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This is the 3rd time I have used this company and the first time I have had a problem, but I will never use them again. I sent in 2 phones in their mailers. Both phone were undamaged and in working order. I could have gotten more money on ebay but I did not have the time to list them. The first phone went through ok. The second phone they offered me 30.10 which was low, but when I only got 5.70 in my pay pal I was mad. This is the response I got from their customer service: thanks for contacting us. I see here that you placed an order to sell an apple iphone 4 16gb to us on september 2nd. I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your order. I can certainly understand why you would be upset about the revised offer of $5.70 you received for your item. Our inspection team noted that the lcd of your device was bad and that the device had a cracked touchscreen. Two email notifications were sent to you on sep 18th and 21st about this revised offer due to the condition discrepancy described above, to give you the opportunity to accept it and be paid, or decline it and have the device returned to you for free. I checked the email logs and I see that comcast blocked the emails as spam. I have attached a copy of the records to this message. We are aware that comcast has had issues receiving messages in the past, however our [terms of service] (, section 7 state that "it is your duty to keep your e-mail address accurate, valid and up to date and to ensure that e-mails usell sends you are not filtered or stopped by spam filters or other types of e-mail blocking functionalities." i'm very sorry that comcast blocked these notifications from you, unfortunately due to no response being given to this offer within 7 days, payment for the lower amount was issued out to you via paypal on sep 26th. We deeply apologize for the disappointment and frustration you have experienced. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know. Best, imani customer care representative I the screen was cracked, it happened during the mailing process in their mailer! The phone was in perfect shape when I sent it! I cannot reach a person by phone, they won't send me my phone back, and I don't know what recourse I have left! Any suggestions??? [protected]

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