Viagogonon delivery of paid tickets.

P Nov 29, 2019

I bought two tickets for tonight's Elton John concert in Perth, WA via Viagogo. The tickets have not been delivered yet. Transaction on credit card on 18/11/19 showed that Viagogo deducted the cost of the tickets ( A$283.63), but never forwarded them.

I am living in Albany, Western Australia. It is 409km from Perth.

A hotel booking in Freemantle, ( Perth, ) had to be cancelled today. No refunding as my cancellation this morning was too late. My wife and I was booked in at the Hougoumont Hotel, Freemantle from tonite (30/11/19) until Monday morning ( 02/12/19).
The total cost is A$498.

The transaction for the Elton John concert appeared on my ANZ credit card statement as follows :
Viagogo Elton John Tix Geneva. Overseas TXN $8.26. Total A$ 286.63.
It occurred on 18/11/19.

Please clarify urgently.

If the tickets could be forwarded to my email address [protected] within the next two hours, my wife and I might still be able to attend the concert tonight.

If I don't receive the tickets or receive them late, Viagogo will be held liable for refunding the tickets as well as covering my loss due to late cancellation of my hotel reservations.

Yours Sincerely.

Dr Petrus J Claassen

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