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Verizon Phone Billthreats by pressler and pressler

Pressler and Pressler are trying to strong arm us by now saying if we dont anwer a subpeona questionaire that my husband can be arrested. this debt they are trying to collect on was charged off by verizon in 2001. they ended up winning by default in court because we had a case with our landlord as well... my wife has been trying tohelp pay this but we cant afford the 200.00 per month they want and she keeps trying to explain that we live pay check to pay check. she refuses to give them my work info jor any other because of what the web sites say about them freezing accounts. so as far as they are concerned she told them i am not working.

we are not rich and can not afford any attorney fees that are beyond our means, and now they sent us a letter staing if we dont give them the info they will have me put in jail. my wife will be able to answer any questions if any.


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    fayson May 13, 2009

    Tell them that you are going to the National Abritrator Forum. They are located in Minneapolis MN. I had a bill which they also tried to collect on which was paid, and once I presented them with a letter the National Abritration Forum they decided not to pursue. After I received there letter stating that they were not going to pursue, I withdrew my complaint to the Forum. Alot of people don't even know this forum exists, but they do and they will resolve the problem for you.

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