SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews — I sold them my phone with them not paying me for it

Order # [protected]. I have sent my phone in with the promise to be paid for it. It has been over a month and still no check...

Mobile & Cell Phones  · Oct 23, 2019 — iphone 7 128gb

On 9/21 offered me $140 for my iphone 7 128g. They sent me a prepaid envelope to send them the phone and upon...

Mobile & Cell Phones  · Oct 03, 2019 — usell iphone sale

USell no communication, no money. I woild like my phone back. Got an estimate to sell my iPhone 6. Sent it in, and USell...

Mobile & Cell Phones  · Sep 27, 2019 — brand new samsung galaxy s10e

I sold my brand new Samsung Galaxy S10e. They received the phone on September 13th, 2019. I only new that...

Internet Services  · Sep 26, 2019 — no contact

Terrible company have placed several calls for help regarding an order. Ive also emailed them and nothing. This was well...

Computers & Accessories  · Sep 16, 2019 — no response

I mailed my phone to I tracked the delivery and saw that it was received on August 14th 2019. They finally...

Mobile & Cell Phones  · Sep 05, 2019 — cell phone trade in

I mailed in a phone that was in great condition and had always been kept in a case. I received a revised offer because...

Mobile & Cell Phones  · Mar 04, 2019 — trade in of phone-huge scam

I recently dealt with usell trading in my samsung galaxy s4. This phone was in the best of shape, no scratches or crack...

Usell — purchase of iphone 6

This is the text I have just sent to the new york state department of consumer affairs. Next stop is the office of the...

Usell — smartphone

I was looking for a quote for my samsung galaxy s6+ edge that I rerplaced with a new phone. The condition generally... — dishonest about pricing, once they got the phone paid only fraction of their offer

Dishonest about pricing, once they got the phone paid only fraction of their offer. I was expecting maybe a small price... — 3-5 day guarantee for paypal payments - lie!

I sent usell a perfect, flawless, gold iphone 6s. They received it november 16 and immediately inspected it and posted... — purchase used smartphones.

Larry johnson october 25th. 2015 @ 9:37 a.m. I filed a complaint with the united states postal service, bbb and consumer... — iphone 4

This is the 3rd time I have used this company and the first time I have had a problem, but I will never use them again...

Usell — beware of usell

This was a horrific experience, I was given a quote of about 100$ for my iphone I thought why not and decided to ship it...

Usell — damaged phone

I sent my galaxy s3 to usell in good condition and in perfect working order. It was returned to me completely worthle...

Usell Online Sales for your electronics — tomfoolery

After three seeks and an unbelievable amount of air blown up my behind, a bate and switch attempt, and questionable... — fraud/scam

Scam. They offered me $48 for my iphone 4s so I sent it to them in good faith. They receive it and tell me that they can...

Usell — rip-off

Do not use this site!!! Sold phone through usell. They provided a buyer. I received the material to send the phone in... Iphone 5s And 5c Both 16gb — did not receive what I was quoted

I checked out many different sites for cash for iphone and tried to make sure I would'nt get scammed but low and behold... — scam not sending money promised

I was quoted 112 for my iphone. Since I hate my iphone and replaced it with a nokia, I thought oh well what can it hurt... — no customer service at all

Got a quote from on september 4, 2013 to sell my iphone 4 via a "buyer" on their website "second hand... — never recieved the check promised

I saw a commercial stating they buy cell phones so I went online and got a quote for a lg my-touch q and a samsung... — scam/no offers

This site is nothing but a scam. They say top dollar for phones & its accessories, but it's not. They barely offer... — this is a straight up scam be warned

This company say they'll buy your old cell phones. I sent in my phones on march 9th it is it is the 28th and no... — usell is a fraud

I'm not going to say much other than the company is a fraud ( they will send you the requested... Emailsupport — I want to take this to judge karen court

My name is augustine booker and I want judge karen to hear my case about usell because this is the 3rd time that I send... Emailsupport — I want to know where is my check

I have a complaint against my name is augustine booker I send in my old sell phone over a month ago and... — a total fraud

What total frauds are. After making an initial posting about about the extended delays, the host of excuse... — fraud

Do not use!!! I had switched from t-mobile to verizon and no longer needed my samsung memoir, which doesn't work... — complete scam

I sent in a small box of phones to usell after they sent me a quote for the phones. About a month later, they sent me a... — so far not so good

I saw a commercial for They promise to give you a reasonable quote for you gently used cell phones that you... — scam

I tried the website knowing that it was probably a scam, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to send in some old...