Viagogoid [protected] nfl @twickers tickets sale

R Nov 18, 2017

I sold 2 tickets for the Vikings game at the end of October. The person I sold the tickets to turned up to the event, sat together and enjoyed the game.
I go as part of a group every year and had 2 tickets spare as 2 people could not make it.
When the people who purchased the tickets arrived and realised their seats were in the middle if our group they asked if we wanted to move down and they would sit at the end of our group, in the same row just 4 seats down. I thought that was kind of them, but it cost me £40 as they said to Viagogo that they did not sit in the seats they had purchased to which they were given £40 compensation by Viagogo which was deducted from the payment to me. There was no contact from viagogo about this charge and they have not replied to the 20+ emails I have sent to their erm " customer service" ( ha ha, thats a joke calling it that). I found out what the charge was for the the buyer after sending them a text. Thet said they do it all the time as Viagogo give compensation with no proof, they just hand it to the buyer with no contact with the seller to see if it was true or any facts behind what happened!
I have tried to phone the ha ha, customer service but each time have been waiting on the phone 20mins plus.
In short, DO NOT USE THESE COWBOYS, they will overcharge you for tickets and deduct money from sales without giving a reason why, and get away with it because you can not contact them.

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