid top fee and did everything that was required to keep the premiere space. Now vrbo has put so many sub areas that they have decreased our leads by over 75%. Not only that when someone does find our site they are also furnished alternatives, usually cheaper). Now where they are deceptive they create hits on other owner sits giving the impression that vrbo is creating a massive amount of leads. To cap it off they also offer immediate transfer from our listings to the resorts that they represent. This is a very corrupt system that now even punishes our customers that list with us. In their main web sites they don't suggest that clients of the resorts check us out. We will now pay the least price we can get from vrbo and we will rent as many listings out of the vrbo network as possible.


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      Mar 12, 2016

    Yes the new "service" fee will help Expedia increase profits and reduce the quality of VRBO and likely result in fewer bookings for owners. It's time to create a true vacation rentals by owners website (i.e. without corporate Expedia).

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      Apr 04, 2016

    I am a frequent vrbo renter. No more with this new service fee. What a rip off! I tried to contact vrbo/homeway to complain and there's no way to contact them. So obviously this new service fee is nothing but a gimmick to enrich them at the expense of property owners and renters. Sorry vrbo property owners but I'm going to back to traditional methods of finding vacation properties. All you property owners need to complain to homeaway or move your properties to a new site which is truly "by owner."

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      Apr 18, 2016

    I agree the new service fee for booking on VRBO and Homeaway is a total rip off. I also have been an advertiser on VRBO for 12 years. No more after May 30, 2016. Thomas Howard

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      May 16, 2016

    I am a VRBO owner who has paid for and listed my property for over two years. Since Expedia has bought the site my inquiries and reservations have dropped by 95%. I believe this is due to the new fees VRBO is charging guests to book as well as sending potential guest to other sites and resorts that are owned by Expedia. I am disgusted by what Expedia/VRBO has done to the owners and guests. I am now putting my property on other sites and will not renew my contract with VRBO. The contract renewal fee is like dropping money down a bottomless pit. In good faith you pay the fee for listing and now get nothing in return. I can't believe Expedia has destroyed what use to be a good website for both owner and guests. Someone please create a new website that is once again is rental by owner!

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      Nov 28, 2016

    @Mary Hopple I am also a Property owner that is discusted with vrbo . WE NEED TO UNITE AND START A REAL VACATION BY OWNER SITE ! [protected] I am IN !

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