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VRBO listing # 93643filthy mountain cove cottage

THE WORST EVER!!! Filthy does not come close to describing this cottage - Mountain Cove Cottage listing # 93643 in Bat Cave, NC. The owner, Anna Garrett of Asheville, NC is very dishonest. The cottage, despite the filth has a creepy feel to it, as there are dozens of photos of the owner's and their family members all over the property. Not only that, but the owners clothing, shoes and other personal items are in every closet and cupboard to include old opened, out of date food in the refrigerator and pantry.

Owner, Anna Garrett listed the cottage as PET FREE. This is a lie as the owner rents to pet owners and has pets herself that she brings into the cottage for weekend visits. We were told this by her housekeeper who was called in after we arrived. We told the owner prior to our arrival of my severe pet allergy and she blatantly lied to us saying no pets had been in. (We have emails to prove she lied and will take issue with this and ALL complaints to include 28 photos.) We reserved this cottage for 15 nights 9 months in advance.

We traveled from the United Kingdom and had to find another place to stay – this after purchasing groceries on the way to the cottage! What a disaster!!

A word to the owner, Anna Garrett: either move in or sell this place. Do not rent it out in this horrible, filthy dirty condition and under a web of lies. SHAME ON YOU ANNA GARRETT!

filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage
filthy mountain cove cottage


We received our money back the same day we arrived at the property above. Since then, another vacation property owner from Glasgow, Scotland has begun to harass, stalk and slander us - using the factual complaint we made in 2009 as ammunition. The property owner from Scotland is bullying us because we dared to complain about the dirty and smelly state of her apt which we paid two months upfront for. She forced us out and refused to refund us, despite the fact that she turned around and booked the dates we had paid for - before we left! We stayed 24 of the 61 days we prepaid for. We are bereaved parents and the property owner from Scotland has shown no empathy. She has lied about us and the stress is unbearable. Would you please remove our 2009 complaint from this site? Thank you.


  • Sh
    Shaner Aug 28, 2010

    I just rental a Newport Beach VRBO CA cottage and came across this site looking for a place to complain. I agree with the renters CHECK the place out throughly...ours was Nasty beyond nasty and I also took pictures and the owner came by three times in five days to snoop around at his disgusting property>>>>I wouldnt even let my dog walk around that place...the owners are just frustrated they are exposed...but im sure there are plenty of dirty people who would be just happy there...for those of us who choose to live clean and enjoy our vacation "crud" free we need to stick together...Sheila

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    As of today, six weeks after the BBB contacted the owners, Anna and Dan Garrett, they have NOT responded to the complaint. The BBB sent them a second letter, three weeks ago; still no response. This reveals the type of people they truly are.

    The BBB has informed us that they intend to keep this complaint on their records for three years.

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  • UNCMickey - aka "Reasonable Person" : We have only one TripAdvisor account. We did not harass UNCMickey. She is harassing US on this site.

    We stand by our complaint, UNCMickey. WE were there, YOU were not. By all means, please stay at the above cottage. We are quite sure you will fit in nicely.

    The comments about us being 'mentally health challenged' are extremely offensive and will be sent to TripAdvisor for their advice. Your behavior is disturbing.

    AGAIN: The cottage above had not been properly cleaned in years. It would have taken a week to clean this cottage. The photo's show that our complaint is valid.

    UNCMickey, you are on a hate campaign and TripAdvisor will be notified.

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  • Re
    reasonable person Oct 28, 2009

    I am an online friend of UNCMickeys but I am not UNCMickey. Mickey is a longtime respected contributor and destination expert on the Trip Advisor website. Destination Expert is something the owners of the website presented to Mickey because they recognized Mickey's knowledge and service to the website. I am also a DE it is a fun hobby. We are not self proclaimed know it alls, nor are we bullys. We love to travel and enjoy helping others. Visit TripAdvisor and see the truth.
    Mickey tried to make some sense of this crazy persons attack on Trip Adv. gave some good advice on wrbo houses and wrote about looking at both sides of a story before judging. She agreed that the house should be clean, as I do. The owners of the house admitted it had not had the proper cleaning before the new guests arrived. Mrs. Fry should not be making judgements on the owners and housekeepers arrangement or the story she was given. They Frys should have allowed the owners to have the house properly cleaned and then complained if it wasn't clean enough. I would have taken the owners up on there offer to pay for any place and my butt would have been at the Biltmore Estates Inn or the Grove Park Inn in a $500+ a night room. Sweet!
    A little time spent on research would have helped. She should have come on Trip Advisor when planning her trip and asked for help in picking locations and houses. People who are regulars on Trip Advisor and the DEs know a lot about these things and probably could have helped the Frys make a better choice for themselves. For location just get the address and Google Earth it anyone can see for themselves where the house is. I guess the written clues, a retreat on 5 acres, 3 miles from the small town Chimney Rock 20 miles from Asheville was not a good enough description? Some of Mrs. Frys others complaintes are things typical in some vrbo houses. Many houses do have some owners pictures and some houses do not have phones. I looked on the houses website and it does not advertise having a phone. It has broadband internet which most people want and can use SKYPE to make phone calls online if their cellphone would not work.
    Trip Advisor does not allow harassment on it's website and it found that Mrs. Fry was using 2 accounts to harass the owner of the house and UNCMickey. The comments were very hateful, as they are here. They removed the topic and all posts Mrs. Fry wrote under different names to harass UNCMickey throughout the forums. Mickey was never rude in her replys to Mrs. Fry no matter what screen name Mrs. Fry was using at the time. Mickey was just her normal thoughtfull and helpful self. After finding out that both people attacking her on Trip Advisor was the same person using multiple accounts she told me she wants nothing to do with this nut and will not come on this website. She told me I'd be sorry if I responded to this mental health challenged person. Maybe I am. I see that Mrs. Fry has brought along her made up friends here too.

