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On June 3rd I purchased a product that stated they were the best alternative to Cable TV. They do not take back the product unless it has a technical fault and I can understand that. The problem is with the service and the technical support they brag about at the booth in the malls. This purchase has been a nightmare from the moment we purchased it. Buffering is endless, the longer you have the product, the worse the service. They are coming to the Gastonia Mall soon and I will tell you that it is not the best alternative to cable. Get an Amazon fire stick or something else. We have two boxed. One box has a error that will not allow updates when they are push the box. We spent hours on the phone with tech support and the technician was unable to correct the issue. He advised us to bring the box to Gastonia and we have been there several time and they have an empty booth. The other problem is they send their invoice and expect the invoice say due upon receipt and they will disconnect the service almost immediately in the 24 hours they send it and you have to call them to turn it back on even after the invoice is paid. I will not tell anyone whether you should purchase it or not, but go on Facebook to read the comments before purchasing it. I will even let you try my box if you want to test it out before buying a $90.00 box and $20.00 per month for the non-service you will get.

tv and cable alternative
tv and cable alternative

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  • Br
    Brenda p. Oct 16, 2017

    I actually love the box and have recommended it to several people (well over 30). Customer service is awesome and they dont actually cut off service manually from what i hear its automated through the system so PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME LOL. In all seriousness tbis is tbe best alternative to any cable provider i have dealt with. Firestick and reliable live tv goodluck. I support small businesses especially black owned and i know could care less about me. These guys rock. If you had a bad experience better fuss at your internet provider and not viewmore. The reviews on facebook speak for themselves. I look foward to getting more boxes as christmas gifts!!!

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  • Ke
    Keith Quick Mar 05, 2018

    They are reselling a service that cost $15 and that you can buy directly. The x96 box they sell is trash. It does not have the latest wireless standard and does not have gigabit ethernet. That means if you upgrade to internet speeds over 100 mbps the box is worthless.

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  • Ja
    Jason Riggins Feb 20, 2020

    I'm reading the complaints and I have to say it is probably theur internet. Sometimes you get what you pay for. If you go the cheap route and get the lowest speed your service will be horrible for streaming. This is the best alternative to cable, thus far! Where else can you get these channels for 30 bucks a month??? Nowhere.

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