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I stopped in right after they closed thought they were open yet. The manager yelled from across the store what do I want? I just needed to refill my eyeglass cleaner I paid for refills for life.I did not expect to be let in, she could have said they were sorry but they just closed for the day. She came to the door asked me for the bottle and said wait outside. It was 30 degrees. I told her I also would like to make an appointment for an exam and purchase of new glasses. We have bought 4 very expensive pair in the past and they did not last 3 days past the warranty. Could they have done something to replace the titiainium frames my husband bought that were supposed to be unbreakable?The manager filled my bulk bottle but my small purse size spray bottle was broke I asked for a new one. She was not only the rudest manager I have ever dealt with but she said I would have to buy another one. The cost was not the issue. But for the $2.00 she not only lost both myself and my husband as customers, I will never shop there again and will not return to this company. I have been in the retail industry for 30 years and I would never let a customer leave with out feeling happy and satisfied with with their service no matter what it takes. I don't know this managers name but she should not be in retail.


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    Joyce P Jul 12, 2014

    I visited the store at the Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA today at 1PM. I called and made an appointment for my daughter earlier in the week to take advantage of the $19 eye exam since I don't have insurance. When I made the appt. they asked me if she wore contacts. I said yes she wears one. The girl on the phone said OK and there is no need to bring the coupon with you. Upon arrival we checked in and they wanted to do a test for $12 additional and we signed the form allowing them to do that. She had the exam and I was given a prescription for her new contacts. When we went to the desk to pay I was informed that it was $90! I said, Why is it $90? We were here for the $19 exam plus the extra $12 we agreed to. I was told that there is an additional $59.95 for a contact exam. No one EVER on the phone or anyone who we came in contact with before or during the exam told me there was an upcharge for the contact exam. When I complained I was told I would have to give the prescription back or pay the $90. I repeatedly asked them to show me something that I signed agreeing to this charge. They told me I agreed when I made the appointment. What???? I was NEVER told about an upcharge when making the appointment. I was told if I didn't pay they would call security. REALLY? Security? Rather than put my daughter through another exam elsewhere I was left with no choice but to pay for it. I gave them a check and my DL and then they said they couldn't accept the check! Funny because I used my debit card attached to that account and of course it was fine. I have never been more embarrassed or treated to rudely in my life.

    The manager was no help. If you don't post your prices and don't tell people up front then these types of practices fall under unfair business practices. I was pretty much told to give the prescription back or pay. This is like being held hostage.

    I am still wondering why I paid the original $19 for the exam plus the up charge when I didn't even get a prescription for glasses, only one for contacts.

    I will reiterate for you the fact that they could not produce one piece of paper that I agreed to this. Not one piece anywhere. Obviously this is bait and switch.

    I was treated like a criminal at that store. They were rude, arrogant and threatening.

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