    Mrs .Fry I'm a photography buff and want to suggest if you are going to be taking a lot of extremely zoomed in photos you might want to consider buying a tripod for your camera so the photos aren't so blurry. Also want to mention here many cameras have editing software on them so actual photoshop is not needed to alter photos. The original shot taken would not be on the card only the edited version.

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  • Thank you, Stung too!

    We're sorry you had a bad experience. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how many good experiences you have had with VRBO, check every owner and their listing number for any complaints. Check with the BBB, as well. It may seem like a lot of work, but it could save you so much grief. Someone told me that if an owner has no reviews/comments on their site and they've been renting for a while, it's probably not a good property as every owner proudly displays their positive comments. The above property had NO ccomments. It's at the owners discretion whether they put the comments on their site - so NO they are not going to put the negative ones on - but will put the postive comments on. (If they get any!)

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  • St
    Stung by VRBO too Oct 26, 2009

    I feel I must comment on the person calling herself “reasonable person”. She is actually UNCMickey on the TripAdvisor forum site. She has a reputation on there as being a bully and a self-proclaimed “know-it-all”. If someone dares to question her or has a different opinion, she trashes them. She does nothing but contribute to forums all day…

    The reason UNCMickey has chosen to attack is because she herself is a property owner who rents her home through VRBO. What the Fry’s have said about the property above must have hit close to home with UNCMickey. It may be that someone who rented her own vacation home complained of the condition, too! You know what they say, “Birds of a feather, flock together!”. About getting the money back – the Fry's said they had to threaten to call the law! Also, finding another place to stay in October in that area would have been almost impossible. It’s the busiest time of the year because of the fall colors. UNCMikey said on the TripAdvisor forums that because of the Fry’s she isn’t going to rent to foreigners in the future. Mrs. Fry is an American! I have read her TripAdvisor reviews. Besides, expecting that a vacation rental property be clean has nothing to do with the country you live in. All of these homes should be CLEAN!

    I am not going to get into my experience renting a home through VRBO. But I will say that I was burned the last time so bad that I will never rent another VRBO property ever again. That was out 5th time renting though VRBO and the first 4 were very nice and clean. All it takes is one time to turn you off completely. VRBO was no help to me. I had to go after the property owner myself and trust me, I did. I got him shut down.

    If the Mountain Cove property has family photos and personal belongings all around the cottage, that isn’t good at all. It would make anyone feel uncomfortable and feel like they were intruders. These vacation properties are supposed to make the PAYING guests feel at home – like their own home – not someone else’s! Some of these properties are very, very expensive to rent. UNCMickey said one of the people she rents her home to asked for updated pictures of her children!! YIKES! That is SCARY!! In today’s world, having photos of your family displayed in a vacation rental home for strangers to see boarders on exhibitionism.

    If these owners have to rent their home to offset the costs, then they should put their own personal belongings, like clothing, shoes, family photos, etc away in a locked closet when they are not there. Then bring them out during the times they themselves are visiting. And the food issue? NO food should be left in the fridge, at all. As for half eaten boxes of cereal and things, what? Toss all that out for the birds to eat.

    Finally, in seeing these photos, the condition of the above cottage is AWFUL! Yes, the owners should be ashamed; especially since it’s obvious they live like that since they stay there regularly. The photos they have on the VRBO site were no doubt taken when they bought the cottage years ago. I bet it hasn’t been cleaned since they bought it either! The dirt seen in these photos has been there a very long time. YUCK! I’m glad the Fry’s added more photos as it adds validation to this complaint. I also hope people see this website prior to renting that dump. More people should complain about bad experiences. It would sure save a lot of heartache.

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  • To round out this complaint, we would like to address the " old, used food" issue. The above commenter "Reasonable Person" AKA UNCMickey on the TripAdvisor froums noted that renters appreciate items like salt, pepper, etc. at the property's they rent. We would like to say that items such as salt, pepper, spices and cooking spray are fine and well appreciated. HOWEVER, items like the ones we found in the above cottage were NOT appreciated. They included out of date salad dressing bottles stuck to the refrigerator shelf, old, used containers of other perishable food, also in the refrigerator contributing to bad odors. Also, in the pantry were dozens of open boxes of items ranging from cereals, pasta, pancake mix, etc. Anyone knows that these items attract bugs and worms. They should be thrown out.

