Viagogotommy emmanuel concert qpac brisbane on 3/10


Hi. My name is Hannah Collins-Woolcock and frankly, I am absolutely appalled at how scheming this website is. I recently purchased 2 admission tickets to the Tommy Emmanuel concert in Brisbane on 17/9 and ended up paying $309 for this. I was lead to believe these were the last remaining tickets and I could not purchase them elsewhere, when really I could have purchased 2 premium (the best) tickets for just $240. I am 16 and this is a large amount of money for me to squander. I am so disappointed and very upset at how manipulative and deceiving this website is. I wasted a LOT of money on these tickets and this has now caused me to begrudge the concert that I really should be looking forward to. I would greatly appreciate a refund of some sort as I am extremely upset at how easily this website ripped me off. I do not believe there was full disclosure in the booking process. I was lead to believe that this was the only way that I could attend this concert, and that these were the last tickets remaining. Now my tickets are in the name of a suspicious sounding "Lady Elena Mamonova, " whom I have never heard of. I had no idea I was purchasing somebody's resold tickets and the website did not disclose this to me. On the tickets, the price clearly states '$79.90, " which is not what I paid and is now a painful reminder of the money that this website robbed me of. I have no confidence that these tickets are legitimate.

Please get back to me soon. My concert is tomorrow night. My email is [protected]

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