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I booked a holiday through virgin holidays in May 2008 for 14 nights at Disney Port Orleans Hotel the cost of the holiday was £4, 700. When we booked we received 5% discount, the very next day after our booking was confirmed we received an email offering us 10% discount if we booked then, this completely was a slap in the face to us after we had already booked.I contacted them and was basically told "tough luck". Further to this my friend booked the same holiday in august 2008, exactly the same...fligt hotel etc. 2 months after their holiday was booked they received an ammended booking letter (after not Changing anything themselves, stating that Virgin had given them 4 free Disney park Tickets for the whole duration of their stay and also 4 free meal tickeks. This was not an offer at the time they booked their holiday. I contacted Virgin to complain about this and they refused to look in to the complaint and actually didn't even see their was any substance to my complaint.. Basically i have been well and truely had...They have saved over £1000 on park tickets and got free meals.aswell..we have got a flat NOTHING. We have booked 3 times with Virgin now and feel really let dowm.We booked over a year in advance for our holiday and have been severely penalized for doing so. We only booked so far in advance as to confirm our booking because we have a disabled child and therefore can not just leave our holiday bookings to last minute. The holiday will be a hugh financial burden to us in the first place because of current financial markets but we are determined to make it a special holiday for our children. Virgin's shear lack of empathy is disgusting. They would not even admit that they had made a mistake in the discounts applied to my friends Mr and Mrs Davies' holiday. and then further to this refusing to offer any kind of compensation or indeed explanation. This has left a bad taste in my mouth, it is not nice to be trated in this way. I just keep getting blanks when i write to anyone to see if they can do anything about this. Toadd insult to injury they sent us a mailer telling us because we had booked with them on more than 1 occassion that we had now moved in to their Priority Virgin Frequent Flyers Club"...only given to Loyal customer...loyalty they don't know the meaning of the word, shafted customers more like. I am so very dissappointed.


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      Jun 03, 2016
    Virgin Holidays - Flight upgrades
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    Priced flight upgrades for up coming holiday to dubai £11000 both ways for 3 of us
    When i picked my self up i said no thank you i am already in premium economy and was quoted £2000 some thing a while ago.
    Priced up flights on virgin atlantic for the same flight as me and i could buy off of them for £7000 both ways fresh new seats in fact i could buy premium economy and first class for less than what virgin holidays wanted for the upgrade.
    I emailed and bought this to virgin holidays attention 3 times 3 times i received a fob off email stating sorry different companies we don't set the prices they do poppy ### i cant see virgin atlantic selling seats to virgin holidays for more than joe public can buy them for i know there different companies, but they are sister companies and all come under the virgin umbrella
    My emails and complaint was not looked into and in 2 out of the 3 emails i received back they didn't understand them and in fact got my holiday wrong in detail so to tell me they received my complaint and simply spun one strait back to me with out looking into my concerns
    If in deed the pricing is out of virgin holidays control they need to look into this
    I personally think when i priced the flight upgrade and the lady went away to speak to the flight team to see if they could do a upgrade for me she asked is it a special occasion i said no perhaps a yes would have worked i do now believe a upgrade is a mystical thing and when seats get down to low numbers they pick and choose who gets them perhaps because i have a 14 year old with me or some thing else or because i complained before they keep a file of there best customers so why not of other customers i don't no i was willing to pay for an upgrade didn't want some thing for nothing just a fare price i consider 11 grand a stupid price and indeed could have booked the whole lot for less with first class seats at the initial time of booking do people pay these prices?

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