    Let's all agree that opened, used food is unsanitary and can cause illness. Anything that can be touched and therefore infected with something by someone else cannot be healthy. PERIOD.

    With all that being said, travelers beware and vet property owners very, very carefully! Best of Luck!!

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  • We wanted to confirm that the housekeeper's son was in a minor accident - the day before we arrived. Upon her arrival at 4pm, the housekeeper told us that the day before he was in an accident. We inquired about his wellbeing to which the housekeeper replied, "Oh, he's okay, he wasn't hurt... ah...they told me you were coming tomorrow." This was Tuesday. The owners stayed at the cottage Fri-Sat-Sun. (We even photographed the note that the owner left for the housekeeper.) We felt a bit sorry for the housekeeper, as it appeared the owners do not value her much, seeing how they left the cottage in the condition it was in. Most owners would have cleaned up after themselves.

    We just wanted to set the record straight regarding the housekeeper.

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  • My husband and I do not own nor have we ever used photo shop. Our photos of the cottage in question are still on our camera's media card. We would be only too happy to allow an independent photography expert to examine the photos which will verify they are untouched.

    We hope future travelers will learn from our experience and vet each property owner to the fullest before renting any vacation property. We travelled over 4500 miles only to have our vacation turned upside down. What has upset the the most is the fact that the owner changed their VRBO listing from pet free to pet friendly just weeks before our arrival - not considering us at all, especially since we had the cottage reserved for nine months and we were coming in for 15 nights. At the very least, the owner should have been good enough to consider us and make us aware of their intentions. When we contacted the owner, she promptly removed the pet friendly option and assured us that no pets had been in the cottage. I have an allergy to dogs and she was fully aware of this. But even if she wasn't, the fact that someone rents a pet free property indicates they want a PET FREE property. Right? We even asked if there was a vacuum cleaner in the cottage as we are tidy people and being there 15 nights, would want to keep the cottage clean. All clear indications of what type of condition we hoped the cottage would be in.

    The disgruntled reviewer (aka "reasonable person") is not property owner. Not that I am in any way defending the owner of the above property, but looking at it from merely an owner's perspective, they cannot possibly know what we went through and how it effected us. This disgruntled reviewer, to our knowledge, has no vested interest in the above property, but seems to have taken on some weird mission and I am sure the owner of the property wishes she never got involved in what is clearly non of her concern. She has never seen the cottage or met the owners, me or my husband. For her to make the comments that she has is bizzare and quite frankly, disturbing.

    Yes, the owner (husband) did give us our money, but it was after we threatened to call the Sheriff. He gave us $100 towards the $162 worth of groceries we purchased, but all of the meat, fish, dairy and frozen products had to be thrown away. We broke even. On top of that, we spent $500 over and above on last minute hotel accommodations.

    The owner (husband) offered put us up in a hotel for the night until the cottage was cleaned, but honestly, this cottage was in dire need of a deep cleaning and one night would not have been enough (see photo). Our overall impression of this cottage was forever ruined and we would not have been happy with it even after a week's worth of cleaning. He was clearly embarrassed by the condition of the cottage. We had never dealt with him, only Anna Garrett and it's worth noting that she did not come to the cottage nor did she apologize, even by email. She simply relisted the property as a "Last minute cancellation!"

    Our frustration was tripled as we had to make three trips up and down the narrow, one lane unpaved road to the nearest town to call the owner again and again. They do not have a phone in their cottage - nothing in case of an emergency. The cottage is in a very remote area, too. No instructions were given to indicate just how remote it is.

    All in all, we are glad to be back home and are a lot wiser now!

    Best wishes to everyone and happy landings!

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  • Re
    reasonable person Oct 21, 2009

    Please disregard this vicious complaint, Mrs. Fry has put this complaint on other websites including TripAdvisor, and has had it removed because it is not credible. There are different versions of this photoshopped photo on the web, the dirt seems to move from place to place, but it's the same exact shot.
    The home was not clean when the Frys arrived due to the housekeepers' son being in an accident that morning. As soon as the Frys contacted the homeowners that day and told them that the home wasn't clean, the homeowner immediately made a call to have the home cleaned, and offered to pay for the Frys to stay in any area hotel of their choice for the evening while the home was being cleaned. Mrs. Fry refused to be reasonable and work with the homeowners in this situation. The homeowners tried to reason with her, but could not so they refunded all the Frys money right there on the spot, and also gave them extra money for the groceries they had purchased. What more can people do?

    FYI, VRBO is renting vacation homes directly from the homeowner; the decor of these homes are personal and left up to the homeowner. VRBO also encourages homeowners to leave cooking staples such as cooking oil, salt, pepper, flour, butter, seasonings, and much more in the home as a convenience to the renter. Most renters are happy to find these things in the home, and will help out the homeowner by discarding any out of date supplies.

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