Vauxhall Motorsissue with my vauxhall corsa, reg lv65 hdn.

D Aug 11, 2018

I was driving to work on Tuesday 7 August 2018 and the Electronic Stability Control And engine management lights come on. When I got to work I rang Vauxhall in Epsom (my local Vauxhall and the one I always use) to ask if I should be concerned about the light, I was told they wouldn't know until they looked at the car. When I asked when they could look at the car I was told not until September. I was advised to keep driving the car until the light eithe went red or the car broke down and I could be towed to the garage as they might be able to look at the car sooner than September . A bit concerned she repeated her advice. Feeling worried I rang my local garage, SWB Motors in Cheam who looked at the car the same day, told me not to drive it as it would cause further damage to the car. They diagnosed the problem as as faulty ignition coil and repaired it on Wednesday 8 August and it is fine now (£247.20).I am horrified at the lack of service from Vauxhall - the car is under warranty until September but I had no choice but to get it done elsewhere. I attach my receipt for the work and trust Vauxhall will reimburse me.

issue with my vauxhall corsa, reg lv65 hdn.
issue with my vauxhall corsa, reg lv65 hdn.

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