Vodacom Finrite InsuranceI am paying for insurance every month, now that my phone is stolen they say my device is not insured.

M Jul 19, 2019 Review updated:

my phone number is [protected] that were stolen
the imei number on the box [protected]
match the one that vodacom customer care have
the insurance people refuse to process my claim they say the phone is not insured but my phone which the contract long time ago is finished is insured, there system is defnitly confused.
i have mad several calls between vodacom and the insurance 0821952
it does not even help taking the person name who helps you next time you phone they say that person dont exist
the man with the name Ruben send me a message he will phone me back unfortunally i missed his called tried to call the help desk again there is no one with that name working there.

this is a nightmare then they still brag on the line your phone will be sorted out so quick BULL SH...


  • Ku
    Kubeshnie Jul 20, 2019

    Good day

    Please accept our sincere apologizes for all the inconveniences caused.

    Kindly provide us with your contact numbers in order for us to assist you further, you can email us on the below email for a speedy response.

    [email protected]

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  • Fi
    Finrite Jul 22, 2019

    @Kubeshnie Good Day,

    Please send us your contact details regarding your claim to complaints @ finrite . co . za please don't use spaces.

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