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For two months I noticed they have been taking 59.95 from my bank without my authorization! I'm on disability and they need to refund me! They also need taking out 5.99 twice a month! This is unethical! I want my money back before I report them to the BBB!

Desired outcome: Refund - Cancel this

I never ask for it I ask you 2 time now to cancel this an put my money back in my account it a fake what your doing

Desired outcome: It suck - Unauthorized charge on my card

This company called me. They knew my name address and telephone number and said the government was trying to send me $4, 200 and all they needed was a card for they could deposit the money. Representative of the company stated that the government owes me this money and was trying to send it to me. It was not supposed to cost me anything and they said that multiple times. However today I found a charge on my account from this company in the amount of $19.99. I want my money back. This is a scam. Thank you.

Desired outcome: I want my money back. The amount is $19.99. - Don’t know and I would never use them for anything

They took $59.95 out of my bank account
First 6 on my debit card 514616
Last 4 7882
My name is Rickey Bailey
Email [protected]
Phone # [protected]
I have my car payment coming out tomorrow and if it bounces I am filing a law suite against your company
Contact me immediately by phone

Desired outcome: Put my money back immediately - $6,800 grant supposed to be in my account

I received the phone call from supposedly us and they told me I was approved for a grant for $6,800 and at the same time the next day she gave me a confirmation number and was supposed to be sending me an email with confirmation number and she took the $5.87 out of my account but did not deposit the $6,800

Desired outcome: My $6800

The same thing happened to me just today, did they keep charging you or was it only the 5.87 dollars?

I literally had the same issue they called saying I was approved for $5, 000 dollars and that I’d be charged the next day for a transaction fee $5.87 and never got the money now i don’t care but I just don’t want my account to be used out of no where

Curious did you ever get the money or did you get your 5 dollars back? Please respond - Us fund finder is trying to charge my debit card 59.99 for no reason and I want to charge them with fraud

My email is [protected] this is a crime us fund finder is trying to take my money for no service at all and I want this taken care of or I will file a Law suit immediately I had no knowledge of any dealings concerning a$ 59.99 charge to my card this is a fraud charge if I ever seen one how do these things take place at such a time in life

Desired outcome: To be unsuscribed from us fund finder now - US fund finders /scam!!!

Called and told me that I was approved to get 5,000 dollars one time grant. I gave them my card information she gave me a confirmation number. No call from the bank asking for the confirmation number. No money received. I had suspicions from the start so I locked my card. As soon as I unlocked it to use it at the store I was charged $5.87. This is [censored] we are in a pandemic and nobody can afford to be frauded. Give me my money back!!!

Was told I would receive 5, 000 in free grant money for school and all I needed to do was pay $3.87 for process fee. Then a couple of days later I was charged 59.95 on my card. What the hell I thought. I am a single parent and this company taking from hard working people. Not fair at all

There stealing money out of peoples banks they deserve prision indian [censored].americans steal we go straight to prison - Not a clue

my name is Jennifer jarboe. You guys keep charging my PayPal account and I never authorized that. I've now been charged a couple hundred dollars for a service I never used. I got tricked into taking some kind of survey and now I'm getting overwhelmed with stupid emails asking me to take surveys and you guys rip me off. I want my money back you guys are a scam. Stay out of my bank account. I don't know what you're selling but I don't want any of it. Thanks

Desired outcome: I want my money. Stay out of my account - I am complaining about unauthorized charge on my credit card. This is a scam.

I have called to get this resolved but no action yet. I want a refund of my money 3.87 and 59.95. I want my money refunded ASAP. Please help!

Their headquarters:
3610 N University Ave Ste 375, Provo, UT [protected]
US FundFinder provo UT
727 N 1550 E Ste 490, Orem, UT [protected] [protected] - Government grant

I got a call from this company said I had a grant of 6000 and paid the $3.87 with my green dot card and haven't heard nun about getting the grant our what to do to proceed I was supposed to get the funds in my green dot a few days ago and still haven't got nothing so what can I do about resolving the problem now it's saying posted but no money no text to give the conformation code - us fund finder

Told me I won a grant. Took money from my account even after I told them I didn't have money in the account. Now I'm out 3 98 plus 35 dollar for nsf chrg at my bank. If u listen to when I was talking to them I told them. They were a scam and not to take money out of my account... After calling me back to back. All day to even get me to talk to them... I on social security and can not afford this kind of hit.

Sorry that happened to you Teressa,
Just to let you know if you speak to the bank manager they are given authorization to refund one over draft per year on your account.
Hope that helps. Thank you for sharing and saving me a mistake.
Tonia - Receiving loan money

The took out 3.87 in September and 59.95 in November without my authorization I didn't sign up for nothing I need my money back...i am disabled and cannot afford your mistakes.i would have never agreed to this purchase so again you need to put it back on my contact # [protected].email is [protected] fund finders is responsible for stealing money from my card. - Took my debit card number

They called and told me I had a grant in my name for 6, 000$ . They took my debit card info and tried to charge $3.87 on it but all I had was . 27 cents. So do I need to get a new card now or what because it seems to be a complete scam. So what do I do? Do I just disregard the whole incident or do I need to report my card lost or stolen. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated. - Grant loan

I purchased a GreenDot card and was charged 1999 by us fund finder Austin was his name gave me a confirmation number said 24 hours they'll be $5, 000 Grant on my card 4 days later there's nothing there but a negative 795 charge for maintenance fee and now when I call they tell me no it's for an application for a grant not a guarantee which I was falsely lead under the impression that I was already approved and just straight lied to - Product/service this what I am complaining about

I did not sign up for this and you all took money out of my account I will be calling you all. You all have not help me with anything so I'm not sure what hell going on and you all made me have to pay a 40 dollars overdraft fee because of this so you all owe me 100.00 dollars. I want my money back because I didn't ask you all to do this and this third time you all have shown up on my bank statement so I'm not sure what you all are doing but you are not going to take my money so I definitely will be calling you all as soon as I get a chance Monday morning. I'm going to report you all to the better business bureau if you all don't give my money back because why would I pay someone to give me something that belongs to me or whatever you all do at your company. You all have not talk to me to get this approved by me so I very disappointed and disturbed when I saw this charge on my account. - Grants

Us fund finder said I qualified for 5, 327.00 in a one time government grant. They charged my card and I never recieved any money of any type. Now I cannot reach anyone. so now not am I only out the money they charged me but as well as the money promised to me. They took money from me when I didnt even have it to give living on social security. Now I dont even have money to eat or live. Im so hurt I dont know what to do I though I was gonna finally be able to catch up on my bills

I will be doing the same thing damn liars

They charged my card and said I will receive 2, 4000 frm the government I want my money back on my card or I will be get in touch with my lawyer - they took out 3.87 and said it was for a personal government grant

They took out $3.87 for a personal government grant and said I would receive $4, 000 dollars free government grant the next day at the same time but checked my debit card and was not true, nother...

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Called my bank on 3/11/15 and my bank said Us Fund Finder had went into my account and took 59.92 out of my account for what noone but them knows. I did not authorize this transaction. I called my...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Unauthorized transaction from my check card

Someone claiming to be from the US Fundfiner department in Washington DC said that i was selected to get a free government school loan in the amount of $8000.00 for free and wouldn't have to pay it...

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I was looking for a home Inprovemnt grand and they wanted $3.00 so i put it in my checking account they could not get it out for so reason so i need some thing for a store wrote a check for $3.00...

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