Village Inn Restaurants, St. Augustine, FLcorporate and local management

D Sep 13, 2018

Who's Policing The Police at our Village Inns??? Clearly, the Corporate Office just lollygags along, ignoring customer complaints that correspond directly to apathetic, negligent management crews. Case in point: "Chuckles, The Wonder Manager" at the St. Augustine, FL Village Inn.
As other customer comments indicate, when it comes to distinguishing a good employee from a bad one, Ol' Chuckles couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a sack of beans. In short, this clueless manager fired one of his best servers -- exclusively because a dishonest employee made false, slanderous accusations about an honest one.
Easy then, for the manager to fire the latter -- since he'd been looking for an excuse to do so, for reasons he could only dredge up during nightmarish dreams about an intelligent, hard-working, highly-competent, well-liked, honest server. Perhaps it was her eloquence, education and professional background that threatened him most. Whatever the case, it backfired on him -- like a rusted-out exhaust system in a derelict El Camino.
Turns out, the employee who made the unfounded accusation was reported by a customer, shortly-thereafter, for having been WUI (Working Under the Influence) during her shift at the Village Inn. Chuckles had no choice but to fire her -- but not before he'd jumped the gun, and taken action against the more responsible server.
Oh, Well, Village Inn. Your loss.
BTW: If you do nothing else, Corporate -- You would do well to order Manager
Chuckles to Cease & Desist his claims (to employees wrongly-discharged) that he has so-called "evidence of wrongdoing" recorded on work site "video tape" -- especially, in that the work site was not equipped with such equipment, to begin with. Such is the reason the State backed the employee he terminated -- and such is the reason he screwed the St. Augustine Village Inn out of dozens of friends and appreciative customers take their business elsewhere.
Oh, Sweet Moses! For a restaurant that serves up so much coffee, you guys in Corporate & Management sure are BIGLY Clueless about how to Wake Up & Smell It! See ya'll at Ned's Diner.

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